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Mum know's best.....

.....or do they?
I have just had to sit at my mum's and endure the 'mum know's best talk'. I had told my mum I when I started LT and what it envolved and she said, 'that's great love' (think she thought it was another faddy diet that i wouldn't stick to), however after picking my kids up tonight and her not seeing me for a few weeks, her first reaction was - 'My God, how much have you lost??!!' She then gave me a lecture on VLCD's and said it will be eating away at my tissue....blah, blah, blah.....and am I sure I know what i'm doing. I explained, as clamly as I could, that it was a diet done in hosptials by doctors and she just shook her head and said it can't be good for you! I GIVE IN!!! Argghhhhhhhh
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My mum knows how much I want and need to lose weight and is backing me, but I know that my dad would give me the lecture, that I just dont need right now, so my mum and I decided to keep it from him lol. We have to whisper in corners so he doesnt hear, when he sees the weight going, wont it be a nice surprise!
Lol, my dad doesn't know yet, so he will be surprised but he will be very pleased. I know my mum means well and it was a compliment in a way that she couldn't believe how much i'd lost in a short time, but i just wish she would realise that as a single mum of 2 kids, i am not going to do anything stupid and that at 32 i am capable of making sensible decisions! lol
Yeah but my mum always says that I might be 23 years old and live in a different town, and manage to survive, but I am still her baby lol I think that its just a mum thing!
Old people, you can't beat them ..... more's the pity.:D

Why is it everyone thinks they know better - I know parents will want to protect and love you, but there comes a time that being adult means you can make your own choices....(sorry that was more about mine than yours)xxx
LOL! I know exactly what you mean!
One of the reasons why I haven't told my mum which diet I'm doing. She just knows it is one from my GP (who recommended it) To be honest, she is just so pleased I'm finally doing something about my weight that she probably be fine about it. In fact she'd probably want to do it too. Not that she is fat, just neurotic about weight!!!

Why is it these people who think they know so much, within a couple of years are clogging up the Post Office at lunchtimes stinking of wee!!??
my sister went on it a about a month ago and got told off so we have now decided to tell them me and my sister are doing rosemary conelly together ok bit of a lie but it is our bodies and would rather be happy then unhappy and cant be bothered with the tellings off so we telling a little porkie at the end of the day would a doctor tell you to go on it if it isnt safe. the couple of friends i have told once i have told them i am doing it through chemist they look after me and the shakes are a food replacement they say oh how much let me know more i want some lol.hope ya dad dont give ya much of a bad time xxxx
i havnt told that many people either, i didnt want to listern to the negative comments. the manager at work asked me what diet i was on so i told him, he gave me the "it will make you ill" story and that 3 apples a day and water diet made him ill. (er, he was probably not eating anymore than 100 cals a day, no wonder he was ill!) Then a few days later my boss (managers dad) asked me what diet i was on so again i told him. Only he said that drinking more than 2 ltrs of water a day is bad for you! I had to laugh and say o'right, if thats so why do they promote to drink more at the chemist? i dont no how true that is about the water but my chemist always tell me if i can exceed 2ltrs, i try and aim for 3 to 4 ltrs a day.
Charlene, if you were to try and drink 2 litres of water all at once then it wouldn't be very good for you as you would flood your kidneys, however drinking 4 litres gradually throughout the day is good for you. I have around 4litres everyday and my hair, nails and skin have never looked better.

oooow gosh lol, i cant drink it all in one. i drink it through the course of 7 and half hours then when i get home perhaps another ltr depending on how dry my mouth is and how active i am in the evening, like walking the dog or doing exercise.
Very sensible Charlene. I find I am now thirsty so need to drink more, especially in the evening. It's just a shame that the downside is you have to spend so long on the loo!!!! I find I have to get up in the night for a wee - doesn't make for a restful night!

i do drink 2ltes but i am struggling to drink the 2 in a day at the minute but i was never a big drinker unless it was coke but i am hoping it will get better so i can drink more x
lol, i find the toilet thing annoying too, i had a bad cold last week and my mouth was extreamly dry so i was constant sipping water and i counted that in half an hour i went to the loo 5 times! thats roughly just over every 5 mins. everytime i got up to go my bf just laughed and told me to stay up there.
My mum is struggling with her weight and has decided to do LT herself and therefore is very supportive of me thankfully. If I thought she wouldn't be however, I'd have just kept it quiet ;)
Ah Gemma, why you lonely today?

Glad to hear mum is joining you on LT, you will be able to support her through the first week.

Hey Cuddly! :) Lonely because J has swanned off on holiday and I won't see him until the end of the month! It's annoying because if he was just at his house I wouldn't miss him, it's only because I know there's absolutely no way I can see him that I miss him like mad! lol xx

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