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My Big Fat Diet


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After hearing so much about this tv program I thought I better sit down and watch it on catch up tv. (The benefits of technology today!)

Well who is going to make all my food up into 100 calorie bags? Come on be serious. :(

Yes I know calorie counting is a way to lose weight but unless I carry a book with me the whole time how am I going to know the exact calorie content of each thing I eat.

I can just imagine being in a restaurant and asking to see the packets of all the ingredients so I can get the calorie content, but then I would have to know exactly how much of each ingredient was used. I see myself being asked to leave the restaurant very rapidly. :eek:

Don't get me wrong as I said I know calorie counting helps but in this show where they have put all the food into these little bags it just got me thinking "Not in the real world". :sigh:

Am I the only one that feels this way about the tv program?
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Im just watching it on ch4 plus 1 just now. I wish someone would portion my food into 100kcal sizes, it would make things so much easier!

Saying that though, I am doing a calorie controlled diet and its not that difficult to add it up. I keep a daily record on a spreadsheet and Ive input in it the calories in things I usually eat. Its obviously not exact but as long as I know roughly what I'm eating.

Calorie counting becomes second nature once you get into it. :) When I was doing it eating out was the only time I had to take an educated guess at how many were in my meal, and as I didn't eat out very often it wasn't really an issue.

I think it's been a great visual thing to see how much a hundred calories worth is of so many different foods. It's made my hubbie and daughters sit up and think a bit about all the calories they eat without thinking about it.

I've really enjoyed the show. The only thing I've had a problem with, and it's a totally personal thing, is that I can't really relate to the ladies trying to lose weight as they are all so much smaller than me, have nice figures and if I passed them on the street I would never consider that any of them needed to lose weight in the first place. Maybe slimmer people have trouble relating to TV progs about people who need to lose a large amount of weight. Who knows? :D

Ali :)
I always calorie count (did slimfast so was counting meals and snacks, and now on juddd so cc on that) and once you get the hang of it it's pretty easy really, I'm like a walking calorie counter now lol!

But yes that shop where everything is in 100 cal bags would be amazing!! How easy would that be!!! I've watched a bit of the programme, but haven't been watching every episode.
I really enjoyed the show.

The 100 calorie bit especially it really made me aware of just how many calories are in items.

And also portion sizes, when I saw the amount of pasta that was 100 cals i was amazed, i normally just pile it on!

Someone should take it to Dragons Den, i would shop there!
I'm just catching up on this now. I got a little bit annoyed with the last episode because they haven't got much to lose they don't seem to be taking it totally seriously.
I like the idea of the 100cal store because seeing the amount of veg i can get in comparision to 100cal of chocolate motivates me to eat healthier. That said as a marketing gimmick I wouldn't shop there, think how high the mark up would be.

I'm trying to weigh everything I eat at home until I feel confident enough to guesstimate - but thats partially because I have new scales and like playing with them. Sad I know. I think calorie counting appeals to my "organised" mindset, it reminds me I'm doing something towards what I want.

Eating out is a bit unknown at the moment because I haven't much since starting. But alot of the pubs (eeek) and restaurants have nutritional info on the website, so it takes seconds to google it. If in doubt I over estimate.


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I agree that they don't have a lot to lose, they only want to get down one dress size don't they? I wish that was all I needed to lose.

I'm sure if my diet required me to calorie count I would lose patience, but that is just unorganised me. That is why my food is sent to me already to heat and eat!

What I found a bit silly was who can buy portions that are already prepared like that. To me it is not exactly helping those of us who really need to lose weight. Show us something more realistic that anyone could follow.
It definitely makes you realise just how little of junk foods that you get for 100kcals. And alcohol! I've been off it this week but my other half comes home this weekend so next week will be testing!

Damn right! He will want to go out drinking, have parties, go for meals the whole time he is home! Oh and I keep forgetting I'm supposed to be having a 3rd Christmas dinner!!! We didnt see his family over the festive at all so we have to go visit them so they will want to fill me up with food and booze too!
pasta was the most devastating to me, by far.
Chocolate i expected, pasta I thought relatively healthy can't be major.ha

klizw- i use a lil bit of bribery! Offer to cook his favoutrite meals, and he gets to pick all movies we watch in.

On the going out front, told him to think of all the money we're saving staying in, promise we'll go away for a weekend at the end of the diet to celebrate.

Not sure how long this will last, so lets hope I finish soon!
I find just choosing what we're having for dinner is a good way to make sure we can have similar things (so I don't feel deprived) but I still stay within my calories by tweeking/changing a few things slightly (like I'll have grilled polenta if he has chips, cut right it looks similar on the plate haha).

I wish pasta had fewer calories too - I could live off the stuff. Is there any healthier alternatives (that look/taste similar???)

Alcohol is the most difficult one if you're going out! The calories in wine are devestating.
I saw those mentioned on the programme, and somewhere else on here yesterday (I think). I'm going to look into it and see if I can get hold of some. There was a link on the other thread but they were out of stock when I looked.
I haven't heard from anyone how good/bad they actually are though. They definitely sound worth giving a try.
I guess I am lucky I do not like pasta!

Chocolate is my big down fall! Fortunately I am allowed a little on my diet or I don't think I would have survived. It may only be a couple of brazil nuts coated in chocolate but they taste exquisite!
I can eat looooads of chocolate, and do have a sweet tooth, but if it's not there i don't miss it as such, it kind of comes in phases with me.

Pasta is more difficult because there's so many ways to eat it, and its nice and filling. Thats probably true for carby foods in general though!
I am such a chocoholic, if it wasn't included in my diet I doubt I would have lasted as it is my big downfall.

I want to know why are carby foods always the ones we want to eat?

Bread was always such a staple part of my everyday diet with sandwiches or a roll nearly every day for lunch, but I am coping without it.

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