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Mummy Tummy......See ya :-)

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by ByeByeMummyTummy14, 26 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. ByeByeMummyTummy14

    ByeByeMummyTummy14 Full Member

    I had a beautiful little girl back in April and she is my absolute world but putting over 3 stone on during the pregnancy (pizza cravings and water retention) left me a little down in the dumps. When I moved out 4 years ago I was 9 stone (target weight) and loved it but contentness saw the weight slowly creep on and at the top end of 11 stone I felt I needed to do something about it, just as I got back on slimming world I fell pregnant and the diet went out the window. I'm now back to my pre pregnancy weight and am determined to get rid of this mummy tummy. I will be doing the extra easy plan and would like to get back down to 9 stone by the time my little girl is 1, I realise this may seem like a long way away but I need to be realistic as I have about 3 stone to loose.
    If anyone can see anything im not doing quite right please let me know ♥♥
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  3. ByeByeMummyTummy14

    ByeByeMummyTummy14 Full Member

    Tuesday 26th August

    Breakfast: passionfruit fruitopolis yoghurt (0.5 syn)

    Dinner: 3 spoons of brown rice, lettuce, cucumber, cherry toms, 1 boiled egg, 1 slice of lean ham.
    Glass of diet coke

    Snack: Alpen light (hexb) and cups of tea (hex for milk)

    Tea: green beans, carrots, peas and 2 x youngs fish in parsley sauce ( 2 syns) with a glass of diet coke.
    Last edited: 26 August 2014
  4. Laura*7

    Laura*7 Silver Member

    Hii, I'm here to subscribe, I'm like you - I was 9 stone before my little boy and now in 13st! So I would like to get to my 9st goal weight how ever long it takes...we can do it together :)

  5. ByeByeMummyTummy14

    ByeByeMummyTummy14 Full Member

    Hi thanks for popping by. You've had some good weighs in so far, well done. It's so easy to put the weight on isn't It then when they're here its so hard to shift. I'm going to have a gander through your diary now. We will do it together ♥♥ x
  6. Laura*7

    Laura*7 Silver Member

    Yes it's so hard! And you don't feel like yourself do you...I've started going the gym which really does help, it's just finding the time!!
  7. ByeByeMummyTummy14

    ByeByeMummyTummy14 Full Member

    I know I'm just going to try and do some walks with the pushchair, how old is your little one? X
  8. ByeByeMummyTummy14

    ByeByeMummyTummy14 Full Member

    Little girl didn't go to bed until gone 12 last night, injection days are always horrendous so im knackered today think im gonna need about 7000 cups of tea to get through it ha.

    27th August

    Breakfast: watermelon and a glass of no sugar blackcurrant

    Oh what a bloody morning had to take little pud up to the docs, she might have chicken pox so got home and I was starving so dinner was just something quick and thrown together:

    Dinner: 1/2 pack of brown rice with 1 tin of sweetcorn and 1 tin of tuna mixed in with a cup of tea

    Snack: cup of tea and alpen light (hexb)

    Tea: lean mince beef, peas, onion and oxo with mash
    Last edited: 27 August 2014
  9. Laura*7

    Laura*7 Silver Member

    He's 2 so I've left it late shifting the pounds! How olds your little girl? X
  10. ByeByeMummyTummy14

    ByeByeMummyTummy14 Full Member

    Shes 4 months x

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  11. ByeByeMummyTummy14

    ByeByeMummyTummy14 Full Member

    Had a very busy morning being pampered at the hairdressers so not had chance for a proper meal

    Breakfast: 2 slices of lean ham and a fruitopolis yoghurt (0.5)

    Dinner: 1 slice of ham and a pepperami (1) cup of tea (hexa)

    Tea 2x birdseye chicken chargrilled (7)with rice onion pepper and peas with a glass of Fanta zero

    Total syns for today 8.5/15
    Last edited: 28 August 2014
  12. ByeByeMummyTummy14

