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My boyfriends taken the batteries outa the scales!!!! HELP!!!!

OH lord, you're all gonna kill me. Im in the 100% club but Ive been making a big poop! Although Im sticking to my points, Ive been weighing myself every god damn day!
Well Darryl (my boyfriend), heard the scales beep every morning....so this morning I stepped on as I always do and it didnt beep!! OH god I thought Id run the batteries out LOL but no hes taken the batteries out and said I can only weigh myself on Sat mornings.
Girls I know it sounds silly, but I cannot get out of the habit. Its distructive but I cant stop....well i can now!!! Grrrrrr Now Im peed off with him :confused:
I will admit my mistake to him soon ;)

needed to get that out L
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lol my hubby did that to be too i just put them in and took them out afterwards just run the water then he wont hear the beeping lol hehehehehe
Lol get ones tht dont beep! mine dont but ive had 2 days off them and glad i did because im down too a low weight - well for me anyway lol


Going From Flab to FAB!
My OH sussed i was using mine on the sly to somtimes 4 times a day so he put them in the loft !!!!!!!!!!! ...
Ive only just had them back since we moved ;) so weigh when he is at work LOL

crafty mare i am! .. so i totally sympathise! xxx


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As a fellow serial weigher I know exactly what you mean! My oh put the scales in the boot of his car once and went to work. I think I shed a stone sweating it out till he got home!
God girls, you ought to attend the scaleaholics anonymous...or not so anonymous! You have to drag me on the scale on a Tuesday and the rest of the week it just might as well be an iron to me...another equally hated object that I rarely go near! ;)
LOL will do Sandy. Hes told me if he catches me being sneeky, hes guna throw them away and weigh me in Tescos on Sat lunchtimes (when its busiest)!!! The scales there SHOUT out ur weight :eek:
That scare tactic has defo worked LOL


Going From Flab to FAB!
Siobhan! ... ive never heard that word you mentioned before ? .... iron ? ... what exactly is it .. my OH has said this word to me before ;)
I can totally sympathise - my scales aren't even accurate but I'm still on and off them all the time! Since we've moved I've not had any and it's driving me crazy not knowing if I've lost anything this week - I'll be all the more nervous as my offical ww weigh in now because I have NO idea what to expect!!

The plus side is that not knowing how I've done makes me stick to it more. If I'd got on the scales yesterday and it said I'd lost a couple of pounds, then I'd have spent last night pigging out and not bother to make up the points, heehee. But, because I don't know if I've lost/sts/gained so far this week, I'm too scared to cheat!! I have gone over my points this weekend but I'm FAR too scared to just forget about them, I just have to make up for them today now! If I knew I'd lost weight this week then I'd just check my weight this morning and then not bother making up the points if it wasn't too bad...so I think it's a great thing not to have any scales in the house.

That said, I am just about to order myself some more, hahaha!! I can't help it :eek:
Scales have disheartned me!

Girls you are gona be so disappointed with me, as I am at the moment. Well I weighed myself yesterday and Ive put on a 3lbs!!!:cry: Im so upset and now Im eating without counting. I stuck to the points all week and saved a few as I went to a wedding on Friday. At the wedding we had a sit down 5 course meal, which were tinie winie and a finger buffet which I only went for once with the little arse (hehe) plate they gave us, I got back and had mcdonalds. Then yesterday I had porridge, doritos, cheese and tomato sandwich and then burger king!!:cry: Why oh why do I do it to myself, I bet I was 3lb plus as Im due in a week or so!!!! Oh lord, well Im back on it tomorrow.Will do a week of kick start, which is ok as I will still be on 29 points. Plus I got my wii fit today to give me a kick up the bum, will try and use it everyday.:D
Hey IP. think it was he takeaways you had that made you gain as they are thousands of calories - why not get the eating out guie and it will tell you how many points a certain food is - even maccy ds etc. Its pretty good,better luck for next week. Im sorry hunni
Seriously this is exactly why you shouldnt jump on the scales before a wi. I honestly cant tell you how many times I have in the past and seen a gain of a couple of lbs but its gone and then some by my wi day.

If youre not doing a VLCD then weighing yourself can be completely self destructive for every reason youve just listed in your post.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE stay off the scales until your official wi
I promise I will never ever step on the scales unless its weigh in Sandy. I feel awful but I wont give up that easy. Thank u so much everyone for the advice. xx:grouphugg:

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