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My 17 year old daughter wants to do CD ?

I need advice - when I started CD one of my reasons wa that my daughter had become very self conscious about her weight. She needs to lose 3-4 stone but is really pretty! Anyway, I struggled with my choice of CD because I was worried that I was setting a bad example to her. However, I had tried all the clubs etc and wasn't patient enough for them. I knew I had to lose quickly to stay motivated. I have lost over 3 stone since January doing SS with the occassional meal out / takeaway etc. All this time - I've encouraged my daughter to adopt a healthy eating programme and have despaired when she continued to snack constantly (learned from years ofwatching her mum!). I offered to pay for WW or SW but she doesn't want to go (her aunt offered to take her!). I've tried everything to encourage her to exercise but she isn't interested and her self esteem is plummeting.....
This isn't helped by the fact that I am getting compliments. She wears size 16 -18. I am now size 18. She has begged m to let her do CD but I think she's too young for such a drastic approach and I know she'd lose easily with WW or another programme. I'm now looking realistically at being size 14 by the Summer but that would absolutely devastate her !!!!!
What do I do? I'm thinking of phoning my CDC with a view to letting her try. I reckon if she does 4weeks SS then we could move to 790 together (I've been thinking of starting to move up and introduce healthy meals soon anyway). On the plus side - we'd be doing it together. BUT I am terrified that I'd be giving her the wrong message.
Worried about this all weekend - the joys of being a MUM !!
What do you think???????:wave_cry:
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Hi Ann Marie

That's a toughie.

I started worrying about my weight when I was 15. I was about a size 14/16 and all my friends were size 8/10. I asked my Mum if I could go to slimming clubs but she said it would mess the rest of my life up (in that i'd constantly battle with my weight...she was right!!). Anyway, because she'd said no I starved myself for a week until I passed out. My best friend told my mum what i'd done so I had my meals monitored. I then started making myself sick after every meal. This carried on until I was 19. I went to uni and stayed slim due to the lack of cash!! When I met my hubby I piled loads of weight on and here we are today! Sorry for rambling, just trying to say that teenagers are so easily influenced, and better that you and your cdc show her the way rather than some magazine article or tv documentary.

Anyway :)p ) why not move up to 790 now and start your daughter on 790. At least she won't be cutting all food out of her day. You could make the evening meal something you both look forward to each day.

Good luck with it.


We always recommend healthy eating as the preferred option for losing weight for 14-18 years. However, if this has not worked and SS or 790 is specifically requested your daughter does need to involve yourself and your GP.

I have recently counselled a 14 year old. I suggested no lower than 790 as that way a lunch can be taken to school/college and it is not so obvious to others that a diet is being followed.

However, mum and daughter decided SS however after one week it was changed to 790 and she went on to lose 2stones.

On 790 your daughter will get all of her nutrition and as she loses weight she will move up the plans and reintroduce low GI good teaching her good eating habits for the future.

Page 8 of your Sole Source booklet outlines the guidance for the 14-18 year old group.



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I've had a few teens with me, all successfully lost/losing weight with their Mum's support and GP. I almost feel like a proud "big sister" to them, as my approach is slightly different. I've found that I have to speak with them like I still understand what it's like being their age, and in turn they really take on board what I say, and enjoy coming each week! (i guess really I still feel like a teen inside!). Thought I'd share my little ideas for anyone reading this who's a CDC too, or a mummy to a teen CD dieter who still attends school/college. Ideas came about because one of my boys was bullied freq. at school before CD (not anymore glad to say!).

*essential to look at what products they ccan use and at what times, to fit around their school hours/home.
*buy a Mars or Frigge milkshake, get someone else to drink it, then keep reusing the bottle to pour a diluted Choc Velvet in!
* buy a pack of Revels. Again, get someone else to eat the contents. Chop up all the flavours of CD bars your teen likes into cubes, put into the empty Revels bag!
The other kids will never know whats inside and your kid can carry on CD without any nasty comments! Even if they grab the bottle/bag away and take some, they don't catch on to what they've pinched!
One brownie point up to the bullies!!! :clap:
This works! And believe me, just being that little bit creative, made the other kids still think he was eating junk food, but instead he was shrinking by the day!!! Yay!!!!

Good luck! I hope she starts CD to help her lose her weight and feel great this summer! With your support, and this site, she'll be just fine methinks!!

Lainey xx :wavey:


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Hi hun,

I dont have kids, Im not a CDC, but as someone aged 21 who had weight problems since I was about 16, if someone had told me about this diet then, I would have denied there was an issue and carried on with my downhill slope. If your daughter (who incidentally needs to lose about the same as I did when I started) has expressed an interest in sorting her life out now, I would say let her go for it. I wish I had sorted my weight out before I went to uni and never let it get this bad. The last few years of my life would have been much happier had I nipped the problem in the bud!

