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My baby has broke her nose!


Yummy Mummy! xx
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My 20mth old fell yesterday from the top to the bottom of the stairs landing face down on wooden floor.

We took her straight to A&E as her nose was bleeding, the hospital were AMAZING and said that there is a good chance her nose is broken but they cant tell becuse it has swollen slightly and she has a black eye. They said if it looks crooked after 5 days when the swelling has gone down to take her back and they will refer her to ENT, although she did say that because of the injury and with her being small the majority of her nose is cartlidge so there is little they can do.

I keep telling myself how incredibly lucky she is and it could have ended up being a lot worse but Im also feeling SO SO guilty becuase I was with her and I couldnt grab her quick enough when she lost her footing at the top and all I could do was run down after her.

So all in all not a great day, just wanted to share.
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Oh no, poor baby and poor you! :( What an awful fright that must've given you. They all have tumbles so try not to feel guilty, but I know just how you feel. Hope she's feeling OK today and recovers without too much more trauma.


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Oh no, poor little angel, don't blame yourself, children can move like lightening at that age no matter how close an eye you have on them.

Thankfully it wasn't any worse that her nose getting hurt, hugs to you all XXX

big bear

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Hugs to you I'm sure she'll be fine.

Don't feel guilty kids have loads of knocks, bumps, falls etc I'm sure there will be more to come...

Take care

when my dd was about 11months I fell downsatairs when I was carrying her. Still dont know how but she was okay . Its a ahorrible feeling and you can't help feeling guilty but the main thing is she's ok.Try to look on the bright side-it could have been much worse.It really doesnt make you a abad mother-theopposite really cos you care.


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awwww hope she makes a quick recovery - dont blame yourself - ive got 3 kids and consider myself a good parent but have had 1 with skin grafts for burns, 1 with an operation to remove glass from her hand and 1 knocked over by a car with a broken leg!!!!
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I'm sure that lots of us could tell you stories where our children have had accidents in our care!!
My daughter was 5 days old (we were still in the maternity unit as I'd had a C-section and they'd discovered holes in her heart) and asleep on the bed with me. I fell asleep (bad mum) and the next thing I knew was her on the floor. We went straight to intensive care - luckily we were back on the ward in a few hours, but I can't tell you how hard it was phoning my husband at 5:30 in the morning to tell him that I'd dropped her!!!
Don't be too hard on yourself - she is young and she will recover. One day you may even be able to laugh about it.
Take care. x


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Oh my goodness, that must have been so frightening for you both! These things happen love, no matter how good a mum you are. The guilt can eat you up but it's just one of those accidents little ones have, nothing you could have done.

I've never forgotten when my daughter was a few days old, I was carrying her up the stairs in her Moses basket and when I got to the top I stumbled - she and the basket both went down the stairs. I was in hysterics, but she was fine. It's amazing what they can go through with no lasting damage!
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Honey - try not to blame yourself! There will be loads more days like these ahead of you! I have two boys and gosh they do take some knocks!!


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Oh Bless! But I'm sure she'll be fine, babies heal very quickly, it's the guilt that gets to you! You need eyes in the back of your head! You've nothing to reproach yourself for. And the good thing is, she's so young she won't remember it!
My mother fell asleep feeding me while she was in bed when I was a baby and dropped me twice!


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I dont have kids but this would be my worst nightmare :-( my heart goes out to you and the worry and guilt you must be going through

however not your fault, you tried to help her and couldnt (better than not even trying) she will be ok and will always love her mum :)

My dad dropped me down the stairs when I was about the same age, and i am fine so honestly please dont worry



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aww, dont feel too guilty, you'll be laughing about this in the future and she'll have an awsome, awsome argument for wanting that nose job when she's older that she'll want you to pay for ;)


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When my son was a small babe and toddler he was in and out of A&E so often that if it had been now that it had happened I am sure he would have been put on the at risk list. At one time we had gone to the hospital to have stitches out from above his eye, he had them out and as left the doc. he fell and split the eye open again.

Kids are like rubber balls and an accident like that of your little baby would for sure have broken bones in an adult. They are amazingly tough and resilient.

I hope her recovery is fast and that she needs no further attention.

The worst part of it all is the shock, to both of you !!!

Sue xxx

X special one for baby.

Mrs V

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The others have said it all Hun. (Hugs to you and little one).
Kids really are resilient (sp), if we could wrap them in cotton wool all the time they would never learn about safety and danger limits.
My Daughter had managed to smuggle a fork on to a trampoline at a friends house once and stabbed herself in the head when she fell off! That made my heart pound a bit I can tell you!



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When my abby was 16 days old, I went over on my ankle on the 3rd step down, and she shot out of my arms an landed at the bottom. I ran doen and picked her up and she went limp in my arms. She then started screaming, so I put her and her toddler sister in the car and drove to A&E. She had fractured her skull. Almost unheard of in tiny bubbas as their fontinells are so soft! Boy ws I grilled!! One consultant even told me that I must be a bad Mum as my survival instinct was obviously stronger than my maternal instinct. Apparently I was also too calm whe I arrived at A&E. I should ahve dialled 999 and wailed and they would have believe me. Lucklily, she was my 2nd, and I had built a rapport with my Health Visitor who completely believed in me. The most awful experience of my life, so I know how you feel. She'll quickly mend. Promise.
My DS fell the full length of the stairs at 14 months. Hubby and I were both there and both grabbed for him a second too late as each of us thought the other had got him. Could only watch in horror as he hit each and every stair on the way to the bottom. Huge lump on his head but no other harm done but I felt physically sick watching him. We took him to hospital to get checked over but I pretty much knew he was ok as he hadn't passed out or vomited and was screaming blue murder. I think it happens to all of us.

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