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Mummie joins daughter !

Well having preached to my daughter for years about " drastic diets " I read the Dukan book and have decided to give it a go ! I am now on day three and so far have lost 4 lbs . Felt a bit strange yesterday but think that was down to auto suggestion and panic ! Let's see what today brings and thanks for showing me how to cook a galette properly , daughter of mine , after my disastrous attempt yesterday xx
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Well a bit disappointed with weight loss today but I am below 18 woohoo ! Going to investigate shopping today to but essentials as only decided to do this diet after shopping last week ! Onwards and upwards:)


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Hi Super Nana


Wow! Both you and tryin again are 6ft tall! Wow!
5lb in 3 days is fantastic! You can't get much better than that really :eek: You've got another 4 days left till the end of the week so you will have a brilliant first weeks loss x
Yes we are all tall and predispose towards weight gain except for the Grandsons ! The 13 year old is like a bean pole bless him x feeling a bit more positive tonight it's just the thought of this fund raising tea on Sat that is worrying me !
Yaaaaay end of attack. Felt so low yesterday especially when put on 1 lb but today at the end of 5 days total of 6 lbs off ! Also under that dreaded 18 ! When I weighed myself over a week ago and decided to try the Dukan diet I was actually 18.6 so am well pleased with 17.12
Now for today's challenge of sticking to PV when I'm going with 30 friends to a fund raising tea ! Watch this space ! :p
6 lb is brilliant, and still 2 days to go yet! It can be very depressing seeing the scales go up when you've stuck to the plan but i find the scales go up and down every day when I'm on dukan, depending on what day I've been on and how constipated I am! Even though we're told to weigh daily on dukan I think it's best after week 1 to just weigh weekly, or maybe twice weekly if like me you're addicted to the scales x

Enjoy today, it's only one day so even if you have to go off dukan slightly I'm sure you'll get straight back on tomorrow x
Made it without any tea! Beef burgers on return with salad and rhubarb and custard. Drank plenty whilst out and still had a great time - oh and won a sarong in the raffle for a slimmer me on hols xxxxx
Great going Super Nana! Well done on sticking to plan!
Yaaaaay! 8lbs gone ! Feeling great and really quite enjoying the challenge. Going to try and not get too hung up on it this week and just make the new eating plan a way of life xx


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My favourite evening snack is a frozen yoghurt. Just a normal low fat Dukan OK yoghurt which I freeze seven of each week to be able to savour them each evening. They take ages to eat which is a good thing and make me think I've had icecream! Try it?
Will definately try the frozen yoghurt idea x thank you .first week on cruise finished and the weight has been up and down by 2 lbs all week . I know this is normal on cruise so still keeping positive but weight stayed the same . I'm on the go all day but this week will try and fit in the walks as I know that will make a difference. Not going to be so easy as I suffer from arthritis and this high protein diet doesn't do me any real favours - trouble is I like it !!

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