Hope this helps xx
the advise given is really good and would agree with everyone 790 would be the best and if she is doing it with you at least you know what she is doing. i started my first diet(sw) when in was 14 and have been yo yo ing ever since. i only ever had my boyfriends mum to help me and my mum didnt really care and would rather put me down and wear my smaller clothes than help me. when i split with my bf i didnt have knowone and the weight piled on but i still speak to ex's mum now and we still go classes together, i just wish i had my mums support just like you want to give your daughter as it will help her in everyway. sorry about the waffle but once i start i cant stop

Im new to his forum but have been reading thu the posts and its covering just about everything I can think of. I have been on the cambridge diet for 5 weeks and lost 37 lbs with about 24 left to go.

My 17 year old step son has asked me to help him do the diet and i am a little unsure. He is about 5ft 7 and is weighing in at over 19 stones. I think it would be a good idea but as he doesn't live with us and his mum couldn't care less (which is why he is in this mess to begin with!!!) i think he is going to struggle. Due to college and that he lives over 50 miles away it isn't possible to come stay with us for a few weeks just to help. I have been thinking about this for a few weeks and all im thinking is that the health implications for a boy of 17 being over 19 stone and growing are so much more dangerous than a start on the cambridge diet. I feel he wll get some motivation from seeing the weight loss and maybe get him moving.

Hope we are doing the right thing ( i think we are)

Marce x
dont you just hate people who dont give a s**t about there kids, my mum and stepdad are just the same with me (thats why i dint really speak to them anymore) sorry about that but i think its terrible. it makes me smile to see that some parents really do care about there children just like i will when my sons older. i would say to you let them give it a go. Marcie its true what you say if someone dont act now then what gonna happen if they continue the way that they are? im sure cd would give a suitable plan for them so they dont cut out food completley
Hi and thanx for that. Yeah i have been struggling with the 'ex' for a while. We only get the kids (there are 4!!) every 2 weeks and although he was a big lad when i first got with my partner it has got so out of hand now that he has left school. I have tried to point this out to my partner so many times but i feel he thinks i am being critical. I have a 17 year old boy of my own and through joining the gym with me and sensible eating he has lost a stone and a half since xmas. I was only a bit over weight but over 6ft 3 and really all i wanted to do was set him up for a way of eating that he could carry on with when he leaves and it seems to have worked. However, because we dont see my partners kids very often then it is very hard for us to do something especially when the mother has the IQ of a rabbit dropping!!! She was shocked when we finally managed to get through to her about just how heavy he had become and even then she said he wont be able to do it!!! Thats support for you eh. He is with us from this friday and going to see the counsellor on wed ready and i am going to start him off for the first couple of days and he knows he can fone me any time.

Many thanx again it makes me know we are doing the right thing

marce x


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Hi hun! Me again!

I've literally been there with the fornightly access malarky with my Dad years ago - total pain in the ass! And the fact you've got the braindead ex to deal with, ain't helping the issue. Just been thinking about you, and think it's fab that you really care so much for him and his health/happiness. However, one thing we're not hitting on - is him! He is 17 right? Well, in my book, he can be totally responsible to give this a bash - with or without his mother. If he knows there is a problem, and is unhappy, wants to do something about it, he can! He can do this, with you/his Dad's help, a trained CDC, this forum, his friends and other relatives. His Mum seems to be as much support as training-bra for Jordan! The only thing is the financial cost. Is he working? Or is it something that his Dad would be willing to pay for? If he can have the Diet, then he can just try blank out the junk his Mum offers, and do this for himself.
Not sure of the finer details with the whole situation, so if this ramble is totally unrealistic then I apologise! I know how difficult it can be when you're in a different household! Good luck - hope the first meeting is a positive one. He's very lucky to have you in his life!

Lainey xx
hi Lainey

Yeah i totally agree and i also think he is totally capable of getting his head around this. My son did and is the same age however, and it is a big however, whereas i tell my son what a great kid he is, encourage him, give him all the encouragement i can and go that extra mile for both my sons, my step sons mother tells him he is lazy, good for nothing, will never be anything in life, is totally useless etc the list is endless. True he is not the most exciting kid but he isn't a bad one and now just hides away playing on playstations and gameboys for hours at a time. He won't get a job (and his dad and ihave both tried to help) and he just keeps failing resits after resits which is soul destroying. So he eats and sits and eats and sits. We get some motivation into him when he is with us then it is destroyed when he goes home. The other 3 kids are going the same way so i do what i can. I will support hi on this but i have stressed that he is the important one and will need to do the majority of hard work. I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping from him as i think its a shame that such a young life is being spoilt because of a negative mother. Ah well i can but try.

Thanks for all your support it is much appreciated

marce xx

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