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Music's Diary to lose 29lbs!

Hi Everyone,

I've decided to start up a diary to keep me going.

This week I'll be doing 810 then going down to ss.

Hopefully I can lose the weight for christmas. I don't want my new years resolution to be to lose weight like it is every year. Lol.

I have been reading everyone's posts and everyone's done so well. My goals are:

To get to 10st 7
To get under 10st
To get to 9st 7
To get to 9st and decide if I want to lose more
To fit into size 10s

Every year me and my mum go shopping up west end and I don't want to be buying size 12's. Fingers crossed I'll be getting size 10s. :)
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Feeling hungry but just drinking water. I had a headache this morning but It's gone now. Went to see my cdc and have got extra shakes so I'm now do ss.

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Good luck Music :)


Mad as a Hatter
Hiya Music - are you starting a new diary on CD then ?

You could have had your other one moved by one of the mods if you had wanted to keep it..

Let me know so I know which one to comment on..

Hi everyone and thanks for the support. Been feeling hungry but trying to ignore it and think of the results. It's hard though. How does everyone get through it? Madferret how you doin? I've decided to start a new diary for this journey ha. Been really busy which is good because then I don't think about food. In my office there is a lady on slimming world but she brings cakes and biscuits for everyone in the office. I think she wants everyone to be fat so she can be the slimmest. Ha. She makes it a competition between me and her to see who has lost the most weight. I really can't be bothered so I just let her talk. I haven't told anyone I'm on CD I'm just gona do it and lose the weight. I feel sorry for the guys in the office cos we're always talking about diets. We're the only ladies in the office the rest are guys. Poor things lol. :)


Mad as a Hatter
Hiya Music

I'm doing fine thanks -Day 3 and counting - feeling great today and just about to have my first shake of the day.

I'm the only woman in a team of 10, so they are used to me being on a diet and therefore tend not to say anything. They ask me everyday if I'm going to lunch with them, but I don't get any flack if I don't go.

Last night was a testing time for me- took the boys to a friend's birthday party, and they had a buffet tea, so there were all the ususal suspects there -chips, sausages, chicken nuggets etc.. and it just brought it home to me how I would have automatically put some pieces in my mouth. I cut DS2's sausage up and had to really think hard not to have of it... hoping that will come more naturally in future...
Hi Madferret, Well done for not eating. I need to change my food habits and my attitude towards food. I'm addicted to food, lol. I need to stop eating when I'm down or bored. So by doing cd I can re introduce food and have a new attitude towards it. :)


Mad as a Hatter
I so could have written your last post... which is why I have decided to give CD one more try .. I have done SW and WW but because food - and alcohol - has still been there I have failed.
At least with CD I know that I CAN'T have it, no matter how small a piece or how small a glass, I just can't and therefore I feel more in control.

I'm not saying that it is easy but it sure feels easier this time round.

Keep glugging, keep posting and time will fly...

Hi Madferret, I'm doing good today. I don't feel hungry which is great. Just drinking my water, ha. How u doing today? :)
Hello music

Glad to read that you are progressing well, first week is always tough- just do anything to distract yourself - painting toenails, face pack, reading a trashy novel, silly TV programmes and DVD (for me, its Peter Andre on ITV plus 1 after my bath) telephone friends for a chat - it will be all so worth it x
Thanks Blingbabe. I'm currently studying so I try to keep busy by reading my course books. I find it really hard at lunch as I sit with my friend in the canteen. I'm getting used to it though. ha!

Hayley 22

would like to be slim
Well done music, once through the first week it gets easier.

The only problem i had was bad breath but plenty of water has solved that day to day.

:) Keep it up :)
Thanks Hayley. You're doing really well. Looking forward to my first WI on wednesday. In the week I was asking myself why I was doing the cd and I thought maybe I should do slimming world or weight watchers where I can eat food. But now I'm happy I'm doing cd and I don't feel bloated, lol. Plus the weight loss on CD are great anf you get quick results. The hardest part is maintaining the weight. I don't know what I'm going to do about my birthday? I'll decide closer to the time.

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