    ByeByeMummyTummy14 Full Member

    29th August

    Posting late today as been out tonight to a friends for a fire pit party, basically just watched the boys play with fire but they had cooked a slimming world tea especially for me

    Breakfast: candyfloss grapes and a yoghurt

    Snack: more candyfloss grapes and a pepperoni (1)

    Dinner: brown rice, peas, pepper, onion and tuna

    Snack:Alpen light and cuppa

    Snack: mini milky bar ice cream(5)

    Tea: jacket, beans, cheese (remaining hex a) and lots of salad with a diet coke

    Total syns for today 6/10
  13. ByeByeMummyTummy14

    ByeByeMummyTummy14 Full Member

    Saturday 30th August

    Going to an outdoor tribute night tonight (Kylie and Beyonce) with my mum and some friends so have made a pasta box for tea so that I can be good.

    Breakfast: chicken slice

    Snack: mini pepperami (0.5) and cup of tea

    Dinner: pasta, chopped toms, mushrooms and low low Cheese And fruitopolis yoghurt (0.5)

    Snack: choc digestive (4) and cup of Tea

    Tea will be: pasta, chopped toms, mushroom, low low grated cheese (remaining hex a) and a chopped up mini pepperami (0.5). A fruit bit from morrisons with some Granola (hexb). Also got some sugar free flavoured water rather than wine.

    Syns for today should be 5.5/10
    Last edited: 30 August 2014
  14. ByeByeMummyTummy14

    ByeByeMummyTummy14 Full Member

    Sunday 30th August

    Took little girl for a photo shoot today can't wait to see the final pictures although I've got a feeling im gonna be her best customer, I'll want them all haha.

    Breakfast: 2 lean bacon, 1 linda mcartney sausage, 1 egg, beans and loadsa mushrooms with 1 wholemeal warburton thin (hexb) Washed down with a cup of tea (hex a)

    Snack: pepperami (0.5)n ), yoghurt and alpen light bar(remaining hexb) With Fanta zero

    Tea: slimming world lamb tikka massala from the fakeaway book with half a pack of brown rice with Dr pepper zero.

    Syns .0.5/10
  15. ByeByeMummyTummy14

    ByeByeMummyTummy14 Full Member

    Well today I've been shopping so had a big walk round the shops and managed to buy some lovely new jumpers for my week in Wales next week....

    Breakfast: yoghurt and chicken slice with some blackcurrant

    Dinner: fajita pasta from geggs (need to check syns) and Snack a jacks (4)

    Tea: massive bacon and mushroom omlette with low low cheese (hexa) and beans
  16. ByeByeMummyTummy14

    ByeByeMummyTummy14 Full Member

    Wow weighed in this morning with a 4.3/4 lb loss, really chuffed :)

    Got to take little pud to be weighed this morning so breakfasts just something quick.

    Breakfast: apple

    Dinner: tin of tuna and a yellow pepper with lightest mayo (0.5) all mixed up in a bowl

    Tea: didn't really fancy much so just had a couple of apples and a fruitopolis yoghurt (0.5)

    Snack: slimming trifle (2.5)

    Syns: 3.5/10
    Last edited: 3 September 2014
  17. Laura*7

    Laura*7 Silver Member

    Well done chick! Was that your first weigh in? Xx
  18. ByeByeMummyTummy14

    ByeByeMummyTummy14 Full Member

    Yeah it was, im really chuffed x
  19. Laura*7

    Laura*7 Silver Member

    That's great, keep it up and next week you may get your half stone award!!
  20. ByeByeMummyTummy14

    ByeByeMummyTummy14 Full Member

    I hope so, we go on holiday on saturday for a week so going to try and stay on plan if possible but im gonna have a cheeky weigh in on Saturday before we go x
  21. LeahB

    LeahB Silver Member

    Hi :) congrats on your daughter and your first weeks loss!

    I had my little boy last October and still battling with the pregnancy weight! I've lost most of my weight but still battling with the final stone.

    Good luck on your journey

    Leah xx

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