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  1. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Hi all,

    I am another defector to WW from SW. On SW I had lost 16 in total (although that included the Xmas gain!) I am on my 5th week of WW - having lost 3lbs the first week, STS weeks 2 and 3, and lost 1lb last week. I'm pretty happy with that, as the first week I had come straight over from SW, so was 'mid-diet' IFSWIM. On weeks 2 and 3 I was ill for most of that fortnight, and my weight loss pattern, I have discovered over many, many years of dieting (!) always has a week or two here and there where I STS. My weigh in day is Wednesday.

    Anyway, here is my food and planned food for today. I'm on 29 PP daily.

    Monday 5th March

    Breakfast - One crumpet, 2 tspns butter - 4PP

    Lunch - Spicy couscous - 9PP
    50g couscous (dried weight) - 5PP, 1 tbspn houmous - 3PP, 3 chopped dried apricots - 1 PP, cherry toms, a chilli, 2 sliced black olives, chopped red onion, fresh mint and basil, loads of black pepper - all 0PP.

    Snack - Banana

    Tea - Sausage, Bacon and Sweet Potato with Creamy Onion Sauce, carrots and sprouts or green beans - 15PP
    2 medium pork sausages (40g each) - 7PP, 2oz lean back bacon - 3PP, medium sweet potato (150g) - 4PP, 1 tspn olive oil - 1 PP, served with the creamy onion sauce (onions fried in the olive oil, add chicken oxo cube and water, chopped thyme and grated nutmeg and 1oz Fage 0% yogurt)

    Snack - grapes and an apple

    Drinks - Green teas, NAS squash, One coffee with tbspn double cream (2PP) Water with lemon and lime slices, NAS Elderflower Sparkling Water (from Aldi)

    Total - 29/29
    plus 1 weekly
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  3. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Last night's Creamy Onion Sauce was gorgeous - will definitely make it again. Anyway, on to today...

    Tuesday 6th March

    Breakfast Total - 7PP- a bigger breakfast than usual as I worked some extra hours this morning, and was not sure what time I would be getting lunch!
    One crumpet (2PP) and tspn butter(1PP)
    30g Porridge (3PP) made with water, then 1oz Fage 0% Yogurt stirred in and 2 tspns Golden syrup (1PP)

    Lunch (ahem) :flirt2: One Big Mac, (no fries or shake!) - 13PP

    Snacks - Banana, grapes, apple, one coffee with tbspn cream (2PP)

    So far - 22/29

    So... Tea involves a rethink after the unplanned, (but very good!) Big Mac. After a quick look through the WW online recipes I'm going for a slightly modified version of the Chicken Cacciatore, with 150g new potatoes instead of the pasta - 8PP in total

    This will make my total points for the day 30. I have already used my weeklies (weigh in tomorrow - phew!), so will dip into my activity points for the other 1. I'm not planning to use my activity points generally, but hopefully I can spare 1!

    Drinks - green tea, black coffee, NAS squash and water

    Totals - 29/29
    Weeklies - gone!
    APs - 1 used out of 9

    I know not everyone uses all their weeklies, but I have decided to use all of mine at the moment. I still have over 7 stone to lose to get to target and this time I have finally (after nearly 40 years of on/off diets!) decided I am happy to be a tortoise. I have spent those years trying to be a hare, and collapsing knackered at the first obstacle! I expect some STS weeks, and possibly some gains (although so far only at Christmas/New Year!) but I am going to get there and I am going to enjoy the journey!
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  4. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Planned food for tomorrow - Wednesday 7th March

    Breakfast - Bacon and cheese omelette - 10PP
    2 eggs (4PP), 1.5 oz bacon pieces (2PP), half an ounce grated cheddar on top (2PP), tspn olive oil (1PP), tomatoes (0PP) 150 ml freshly squeezed orange juice (1PP)

    Lunch - Can of WW Tomato Soup (2PP), and one piece w/m bread (2PP) with 2 tspns butter (2PP) Bunch of grapes (0PP)- total 6PP

    Tea - Beef and lentil curry with spicy new potatoes - 13PP
    Homemade veg curry from freezer (can't remember exact ingredients but I've labelled it 4PP!) 1oz red lentils (2PP), 4 oz stewing steak (3PP) one tspn olive oil (1PP), 150g new potatoes (3PP), black pepper, ground dried chilli and garlic

    Snacks - one banana, maybe an apple too

    That's my 29/29, and to celebrate weigh in (I hope!) I'm planning to have a Cinnamon and Raisin bagel (7PP) with one ounce of Aldi Creamy Soft Cheese (2PP) and one teaspn of honey (1PP), served with a coffee and one tblspn cream (2PP) which will use 12 of my weeklies.
  5. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Well that will teach me to get ahead of myself with forward planning :D Have had to completely change my menu today because of (several) changes of plan through the day. So today's *actual* menu is as follows...

