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My CD bombshell.


My original goal on CD was to get down to 16st by June and then stop CD and just eat healthily. However, in my meeting this week, my CDC dropped a bombshell on me - she said to get me healthy she would like to get me down to 14ST !! Ive had my head so set on finishing start of June now the finish will be put back until about July or August. I can continue SS+ (cos I wont make it all that way on SS alone) It will be fantastic to get to 14st but its such a long way away. On the plus side (and very exciting side) I can now get into shirts from shops (only tried Tesco and Sports Direct) Havent been able to get into shop clothes for ... god knows how long. To make it even better, Im nearly in an XL (A great improvement) Any comments on my extending my goals are welcome.
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You can do SS+ or even 810 the choice is yours have a chat with her. 810 is quite a nice programme and the losses are still excellent.

Well done on your weightloss so far.


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At the end of the day Paul it is you that has to decide where to set your goals. We as CDC's can advise but if you are happy at 16st then that is ok too. Have a chat with her and then decide.


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You've done amazingly with your losses so far and what a great feeling to be able to shop in "normal" shops!!! I find for me that I have to stay focussed on today, If I think to far ahead I get downhearted. Maybe just take it a day at a time till June and then re-assess where you want to be then. Who know by the end of June you may be closer to it than you think xx
I'll bet you'll look amazing, no matter what you decide.

Mrs B

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Paul there's no need to decide now. Why not wait to see how you feel nearer your 16 stone goal? At the end of the day it's up to you and if you are happy at 16 stone then stop there. Or you could maintain at 16st then decide to lose more later. Any particular reason you decided on 16st?

If you do decide to go for 14st it's only another two months!


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Hi Paul
I think its up to you what weight you want to be ... as long as you are happy , how tall are you ?
51 pounds is great ... do you find it better to ss+ ? or just ss
I thought wheres that Paul gone , you must of been lurking and not posting , keep us updated


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Hi Paul....I just wanted to pop onto your thread and congratulate you on your fantastic loss so far...Well done mate x


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I find it better on SS+ now. I do update my diary on here nearly every week, but it doesnt seem like a lot of people look at it :mad:
Well done on your weight loss Paul.:happy096:

1,072 have viewed your diary:D not bad considering I think it gets a bit lost in this forum as there are so many posts...

I think if you moved it to weight loss diaries it may get more notice as it would not disappear off the front page of the forum as quick.

Love Mini xxx


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Hi Paul , i think more people look at the posts , then i guess look at your diary when you post more . So how do you feel about getting to 14 stone , or i guess as you get to 16 then see how you feel ?
Hi Paul,
You have done brilliantly so far. Why no decide when you get to 16st - you could decide to maintain for a few weeks then aim lower !

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