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My 2011 EE Food Diary - Mission Birthday Weight Loss!!

Hi all.

I am starting extra easy tomorrow. I have spent a small fortune at Tesco today :eek: but I am hoping it will be worth it and I will have a loss after my 1st week.

It's been just over 2 years since I had my beautiful baby girl and I have given up kidding myself that it is just going to fall off :(

I am feeling positive and have set a goal of losing a stone to start with by my birthday - April 21st!

I have my 1st weeks meals all planned out and am going to try really hard to do some exercise, so you'll see me here tomorrow telling you about my first day :D

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Ok, my first day of EE wasn't the easiest for reasons, but this what I had!

HEA 350ml skimmed milk HEB 2 Weetabix

Breakfast 2 Weetabix with some milk, 1 banana and some grapes on top

Snack I didn't have a snack as I was full from breakfast as I had it a little later than usual (my daughter kindly chose to lay in today woo hoo!)

Lunch A bacon omelette with baked beans and 2 tinned tomatoes. (I tried really hard to eat this, but I have to admit I found the omelette a little bland :sigh:)

Snack I ended up only having an Alpen light bar (3 syns).

Dinner Homemade cottage pie (courtesy of BritMumInCanada - thanks so much!!!) with peas.

Pudding/Evening snack I haven't had anything yet, but I am peckish so I think I will have another Alpen bar or a mullerlite!

Total Syns 3 (so far). I know is below the 5 minimum, but after my lunch I got a bad migraine so really couldn't stomach anything more than the Alpen bar, which I had to make myself have a little. I'd already prepped my dinner at lunch time, so couldn't change what we were having.

If I have another Alpen bar, so that makes it 6 syns for the day how do you think that looks for a 1st EE day? Do you think I'll lose if I keep on like this?
Also just a couple questions on EE. When it says fill your plate with 1/3 superfree, does that mean if i have eggs in some description that counts towards it, and say for example Quorn? In my little book it says things marked with a star are superfree, but I thought it had to be fruit and veg etc?

Many thanks all :)


Wanna be loser!!
That sounds like a good food diary =]

Keep up the good work xx

Not such a good day today, but i'm hoping as I didn't have all my syns yesterday that it will be ok??

HEA Milk HEB Slice of normal bread

Breakfast 2 pieces toast (HEB + 3 syns) with 1 teaspoon spread (1 syns) with 1 cheese triangle (1.5 syns) and a banana

Snack Alpen bar 3 syns

Lunch Chicken and mushroom packet pasta with a banana

Snack Grapes and then another banana :eek: and then another Alpen bar (3 syns)

Dinner Homemade syn free chicken and spinach curry with rice and homemade bhajis (6 syns)

Total Syns 16.5 :cry:

I'm really annoyed and upset. I work part time (thurs and fri) and I just new I'd be hungry, so took loads of snacks, bananas and grapes and scoffed the lot.

I'm never going to lose :(
Forgot to post for a few days, but have it all written down, so will do it now!


HEA Milk HEB 2 Weetabix

Breakfast - Weetabix with milk and banana

No snack because work was so busy

Lunch - Jacket potato with tuna dn 2 tbsp extra light mayo (2 syns, is that right?) and lots of lettuce and cucumber

Snack - Banana, grapes and strawberries

Dinner - Quark spag carbonara with chicken and bacon and mushrooms and onion on salad

Then friends came over and I had some shop brought spicy potato wedges etc, so im guessing I used all my syns again today, sigh!

Total syns - 15 at least?!
saturday - I got poorly friday night after my friends left so wasn't feeling to great to eat today, very sore throat etc.

HEA - milk HEB - Alpen light bar

Late breakfast come lunch as I had a lie in - bacon, mushrooms, canned spaghetti, tinned tomatoes, scrambled egg and a slice of balck pudding (it was quite big so i'm guessing 5 syns)

Snack - Alpen light bar

Dinner - Chinese Style Pork (thanks BritMumInCanada!) with rice mized with one egg and lots of roasted squash and peas. (2 syns)

Total syns - 7ish

HEA Milk HEB Alpen light

Breakfast - Still feeling poorly so didn't want much. Ate my toddlers lef tover toast, so guessing 3 syns

Lunch - Leftover carbonara from couple nights ago with lettuce, cucumber and pepper.

Snack - Alpen bar

Dinner - Lebanese chicken (2 syns) with homemade wesges and salad

Evening sncak - Mullerlite with lots of grapes and strawberries - YUMMY!!

Total syns - 5

If someone could have a read through my diary so far and let me know if they think i'm doing EE right then I would really appreciate it as I'm still not sure :)

Well my illness has turned out to be tonsillitis, which i'm relieved about as i was worried it was flu and i'd give it to my 2 year old. I'm very worried she can't have the jab this year. Anyways on to my diary!