    Overslept so no time for the cooked breakfast and no bagels at the shop - had to improvise with:

    Breakfast (9PP)
    2 pieces of Warburtons Fruit Loaf (4PP) 1 ounce Aldi Soft & Creamy Cheese (2PP) 2 tspns Honey (3PP), sprinkling cinnamon

    Lunch (7PP)
    6 Melba Toasts (2PP), One Laughing Cow Light Cheese triangle (1PP), 1oz Aldi Soft & Creamy Cheese (2PP), 3/4 oz Cheddar (2PP), Bunch of grapes (0PP) Tomatoes (0PP)

    Drinks: Green tea, NAS squash and Elderflower Sparkling Water, one cup coffee with tbspn cream (2PP)

    Snacks - Grapes, Banana, Apple, maybe some Plums all 0PP

    Tea('planned' - although I am using the word very loosely today!) Total 14PP

    One 5oz Pork Chop (6PP), 2 tbspns Applesauce, (1PP), 150g New Potatoes (3PP), Oven Roast Pepper, Tomatoes and Red Onion with Garlic (0PP), two tspns Olive oil (3PP)and one tspn Honey on the roast veg (1PP)

    Total 32PP (have guestimated the pork weight, so may need to change that later)
    29/29 +
    3 weeklies

    APs earned 3

    (May use a few more weeklies later for some more of that Fruit loaf!)

    ...and weigh in this morning - 1.5 lbs down which puts me into the 15s! Yay!
  6. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Need to add another 11 of my weeklies to today's total - for some more of that Warburton's fruit loaf with orange, (so yum!) with cream cheese and honey, plus another coffee with cream, so that makes Wednesday 29/29 and 14 weeklies. 35 weeklies remaining.

    Soooooo happy about making it into the 15 stones!!! :D
  7. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Thursday 8th March

    Breakfast - 2 Weetabix, milk and 2 tspns sugar (6PP)

    Lunch - 2 slices w/m bread (4PP), 40g cheddar (5PP), tbspn tomato chutney (1PP) cherry toms, banana, grapes - (0PP)

    Tea - Fish n chips! - a (biggish) handful of chips and a medium piece of battered cod, - not sure how to point this - read around a few threads and in the end went for 20PP (I know the 40 cals per PP isn't an exact conversion, but using that as a guide would allow 800 calories and I reckon that should cover it.

    Snacks - 2 pieces of warburtons orange fruit loaf and 2 tspns butter (6PP), apple

    Drinks - water, NAS squash and elderflower sparkling water, coffee with splash milk (1PP) one cup coffee with cream (2PP)

    And the grand totals are......
    16 weeklies used *bye-bye weeklies* :wave_cry:

    APs earned - 3 (3 yesterday so 6 so far this week)

    So that leaves me 19 PP for the rest of the week (5 days) and a pub meal out on Sunday to fit in! Should be interesting to say the least!
  8. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Friday 9th March

    Trying to rein it in a bit today after getting through rather a lot of PP over the last couple of days! I think I am a Warburtons fruit loaf addict though! :eek:

    Breakfast: Total 6PP - 2 pieces Warburtons fruit loaf (4PP) 1/2oz Aldi soft and creamy cheese (1PP) tspn honey (1PP) This fruit loaf is sooooo tasty that I have realised I don't really need much topping on it, so have cut down the amount of the soft cheese - still yummy!

    Lunch: Total 12PP - Tuna Sandwich - (8PP), small creamy yogurt (can't remember make - took an average from the WW site - (4PP)

    Lunch from the school canteen today. Bought my sandwich in advance at break time to lessen the temptation at lunchtime (Friday is the only day they serve chips, usually with fish and pizza so I really needed to avoid them - especially after yesterday!) Forgot to take my fruit in so no fruit :( but the sandwich and yogurt left me quite full, surprisingly!

    Tea - Total 13PP - Spag Bol with 3 oz mince (5PP), one tspn olive oil (1PP) and 2 oz wholewheat spaghetti (5PP), 20g grated cheddar sprinkled on top (2PP), all other ingredients (mushrooms, carrot, tomatoes, garlic etc) (0PP) one apple (0PP)

    Snacks - Total 6PP - grapes (0PP) one slice Warburtons fruit loaf (2PP), 1/2oz Aldi soft and creamy cheese (1PP), tspn honey (1PP), one cup coffee with cream (2PP)

    Drinks - black coffee, water, NAS squash.

