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My 17 year old daughter wants to do CD ?

I need advice - when I started CD one of my reasons wa that my daughter had become very self conscious about her weight. She needs to lose 3-4 stone but is really pretty! Anyway, I struggled with my choice of CD because I was worried that I was setting a bad example to her. However, I had tried all the clubs etc and wasn't patient enough for them. I knew I had to lose quickly to stay motivated. I have lost over 3 stone since January doing SS with the occassional meal out / takeaway etc. All this time - I've encouraged my daughter to adopt a healthy eating programme and have despaired when she continued to snack constantly (learned from years ofwatching her mum!). I offered to pay for WW or SW but she doesn't want to go (her aunt offered to take her!). I've tried everything to encourage her to exercise but she isn't interested and her self esteem is plummeting.....
This isn't helped by the fact that I am getting compliments. She wears size 16 -18. I am now size 18. She has begged me to let her do CD but I think she's too young for such a drastic approach and I know she'd lose easily with WW or another programme. I'm now looking realistically at being size 14 by the Summer but that would absolutely devastate her !!!!!
What do I do? I'm thinking of phoning my CDC with a view to letting her try. I reckon if she does 4weeks SS then we could move to 790 together (I've been thinking of starting to move up and introduce healthy meals soon anyway). On the plus side - we'd be doing it together. BUT I am terrified that I'd be giving her the wrong message.
Worried about this all weekend - the joys of being a MUM !!
What do you think???????:wave_cry:
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We always recommend healthy eating as the preferred option for losing weight for 14-18 years. However, if this has not worked and SS or 790 is specifically requested your daughter does need to involve yourself and your GP.

I have recently counselled a 14 year old. I suggested no lower than 790 as that way a lunch can be taken to school/college and it is not so obvious to others that a diet is being followed.

However, mum and daughter decided SS however after one week it was changed to 790 and she went on to lose 2stones.

On 790 your daughter will get all of her nutrition and as she loses weight she will move up the plans and reintroduce low GI good teaching her good eating habits for the future.

Page 8 of your Sole Source booklet outlines the guidance for the 14-18 year old group.



Cambridge Consultant
I've got a 17yr old that comes to class with her mum... bless, she works at MacD's and uses the Mcflurry machine to make her shakes!!!!

She's doing really well (Better than her mum actually :D) and is really excited every week (almost as much as me!!)

She's already planning how to work the steps around her 18th birthday party later this year!

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