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Mum2Two's Weaning off Exante Diary *Taking A Break*PG 10*

Hope you don't mind me starting a diary of my own.

I'm hoping that by keeping a diary of my weight loss and eating habbits whilst weaning off Exante, I will be able to pin point where I've gone wrong, if something doesn't go to plan!

I started Exante at 15 stone (210lbs) on 14th January 2011. I am now on day 65 and weighing in at 12stone 1 (168lbs). I've 1lb to go to get to my next target, and 2 stone 1lbs to go until I reach my goal weigt of 10 stone.

My plan is to do 2 weeks having 3 packs and 1 meal, then 1 week of 2 packs and 2 meals, followed by 1 week of 1 pack and 3 meals.

Once I finish my packs, I'm going to follow the Slimming World diet.

When adding a meal, I'm going to follow the allowance of CD rather than Exante, because Exante seems to change their minds a lot, whereas CD doesn't! :)

Wish me luck, I'm teriffied but excited at the same time! Lol!
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Day 1

Today is day 1. The plan for this week is to have my 3 packs and 1 meal.

Had my shake this morning. I'm planning on having my bar around 2pm then my meal around 5:30pm ish followed by my soup at the usual time of 8pm.

The meal plan for today is 'pastry free quiche'. I'm going to use less than 2% fat free cottage cheese with mixed in chives as well as spring onion and green pepper. I will fry the veg in a bit of water, then mix in the cheese and place in a dish. Whisk the egg, pour over the top and cook.

Hubby will be eating the same as myself, but he will have extra veg on his plate and some chunky chips or wedges, possibly with some beans.

I'll let you know how it goes, and how it tastes! :D


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Sounds yummy

Good luck with going up the steps and well done on your fantastic loss



Hippety Hop!
Hi Mum2Two, Very well done on your loss so far!! Really don't think I could do these sorts of diets as sooner or later you will have to get to grips with a proper eating plan but I do wish you all the very best in your next challenge.
As for the diary thing - we are all entitled to run a diary on here and in fact it will help us to see how you are doing and give you the support when you need it.
Take care....:)
great to see someone doing the transition to the real world - congrats on your fab losses

P.S I see you've lost 3 stone in just over 2 mnth -i am guessing you've been 100% (withut even a smidge of skimmed milk in drinks )? do you also do lots of exercise? - hope you don't mind me being cheeky - I need the motivation as I've been messing about forever losing and gaining thew same stone with alarming repetition and hve the motivation of a holiday in 9 weeks - if I could be 3 stone lighter I would be delighted and then some
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Thank you very much Emmaline :) I still have a bit to lose to get to my goal, and I know it will start to come off slowly (instead of the 3-5lbs a week) but I feel so ready to do this!

I picked Slimming World because I'm not the sort of person that can calorie count etc, so I feel the safest and best way for myself to not gain the weight back and to start eating healthy is Slimming World :) (plus my dad goes to the meeting and has all the books so I can get all the info I need out of them! *shh* lol)
Thank you slimmer bridezilla :) I'm quite excited to try new foods and meal ideas. I've got so many ideas written down, I can't wait to not have to weigh food and things. It's hard to explain but I'm looking forward to testing myself with portion size and food options :confused: Lol!

I've been 100% most of the time. There was one day I had a couple of slices of chicken (literally like 2 pieces) because I'd gone out and forgot to take my soup with me, so I felt dizzy. Then another day I had a small chicken salad from McDonalds (just chicken and lettuce) because I'd had a reaction to blowing up a balloon (blood tests said I had outgrown my latex allergy...clearly I haven't! Lol) and had dizzy spells, chest pain and difficulty breathing, so my hubby suggested I had something to eat to make myself feel better. Apart from that though, I have been 100% faithful to the diet :)

I've stuck to my shakes/bars/soups and only drank Tesco's strawberry water. I tried a black tea once but it was proper ming so I avoided them! Lol! Milky tea gives me stomach cramps so I've avoided that for a while now. I can't stand the smell and taste of coffee so that isn't an option, and buillion(sp) was horrid as well! :)

I try to exercise a little. I try to do at least 30 minutes on the wii fit, but I just play the games like hula hoops, the stepping game and things like that! :) Otherwise, my 2 little ones keep me busy running around after them all day, and the amount of times I have to run up to the toilet to wee with all the water I'm drinking! HaHa!

