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Mummytummys Diary.... Thank god I'm focused now!


Day 1

So far not so bad today. It's my first day of promising to be 100% committed.

Over the last two weeks have have started to notice a patten emerging as to when and why I'm likely to cave..... when my three yr old is playing up, or I'm bored, I suddenly get itchy fingers and I find myself cooking something or shoveling it into my mouth. I can honestly say I don't really want it. I have felt myself twitching today, wondering what I could eat, but I have told myself no, I have to be very mindful of myself or else i'll be eating before realising it's in my mouth! How awful!:eek:

I can see this is going to be a struggle, but I will always keep trying......can never say I'm not a trier!

What a horrid day it has been so far weather wise.....monsoons one minute and blowing a gale the next! I'll make a request....can I have nice dry frosty weather please, love being cuddled up in winter wear!
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great that you have worked out when you normaly cave in and well done for sticking to plan.
blooming weather is horrid. i seem to be permently fully clothed with my dressing gown on!!!

Day 2 today, and thankfully I made it through day 1!

Hopefully I'll get some time later to comment on others posts, but with a 8 wk old and a 3 yr old it's when time is permitting!

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I have been trying to keep myself busy busy, mustn't get twitchy fingers or else I'll be eating!

Most of the house work done, and the school run done for another week (half-day's, Bl00dy hate them!)

Promised my dd1 that we'd bake this weekend, so cookies and cup cakes it is.....I must resist!

I'm considering going swimming tonight, partly for some peace! we'll see if I go or not x
Well done for getting through day 1 - day 2 is nearly in the bag too ;)

Thanks toots & fmbb x
Day 3 now and I had a quick jump on the scales....couldn't resist! Down 3lbs exactly! Happy with that.

What I have decided to do is add a meal until after next weekend, as it's my birthday and I have meals and a night out with my friends, so there will be alcohol and food involved. I'm happy with my decision, just hope I continue to lose this week.

Well I'm off to bake cookies and fairy cakes with my girlie, I haven't a huge sweet tooth so won't be to bothered b them x
But am very jealous that my hubby is watching the rugby in cardiff, lucky bugger!
Just been asked to go to the wives Christmas dinner. And the first thing I can think of is how the hell do I get out of this! Not because of the food but because I'm embarrassed about how I look and that I will have to go shopping for something nice to wear....but I just don't feel nice in anything at the moment!
It's reminded me of how much I put my life on hold for the way I look right now. I am not going to be like this next Christmas I really really am not. I should feel happy that I'm invited but I just feel on a bit of a downer now. Everything about being fat is rubbish!
Thanks f&f, I know your right, just will need to take time to get into my head I think. Is that you in the picture?

Day 4 and still going strong, happy that i'm sticking t the ws plan until 23rd nov as that's when I will be back to total solutions.
Day 5

I'm doing ok, just mainly eating chicken and stir fry veg. I'm looking forward to my birthday week end, just bought this top


Think it will cover a multitude of sins and not a bad price, plus it's the only thing I have seen which I half like, bought a size 16 but ordered online so hope to god it fits and looks nice on.

what would you team it with? it's just a few drinks out with friends at the pubs in town......
plus I forgot to say I'm looking forward to doing ss again, eating does not make me happy, I really want to lose weight quicker....once the weekend is over I'm going to do it.

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