    Total points for the day - 37
    29/29 and
    8 weeklies used

    APs gained - 3, Total APs for the week - 9 (none used)

    Better day today, but still need to be extra careful tomorrow. The plan is 29 tomorrow, keep to within my remaining weeklies on Sunday, and then back to 29 on Monday and Tuesday. The Sunday meal wasn't planned when I pigged out on Wednesday and Thursday! :eatdrink051: So far I have had all my weeklies every week so fingers crossed I will be OK this week too!
  9. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Saturday 10th March

    Not sure if anybody except me is reading this, but I'm enjoying keeping it anyway so here goes...

    Pre-brunch - Total 2PP - One Aldi Yogurt and Strawberry biscuit - like a 'Go Ahead' biscuit but a lot, lot cheaper! (2PP) and one orange (0PP)

    Brunch - Total 13PP - One pork sausage (3PP), 3 x 1oz rasher bacon(4PP), one piece w/m toast (2PP), 2 eggs scrambled (4PP), tomatoes and mushrooms (0PP)

    Tea - Total 13PP - One small chicken breast (3PP), 1oz chorizo (2PP), 1/2oz cheddar (2PP), one tspn olive oil (on the veg) (1PP) 150g sweet potato (4PP), small dollop of plum and chilli chutney (1PP), oven roasted pepper, onion,mushrooms and courgette (0PP)

    Oh yum - this tea was gorgeous. I roasted the veg in 2 tspns olive oil (one for each of us), made the sweet potato into wedges and roasted them in frylight. When they were nearly ready I cubed the chicken and fried it in frylight with some herbs and black pepper, garlic and lime juice, and then added the sliced chorizo and cooked that for a minute or two a side. Sprinkled the cheddar on top of the chicken and chorizo on the plate.

    :drool: Chicken, chorizo and cheese - I think I'm in love! :drool:

    Drinks - one cup tea, NAS squash and water, one cup coffee with tbspn cream - (2PP)

    Snacks - grapes, banana (0PP)

    So totals for the day

    29/29 and
    1 weekly used
    APs earned - 2

    I know I was going to stick to 29 today, but I just had to have that chilli plum chutney on my plate! So actually it's :drool: Chicken, chorizo, cheese and chutney - I think I'm in love! :drool:
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  10. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

  11. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Sunday 11th March

    Not sure how today will turn out. I have 10 weeklies left. We're not eating lunch til about 2.30 - 3.00. I'm planning to go for either a steak or a carvery option and expecting to use a good chunk of my weeklies. I don't think the main course will be an issue - it's whether or not I succumb to dessert!

    Breakfast - Total 9PP - One Aldi Harvest Morn strawberry and yogurt biscuit (2PP), 2 slices Warburtons fruit loaf (4PP) with 3 tspns butter (3PP)

    Hmmm - thinking maybe I should have gone for a cooked brekkie instead now, which would have been more filling - I could have had yesterday's brekkie minus the sausage for 10PP. Thing is I am still in bed :eek: and 2 slices of fruit loaf is quicker and easier to bring back to bed than a cooked plateful!

    Anyway 9PP so far, leaving me 20 dailies and 10 weeklies for the rest of the day, and then no weeklies for Monday and Tuesday. I do have 11 APs but really don't want to use them. Will update later on lunch. Really need to get up now! :cool:
  12. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Right, can now update for the rest of the day...

    Lunch at pub - total 27PP - one bottle of orange and passionfruit J20 (3PP), Beef carvery - pointed this as well as I could - was two slices of beef, small yorkshire, two roast potatoes, (left the rest) cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, parsnips, and quite a small drizzle of gravy. It was very tasty, but not huge portions, which I was quite happy with. I've gone for 15 PP for the meal. Theeeeennnnn I succumbed to a creme brulee (9PP) Finished it off with a coffee with a splash of milk.

    Once home and during the evening - 2 slices fruit loaf (4PP) scrape of Aldi soft and creamy cheese (1PP) and a banana

    Other drinks - green tea, water, NAS squash

    ... and the grand totals are - 41PP
    plus all 10 of the remaining weeklies used
    plus 2 of my APs used! (2 used out of 11, so 9 APs left)

    So not too bad I suppose although I was hoping to not dip into my APs. I did use one of them last week and lost 1.5, so I would love a repeat of that this week. ;)

    The plan for Monday and Tuesday is 29 daily points a day ONLY and to earn a few more APs, but not to use any more of them!
  13. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Monday 12th March

    So...back on the straight and narrow today!