I don't think you're being cheeky at all, don't worry about it :)

Good luck on your diet journey! You can so do this! You just need to have faith in yourself, be strong and avoid temptation. You're only cheating yourself if you cheat and it will make you feel 1000 times worse. Think of the body you want when you go away, on the beach in the sun! You can totally do this :D
Thank you Toots :D
Day 1 continued

The meal wasn't that nice! Oops. It tasted watery. Think I should have put some spices in for a bit of added taste. Oh well, I'll know for next time! :D I had it with a tablespoon of lettuce. It was so filling!

Just had my soup and had 2.5ltrs throughout the day. Will porbably have another 0.5ltrs before I go to bed.

Didn't get any exercise in today because I was busy making and freezing hubby's lunch for work for the next week, and my eldest daughters meals. I need to go to the doctors tomorrow for a prescription for my youngest daughter, so I'll try to walk there and back. It should take me about 30 minutes there and 30 minutes back.

Tomorrow I was planning quorn steak slices with 5-spice seasoning as well as courgette, green pepper, spring onion and a splash of soy sauce...but I think I'll have the rest of my pastry free quiche so I'm not wasting any food :)
thanks for taking the time to reply - really appreciate it - and very good luck with the next stage of your journey - you have really inspired me so for me it's day 1 (again) tomorrow- thankyou again
Hey MumTo2 - first of all congratulations on your losses. Amazing and achieved by VLCD-ing - which I honestly think is the hardest diet anyone can tackle. Fair play to you!

Please take it easy as you re-introduce 'normal' food. From what others here say this might initially add pounds on the scale - glycogen regain, water retention, whatever - and this may hit you much harder than you realise at this point.

Don't panic, whatever you do. And try not to get too down about any temporary regain. You will probably experience an increase in appetite - okay, sheer hunger and a desire to eat! - both of which are totally normal following the VLCD experience. Often people truly feel that this won't happen to them, and when it does, it can hit hard.

Stay positive, keep your head, and keep posting! You may well need this site more than ever and it won't fail you. Good luck!
Thank you slimmer bridezilla, and good luck with your journey :)
Thank you for the reply, girlygirl1 :) I've done a lot of research over the past few weeks. I've spent time looking on here (through the different forum sections) and over the internet, and I've read a lot about the right ways to re-intorduce food again. Someone I know IRL finished a meal replacement diet but unfortunatly put all the weight back on again. We've spoke many a times about why she thinks it didn't work and we're both going to be coming off our VLCDs around the same time, so we'll be working together. I'm hopeful this will be the motivation I need.

I completely understand what you have said, and thank you so much for replying.

I weight myself weekly atm and plan to do this once I start SW. I know I have every chance of standing on the scales to find I have gained, but I'm going to try to not let it bother me if I have. After a few weeks, if I have gained (well, haven't STS or lost) I might have a look at the diet and see if I can pin point why I'm not loosing anything. If I can't figure it out I will have a look at some other diets. I'm going to take it all with a pinch of salt (not literally, I used to be a salt adict(sp) lol).

Thank you again for the reply, I'll keep what you have said in mind when I start my SW journey in 4 weeks :)
Day 2

Had all my packs for today apart from my soup, which I'll have later once the girls are in bed.

Went out for the afternoon. Walked up the hill (about 15 minutes), got the bus to the GPs, then the bus half way to the hospital and walked the rest of the way (another 15 minutes). Then I walked into town to pick up the prescription which was another 15ish minutes. I did all this with the youngest in the pram and my eldest in the connecta on my back :)

Had quorn stir-fry for tea with 5-spice seasoning, a bit of soy sauce, some green peppers, spring onion and courgette. It was rank! Lol! I wont be buying it again in the future!

I'll play tomorrow safe and have an omelette with a bit of salad! Lol!


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Oooops - at least you gave it a try :D

Thank you Crystal :)
Day 3

As well as my 3 packs, I had omelette with chives as well as some cucumber and lettuce. I did have some spring onion on the plate but it was waaay too strong! Lol! The omelette was nice though :)

Didn't have any time on the wii today but I was running around like a crazy fool doing the cleaning, washing and playing in the garden with the girls :)
Day 4

The main thing I have realised since starting to add meals is that I HATE quorn. I've had the mince and steak strips and they are both awful. I don't like Chinese 5-spice seasoning either! Lol! So in future, I'll stick to eggs and chicken! Haha!

I made quorn steak strips with chinese 5-spice seasoning then cauliflower rice and green pepper. I definatly wont be having that again! Lol!

Had another day stuck in again today. STILL waiting for the pram to be delivered so we can leave the house. I HATE being stuck in, especially since the sun has started to shine!
Hey Hun I'm loving your diary you sound very motivated :) can't wait till I'm at your stage! How old are your kiddies? (you dont have to tell me!) xxx

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