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My baby has down syndrome


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Found out today, im heart broken.

thanks for your thoughts

Bigmama2littlemama, signing off
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Thoughts are with you, so so sorry.

I understand that you must feel awful at the moment. But you will come to terms with it, your baby will be all the more special because of it. It isnt the 'problem' that it seems; many people with Downs go on to live fulfilling lives. Children may attend mainstream schools, adults go out to work. Oh, and people with Downs are very loving. I am sure Dizzy and Mizzy will be along soon to elaborate; her brother has Downs.

(((Hugs))) and my thoughts are with you.


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Our thoughts are with you :hug99::hug99: xx
My thoughts and prayers are with you at this difficult time.

Take care x


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Mama - not sure what to say other than I am so very sorry.

Thinking of you xxx


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Honey - you must be in such shock but believe me, its not the end of the world to find out you have a child with Downs. I know there is still a stigma out there with regards to Down Syndrome but its not as bad at 10-20 years ago...

I know it's not the same situation but....a good friend of mine found out at 36 weeks that her baby had hydrocephalus and they were basically told by the specialist to expect the worst - that looking at the level of water in the skull, there was little hope the baby would survive. Her little girl was born by c-section at 38 weeks screaming and thrashing about against all odds and they brouhgt her home after a week in the high dependency ward...she had her op at 3 weeks to help drain the fluid from her brain...she's perfect and is the most wonderful singer :D and the only thing wrong with her right now(she's 11 months) is she needs intensive physio to boost her muscle tone...

I am sending plenty of hugs and love your way....
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I'm sorry to hear your news: you'll need time to come to terms with this.

I'd like to reiterate what Bex has said though - long gone is the time when kids with Downs had a bleak future ... plus, like every baby, they bring their love with them. Your baby is extra special.

My thoughts are with you and yours xx


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i agree with RD and many of the others hun. Hubby used to work in a special needs school and the downs children were wonderful, very independant and so special. i can understand ur shock but please take time to think about how wonderful this could be. xxx
Im so sorry your feeling so sad about your news. Your baby will be beautiful regardless, get lots of support. My thoughts are with you xxxxx
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Thinking of you, just don't know what else to say.

Christine xx
It must be such a shock to hear the news. Sending my thought and prayers to you and your family. Ive looked after some Downs Syndrome kids and they are the most loving little things ever. xxxx


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Lots of hugs and love to you. I know that we all want our children to be 'normal' but I can assure you that given time and the help that you need to understand how this syndrome will affect your child and you I know that you will have the most wonderful relationship with your baby. This may be of little comfort to you at this time but I honestly believe that these very special children are given to very special mothers.
Best wishes to you and your little one.

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