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My 2011 Food Diary

Red day

Breakfast - Muller light yogurt

Snack - carrot sticks

Lunch - chicken salad sandwich (brown bread - HEXB) with 2 tablespoons light salad cream (4 syns)

Snack - 3 babybel lights (HEXA)

Dinner - bolognese with extra lean mince, and half jar dolmio light (5.5 syns) with salad instead of pasta

Drinks - diet coke and tea (milk HEXA)
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Hi Princess26 could you perhaps try to eat a little more fruit if you like it, and a little more breakfast. Are you sticking to the red plan or are you going to also do green and EE?
Hi Princess

Food diary looks good, however i would say you need a bigger breakfast lady!!!!
Breakfast is the key to stopping you snacking so you need a good filling breakfast to get you going!
Maybe a little more water intake too...be it water of with NAS squash for abit of flavour??

Kate x
So we both mentioned breakfast.................hope these comments help I was told to fill up with loads of superfree foods, as I dont like veggies very much my fruit bowl is being used all the time!
I agree with having a larger breakfast. I did the same and found i was starving by 10:30.

I have a bigger breakfast and can wait till dinner. I have regulary bacon done in the microwave with fat taken off and eggs. Also chuck in mushrooms and tomato to go with the superfree foods. mmmmm

Turn it into an omelette using fry light. xx
Thanks everyone, I did have more breakfast today! I struggle a bit in the morning as I don't like cereal or many fruits, but i made the effort and had yogurt and banana today! Here is today's diary, with what I'm having for tea as well. Hollys_nan I am doing red and green days, I've tried the extra easy but its just not for me.

Green day

Breakfast - muller light yogurt and banana

Lunch - pasta with arrabiata sauce and chopped up baby bels (HEXA and 2 syns for the sauce)

Dinner - mushroom omelette made without milk or cheese and cooked in frylight, with beans and a skinny cow ice cream (4.5 syns) for dessert!

3 glasses of water so far today, thanks for the advice kt_babeh on this one, I will have another glass tonight!
Can of diet coke
Tea (milk HEXA)
Princess 26 that sounds great. I too am doing the red/green plans as I find the EE isnt for me either. I think I am one of the few people in my class (if not the only one) who isnt following it though! If you are not a veggie person I think the EE is difficult, but the red/green suit me fine. I do have lots of fruit though so a good diet really.Carry on as you are and I am sure you will have great weight loss. Let us know how you go on
Hey Princess26 yesterdays diary was great! Looking forward to seeing today's! Hope you've had a good day x sarah x
Hey fairyella, here is today's diary! Deffo going to make your arrabiata sauce when I get time too!

Green day

Breakfast - 1 wholemeal toast (HEXB) with butter (4 syns) and a mullerlight yogurt

Lunch - low fat sweet thai chilli supernoodles

Snack - SW quiche (eggs, spring onions, mushrooms and tomatoes all mixed up and baked in the oven. Really easy and very tasty!)

Dinner - Jacket potato with mushrooms, peppers, light babybels and tomatoes ( scooped the inside of the potato out then mixed everything together and grilled until the cheese bubbled - yummmmmy!!) and beans

Lots of water
Tea (milk hexa)
Checking in early today as I am out tonight, going to Pizza Hut then to see Peter Kay!

Green day

Breakfast - Muller light yogurt

Lunch - jacket potato with beans

Dinner - Pasta arrabiata from pizza hut so not sure of the syns!


Diet coke
Ooooh enjoy Peter Kay! We saw him in November too, he was fab! Good choice for arribiata at Pizza Hut, prob only syns for the oil they prob use to cook it. Have fun x
Peter Kay was brilliant!! All new material, sooooo funny! Heres todays diary

Red day

Breakfast - muller light yogurt and banana

Lunch - salad with tuna mayo (6syns)

dinner - SW ham and mushroom quiche made with small amount of cheese (HEXA)

2 slices wholemeal bread and butter (HEXB and 4 syns for the butter)

Not bad for a friday I suppose! I weighed in this morning, and I stayed the same this week. In the last 3 weeks I lost 9lbs so is it normal to sts one week? I haven't been bad! xx
Hi Princess

Glad you had a good time last night! Another good diary too!

Don't worry too much about not losing this week, could be down to changes in the month and retaining more water at certain times? Just keep at it and you will prob have a good loss next week x Sarah x

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