HEA - Milk HEB - 2 Weetabix

Breakfast - Weetabix with milk and bananas

Snack - small chocolate (i'll guess at 5 syns) It was one frm a Roses box.

Lunch. I ate a LOAD of grapes before lunch as i was hungry and then didnt really want my lunch lol, but i made a tuna mayo (2 syns) jacket potato with salad

Snack - alepn bar (3 syns)

Dinner. Chicken, bacon and tomato pasta bake with cheese. (5 syns)

Toatl syns - 15

HEA Milk HEB Bread

Breakfast - 2 slices toast (HEB and 3 syns), 2tsp light spread (2 syns) with 1 laughing cow light (1.5 syn) and marmite

Snack - fruit

Lunch - Packet pasta with spinach mixed through it

Snack - Alpen bar (3 syns)

Dinner - pork chop, home made chips, veg and little gravy (1 syn)

Evening - muller yogurt with grapes and banana (YUMMY! I love this :) )

Total syns - 10.5

HEA - Milk HEB - Weetabix

Breakfast - weetabix with banana and milk

Lunch - scrambled egg, beans and tinned tomatoes

Snack - grapes

Dinner - Home made burgers in wholemeal roll (6 syns), chips and salad. 1 tbsp extra light mayp (1syn), 1tbsp ketchup (1 syn) - sooooo worth the syns :D

Total syns - 8

Weigh in tomorrow on Boots scales. Am nervous as my massive dinner seems to have really bloated me out :( I think its the roll that did it - hope it doesn't ruin it!

I'll update tomorrow, wish me luck.
Thanks Lighterlisa (i'm a Lisa too :D )

Well today was meant to be my weigh in day usign Boots scales are my home ones aren't that good, but i've been feeling too poorly to get into town, so my scales I've lost 2lbs. I hope it's right!


HEA - Milk HEB - Weetabix

Breakfast - 2 weetabix with milk and banana

Lunch - packet pasta with spinach mixed in

Snack - 1 mini roll (oops) (6 syns)

Dinner - Pasta with 2 extra light laughing cow triangles mixed in (2 syns) with bacon and salad

Evening snack - fat free yoghurt with grapes

Total syns - 8

If someone wouldn't mind looking at my diary, do you think i'm doing it right for EE? I just want to make sure i am as i'm doing it at home.

Thank you xx
I am all new to this, but you seem to be doing as best you can.. I am on EE aswell it seems to be the best one for me to do...

Good luck and well done on the weight loss so far!!
Thanks Jen, I was hoping for me, but at least 2lbs is something!! :)


HEA - Milk NEB - Weetabix

Breakfast - 2 weetabix with banana and milk

Snack - Alpen light bar (3 syns)

Lunch - big jacket potato with spaghetti hoops and low fat cheese (4 syns i think) and salad

Snack - grapes

Dinner - chicken breast with pasta, carrots, peas and Sweet Chilli Philadelphia sauce (3 syns)

Evening snack - Yogurt with grapes and banana.

Total syns - 10

Do you think it's ok eating 2 bananas a day?
Ok i'm back on it after an awful weekend of eating bad food both days :(

Fresh start this week, I really hope I have a loss. I am finding it hard when we habe friends over to eat etc, but i guess i'll get there!

HEA - Milk HEB - Weetabix

Breakfast - weeabix with milk and banana

Snack - alepn light bar (3 syns)

Lunch - Jacket potato with canned spaghetti, an extra light laughing cow triangle mashed in (1 syn) and salad.

Dinner - Beef stroganoff with rice (1 syn)

I am about to have an evening snack of yoghurt mixed with pear, grapes and banana.

Total syns - 5 syns (really trying to make up for my awful weekend, I just wish I could get off my fat ass and do some bloody exercise!!!)

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Tuesday 16th

HEA - Milk HEB - Bread

Breakfast - 2 slices of best of both medium (HEB + 3 syns) with laughing cow extra light triangle (1 syn) and marmite

Lunch - omelette with brocolli mixed in with tinned toms and canned spaghetti

Snack - grapes and alpen light bar (3 syns)

Dinner - lasagne (4 syns), chips and salad

Total syns - 11
wed 19th

HEA - Milk HEB - Weetabix

Breakfast - 2 weetabix with milk and banana

Lunch - left over lasagne (4 syns) with beans

Snack - Alpen light bar (3 syns)

Dinner - philly light chilli (28g 2 syns) with low fat fromage frais mixed in (free i think?) with pasta and salad

Evening - a pear

total syns - 9

HEA - Milk HEB - Weetabix

Breakfast - weetabix with banana and milk

Lunch - Packet pasta with banana (i really struggle with lunches at work :( )

Snack - grapes and alpen light (3 syns)

Dinner - rice, chicken, pepper, carrot, mangetout and spring onion stir fry with oyster sauce 3 syns - am i right this is 0.5 syns per tbsp?)

Total syns - 6

Had WI in today and i STS, am really upset :(

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