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my brothers wedding eeek??? help?


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S: 20st13lb C: 18st7.3lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 2st5.7lb(11.5%)


a new way of living!
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hi, welcome and well done on starting LT.

I get married 18th sept too :D

no, not to your brother ;)

anyway, you have two choices, by then you could have lost 1.5 - 2 stone, so dont go shopping for an outfit just yet ;o)

a) stay on LT, buy a shaker from Lloyds chemist for about £3 and take shakes (or try flap jacks, they are gross though) and eat and drink nothing aside from black coffee and water. this is an option, as to be honest, however much we want an excuse to eat when we cant, the people around us just want us to have a nice time and dont really care if thats with food or not.

b) follow LT 100% up to wedding, then with pharm advice obviously, (mine cleared this for my hen night but do check first) have 2 LT shakes and one mainly protein only meal. this is if you can pre order something like chicken salad with no dressings etc, just breast meat, and salad. and no alcohol. (note, alcohol on this diet is a big no no for health reasons, can be fatal, will make you ill for sure). and then start LT again the next day 100% and hope you didn't break ketosis. (this also depends if its a sit down, buffet, both (day and eve) etc.) this takes will power to stop at that low carb meal, and not blow it and have a blow out. depends on your determination.

c) come off LT the week before, refeed, and eat as you would at a wedding, but as you would when trying to maintain, i.e. dont blow out and undo a months worth of work in a weekend. and then restart after the wedding. this option takes will power to restart, plus all the side effects and uncomfy feelings you get for the first few days before ketosis, and may result in you never restarting again.

the easiest one (except for other people to understand) is to stick to LT, and not be around the food at all, by then, you will be into LT so much and had so much success that you wont care about the food. the next easiest, if you have a strong will power, is to have a low carb meal, this is easier for a sit down where you can preorder a special meal. harder for a buffett and you dont know what is on the chicken wings, you may break ketosis and you may go mad and pig out. option c is the hardest, as you have to go through restart all over again.

if it was me, depending on the practicalities, I would do b) for my first choice, a) for my second choice, and c) would only be if I was close to target already and could lose the rest on maintenance.

what you absolutely have to do though, is to decide. decide in advance, and any damage done to your weight loss efforts will be minimal.

it may be too soon for you to think about it, its over 5 weeks away still, and you may hate LT by then and be doing something totally different.

speak to your brother if you decide on a or b so he can plan for your needs too.

good luck, welcome to mini's, we are all mad ;o)
S: 16st13lb C: 15st11lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 34.6 Loss: 1st2lb(6.75%)
Wow - Ms blonde - what a great response

Assj - there is really nothing I can add as Ms Blonde has brilliantly covered all the scenarios. I too would recommend sticking with it 100%. I was on this diet in May and went to a family wedding overseas the beginning of June. I decided to go with one shake and a sensible(diet wise) dinner. Well I was good, but next day I failed to hop back on 100% despite being so determined, I just couldnt do it. One little nibble led to another and then a glass of wine appeared. I thought I could fool the system and go back to 100% at the weigh in( day after I returned from overseas). I got up that morning still determined but didnt go to the pharmacy. One day lead to another and hey ho I gained 12 lbs again in a matter of weeks. So here I am again for round 2!!!

Maybe you are a much stronger person than me but if I had my chance back again at that wedding ( which was also a buffet) I would not have ate anything. I would def stick 100%. I know you will say thats easy to say now. But believe me I learned my lesson. It was too hard to get back on that wagon - I dont intend to fall off again!!!

Best of luck with whatever you decide - I think Ms Blonde has summed it up perfectly.



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S: 20st13lb C: 18st7.3lb G: 11st11lb BMI: 40.6 Loss: 2st5.7lb(11.5%)
thanks for your replies, i think i may go for a) and just stick with it, as a day or two after i will be doing re-feed for my holiday as i want to make informed choices on my holiday and i dont want food to consume it, i think it will be a great learning curve for me.
thanks guys

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