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My brain is strange


Mini crazy cat lady
I'm wondering if anyone elses brain is like mine, or if it's quite normal!

I have an excellent memory for the trivial things in life, like what I got in my cracker at Christmas, or what song was playing when I first got my first car. But it has a tendency to wipe things. There are vast periods of my life which were not much fun, not traumatic as such, and I cannot recollect them, my brain won't let me!

In the car back today I was thinking about my ex, and it seems my brain is already wiping him away! I know it sounds like I think my brain is another creature, but if I sit and try and think about the way he was, I simply cannot remember! I cannot remember what he sounded like, what he hugged like, what his 'catchphrases' were!
Maybe it's a good thing, but it's kinda sad too.

Maybe it's normal. I've mentioned it to a couple of friends, and they look at me like I've gone out of fashion!
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Doesn't sound strange to me but then I am suffering from old age and dry rot. lol.

I have great stretches of my life that are obliterated, but always put it down to chemo and ongoing treatment.

Do you think you could be preoccupied with your ex ??


Mini crazy cat lady
No, not at all. I'm actually feeling great about the whole ordeal, and he very rarely creeps into my day to day life. And I honestly mean that.
It was just on the drive home today he popped into my head!

I guess it's with me starting everything over again, I have noticed that there's many blank spaces. Probably a good thing, it couldn't have been that great if I've forgotten :D
Glad to hear that .You are a strong lady.

We are hoping to sell up here and return to the U.K. and I keep getting flashbacks to things that happened in the U.K. None of the flashbacks are of anything of any real significance for example the last one was of driving round a bend on my way to Peterborough to The East Of England Showground. I knew the car I was in, I remember the bend and the house on it. I remember the day so well even down to the weather and what was playing on the radio. Why ???? Who knows nothing happened that should be remembered.

The mind is indeed a strange thing.
Hehe, I have heard of them. In fact, I could probably sing you the whole song! I won't though, it ain't pretty :)
We could sing together...........in my head I sound good enough for xfactor it is just when I open my mouth all is lost.
Back at the original topic, you crazy pair, my mind seems to work exactly like yours Tinytootz. I have concluded that there is a finite amount of stuff that your head can store and its like a filing system that places things in order of importance. So, at the front, theres all the stuff you need to remember at the moment, and then further back it gets a bit messier and less organised and things get lost under piles of other things and unless a trigger of some sort pops one of them out they stay buried.

I know an inordinate amount of random nonsense and not much of any real value at all.


I will be a yummy mummy!
I'm exactly the same! I have a habit of remembering what I was wearing or what I was eating on an occasion and not much more. I can barely remember any of my childhood (I'm only 27!) only what I've seen in photos... Whereas my hubby can remember EVERYTHING from when he was very young even.
So I'm glad it's not just me...
I know a lot of useless stuff (including all the words to Dream - we should all meet up at a karaoke night!!) and some quite handy stuff as well. But I rarely know whether or not I remembered to lock my car.
Hes your ex, its a good thing you cant remember it means you have moved on. If you wanted to have memories because you still love him then its bad. I dont have a brain like yours though :p :D


Mini crazy cat lady
Phew, I'm glad it's not just my brain which seems to delete stuff! I don't mind it doing so, but it does make me look a bit of a prat when I'm asked about something in my past, and I have no idea! However, if you wanted to know my phone number from when we moved to Glasgow when I was 7, no problem! I even remember when we got burgled, every single aspect of it, and I was 6! But from about the age of 16-17.5, no idea!

Oh well, good riddance to rubbish memories :D

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