    Breakfast - Total 5PP - 2 weetabix (3PP), Milk (2PP) and sweetener

    Lunch - Total 5PP - One can Heinz WW Tomato soup (2PP), with a tspn cream swirled in! (1PP) and one slice w/m bread (2PP), big bunch grapes (0PP)

    Was very impressed with the soup! I tend not to be a big buyer of ready made soups, but got a few of these in the cupboard for busy days - it was really good, and the tspn of cream made it really gorgeous - just like Heinz 'proper' cream of tomato!

    Planned tea is 2 fishcakes with wedges and veg - will update that and snacks later.

    Probably won't earn any APs today as too busy with work for tomorrow. Should get some in tomorrow though as will be walking to and from work, and also down to the shops.
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  14. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

    I liked the tomato soup too and the carrot and lentil nice easy lunches/meals
  15. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Yes I've had the carrot and lentil one a couple of weeks ago and liked that too. Our local shop doesn't do any other flavours and as I wasn't sure if I would like them I didn't stock up when I went to the supermarket last time. Think I will try them all now though. As you say they are a really quick and easy lunch.
  16. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Updating to add the rest of the day.

    Tea - Total 14PP - 2 Youngs Cod Fishcakes (9PP) 100g potatoes as wedges (2PP), 2 tbspns peas (1PP) 1 tspn olive oil (1PP), tbspn l/f mayo (1PP), toms, mushrooms (0PP)

    Snacks - Total 5PP - one slice Warburtons fruit loaf (2PP), 1/2oz Aldi soft and creamy cheese (1PP) (No honey today - determined to come in at 29PP!) a pear, slice of melon

    Totals 29/29 - Yay!
    No weeklies used (good job as no weeklies left!)
    APs earned - none today, 9 left for the week.
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  17. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

    No weeklies used (good job as no weeklies left!)
    Lol know the feeling :p
  18. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Tuesday 13th March

    Today's food - amazingly on target for 29 points!

    Breakfast - Total 3PP - 1/2 oz porridge oats cooked with water and a little milk, sweetener. Should have been a whole ounce but I'd run out of the Fage yogurt I normally stir in to make it creamy and it was really thin tasting so didn't finish it as I wasn't enjoying it!

    Lunch - Total 5PP - WW from Heinz Carrot and Lentil Soup (2PP), one slice w/m bread (2PP), scraping butter (1PP)

    Tea - Total 7PP - 5oz chicken breast, grilled with spices (5PP), huge mixed salad (0PP), tbspn l/f mayo (1PP), tbspn jerk sauce(1PP)

    Snacks (a-hem! :cool:) Aero bubbles at the cinema (12PP) (can't remember exact weight, but worked it out and weighed them last night,and took with me in a plastic bag so I wasn't tempted by anything else!) one coffee with cream (2PP) - was going to forego this today, but as I hadn't had all my breakfast porridge I decided I could treat myself.

    Totals for today 29/29
    No weeklies used
    AP earned = 1 (10 left for the week)

    Popped into Poundland on way to pictures and bought some WW soups (Tomato and Chicken Noodle), savoury crackers, bagels, tortilla wraps and mallow biscuits, so will be trying them out this week.

    So it's weigh day tomorrow and although I am within my points and have earned a few APs I feel sure I have gained! I'm not sure why. I wonder if it is because I have had so many changes of plan this week and have had to re-jig my days a lot, so therefore I don't feel I have been so in control and psychologically, not being in control = weight gain. Oh well, will see what the scales say tomorrow!
  19. *Emsie*

    *Emsie* Gold Member

    Feeling the same about weigh in....lets hope we are both wrong :confused: xx
  20. moonwatcher

    moonwatcher Gold Member

    Well, I was wrong (just) - lost half a pound. That makes it 6lbs in 6 weeks since I started WW, so that's OK for me - chipping away at it slowly. Don't get me wrong, I'm like everyone else, I would like to lose a stone a week! :rolleyes: On the other hand, I am enjoying what I'm eating, having fun with cooking, and have eaten out/had a takeaway every week since I started (some weeks more than once!) I never really coped well with eating out on SW so I'm happy enough! :D Hope you do well at your weigh in Emsie.
  21. chunky-monkey77

    chunky-monkey77 i seriously swear i am up 2 no good !

    hi here to folllow diary is fab keep it up . i know what u mean though sometimes it feels like your the only one reading but it keeps u on the straight and narrow lol good name btw

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