My Bond Party with Pics!


Guess who's back...?
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Hi all! Well, the party of the - well, month has been and gone and I'm shattered now!!!

As promised here are a few pics - there aren't really any good full length ones of me - but I thought I would pop a couple up... including my sexy home made stick on tattoos and the OH!!!

And I didn't lapse last night... although today has been tricky - I've felt so under the weather and craved 'substance' - but have cancelled a party and am staying in with locked doors and my book tonight... intend to get back on the horse and get to goal now - no more slip ups - only two stone to go.

Blonde - thank you for your post on the other thread.. made perfect sense - it's the tough home straight... everyone, including me, is saying how great I look/feel... and tied with the time of year- it's a killer.

Ok - pics it is... sorry they aren't the best :)

Anna x
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looks fun
you look amazing in your dress
well done for not lapsing


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You look wonderful babes!!


Fat Fighter
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Awww you two make a cute couple. You look really good. Well done you!!


nearly there!! :)
u look gorg hun xxx hope u had a fab night


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you look gorgeous. And have a gorgeous OH too!


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Those are gorgeous pics...and you and your OH look so happy together x


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Wow, you look amazing in those pictures! Bet your DH/BF was sooo proud of you.

Louale x


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He's gorgeous you lucky girl. You two look fab together, lovely piccies too. Glad you had a great time and well done for not lapsing.


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Ooo you looked gorgeous, the pics of you and oh are like a bloody magazine shoot :p show off hehe.

Emma xXx


Carpe diem, baby!
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Don't know what you were worried about earlier (the dress size thingy)...wiv cheekbones like that...