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Mummy wants to be a YummyBride =] 14 Weeks To Go!

Hello =]

I've never been in this part of Minimins before - its all quite new and exciting!

Well my name is Kimberley, im 21 and have a beautiful 9 month old son. I also have a wonderful supporting partner called Chris who Im marrying in Sept 2010, more about that later.

I tried CD in Sept '09 and lost 33lbs, I stopped in Nov due to finanicial reasons but thats all sorted now so ready to get back on the bandwagon! I've lost a further 5lbs since then so about 38lbs lost so far!

I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to loose the 6.5st by my wedding - 6 months away, well I can dream hey! I also don't want to be the fat mum at the school gates, I want to be a MILF, vulgar I know!

So im meeting my CD tomorrow for a scary wi session and some shakes and will start on wednesday =]
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hey! i want to be a milf too! i think its a compliment! x
I love it! I wil be a MILF - for somebody anyways - probably with v ery blurry beer goggles!

Im going to see my CDC later wooopppwoooopppp! I've had two hours sleep thanks to a certain teething baby but I don't care, I think im at the so tired I feel slighty drunk feeling lol.

I've sent her my order, and determined to loose 2st before I go to my dads house on the 16th april - leaves me 6 weeks, so very do-able!


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milfs rule!! actually when my kids have kids im going to be a gilf!! granny .... you know the rest lol.good luck today sooo exciting i feel great at mo day 12 going strong xx


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wow! good luck, how did you maintain for all these months? am curious as getting near goal....
wow! good luck, how did you maintain for all these months? am curious as getting near goal....
Weight watchers tbh...Though I lost about half a stone and then gained it then lost it...that old vicious cycle! Im quite suprised I have kept it off!
But its been so long that I don't remember feeling as big as I was - I know it was only 2st n a bit but it went and came off so quickly that I never realised it!

Ahhh my mum gets called a GILF at work, she came home and asked me what it was, poor thing. Yayy for Day 12! I just keep thinking weigh day weigh day, it will be worth it!


Perseverance is key
Ello, best of luck with your journey hun. Ive got about 6 stone to lose and ive also got a 9 month old son :) id love to be known as a yummy mummy!! lol xx


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horray for milfs and yummy mummies :) x
Right I have my shiz, and I went water shopping earlier =]

I need sleep, I don't know how I survived today, we've not had a night like that since we was about 6 weeks old!

Now for bed for a nice journey to ketosis tomorrow!
Day 1
Banana shake for brekkie, I've only made half of it cos I was up early with Bambino and was hungry! Think of making the second part up soon. Also 1l of water down wooooo, I found last time when I drank 3-4l I did loose more so gonna aim for that again.

I've only been up for 3 hours and im weeing for England!

My start weight it 16st3lbs so 6st 10lbs to goal
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Day 1 PM
Right im hungry and I have a headache - I basically feel ****! Bambinos been in bed since 7pm, so think Im gonna get my shake, drink my last 0.5l of water and go to bed - im shattered!

On a good note - I've made it through my first day, now just to make it through the next 2! I didnt suffer last time so hopefully I'll just get away with tiredness and a slight headache!

Im already too excited fo WI, I just want next weds to hurry up so I can see how well I've done.

I need to do this. If I don't I'll be a fat bride and a fat person on honeymoon. I can get almost all the weight off by my wedding so Im gonna aim for that and we'll see!


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well done for today hunny! im sorry you feel pooey but it will pass, good idea to go to bed early youll feel losds better tom and very proud of yourself for getting through day one :)) x
Day 2
Well day 1 was a complete success! I went for a bath then perked up by 11pm so decided to clean my bedroom and go through all my clothes and chuck stuff. I've just got rid of all the maternity stuff that I still had and the just after birth clothes, all gone!
Think Im gonna try have a trawl through every 2-3 months and get rid of stuff I no longer need as thats 2-3 stone.

Had 1L of water so far, gonna have my shake about half 10ish once Bambino goes down for his little nap. I feel good today although ketostik has only gone a light shade of pink, will try again probably saturday morning.

Ooo and I got on the scales and they say I've lost 3lbs - water or liver stores obv but still smaller than the other day! I know its working now so will hold off until weigh day and hopefully get a very big suprise!


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mooorning! i thought light pink means ketosis hun? stay off the scales they are evil lol.im saving my first shake til after i come back from wi :) x
Light pink is fine I think. When it's dark pink it means you're not drinking enough and reading your posts your deffo drinking enough :)
I thought it was dark pink?! If I didnt chuck my own sticks I bought last time I could of checked - but whayhey! I might be in ketosis already =]

Just started my 3rd L of water, went for a walk round the park but by the time we got there it was a bit cold so we had a walk back, think I'll save the swings for another day! On the plus side the charity shop woman looked very impressed when I bought her 2 bags full of clothes - there mainly 20-24 so I hope plus size people go there!

Im going out on saturday night so need to slap on the fake tan tonight and find a pair of leggings that aren't hanging off me, im not daring to bare legs just yet =]

Roll on wednesday night!
Well im still alive =]
Im off out tomorrow night so was finding something to wear and I've got a size 16 dress from Tesco, its like satin so it doesnt stretch. Well it didnt fit 2 weeks ago and it does today! I still want to loose 1st before I fit in it comfortably enough to go out but it did look bloody good! Though my mum said my (.)(.) looked like a pair of stuck on melons!

I've had exactly 4L of water and all 3 sachets, I didn't have my first one til 3pm cos I didn't feel like it but then I were bloody starving! Made my choc one into hot choc and it was beautiful! Definately a good change from cold shake!

I have work tomorrow and I work in a restuarant - with lots of bad food! Im taking a tetra for my break and will get bottled water from my meal allowance so I just need to get some willpower to stay away from the naughties and I'll be rate!

And my WI has been moved from Weds pm to Weds am, thats gotta be 0.5lbs difference there!
Sounds like your doing really well, im gunna keep an eye on your diary as its making me want to stick to this aswell!! XX

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