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My CD SS diet starts today


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Hello everyone.

I've read afew posts but haven't posted here before. I had thought about trying exante diet but the shakes are very sweet and a CD consultant lives right near me so decided to start CD today.
This morning was fine, drank lots of water, had a vanilla shake around lunch time and just having my second shake now.

I find it hard to take the shakes as I've never liked milkshakes or smoothies. It's the consistency I think or the thought of them. Is it bad to just have 2 shakes a day and lots of water!

Anyway I'm getting married in 2 months and I'm hoping to lose at least a stone to 2 before then.

My other half is already trying to break me and I need to do this!!

Starting weight 11.11
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Hey Nai. Welcome . Am glad you decided to start posting. It helps with the journey - writing your thoughts and the tremendous support you get here from everybody. Your wedding is a great target to look forward to. Am sure you'll make a beautiful slimmer bride. Just take it one day at a time. You shouldn't have just 2 shakes a day as that's too little and will just stall your weight loss. Have the number of sachets prescribed by your consultant (3 or 4 depending on your height and weight). If you don't enjoy shakes you could try the soups or mix the shake powder with a loads of ice and put it into the mixer. It becomes like an icecream (almost) and quite yummy. All the best! Hang in there. Two months will be here before you know.


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Thanks Obs. I'm hoping if I start the shakes earlier in the morning I'll get through 3 a day. I'm will defo give the ice a try today.

So Day 2. It's quite exciting. I had a sneaky peek on the scales this morning and lost 2lb in just 1 day. A pint of water, then breakfast shake.
Heyaa hun welcome :) and its so convenient that your consultant lives close to you :).

I would love to be your start weight and lol i love peeking at the scales on a day to day basis but like obs said each day as it comes. I find this site quite addictive helps keeps me at bay :)

Good luck and i look forward to following your journey u have got this :) x
Always have the amount of products your consultant recommends so you get all the goods your body needs.
Have you having your shakes with ice or warmed up? I love a ice chocolate :D
You could also try the meals and soups. I used to enjoy the macaroni cheese.


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Hi Nai,

Brilliant to see another CWP member, and with your wedding not far away, you'll look amazing. Every day is a success and we're lucky enough to have a bunch of us who've all kinda started around the same time.

I look forward to hearing more from you



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Day 3

Thanks everyone. It's nice to have the support doing this diet.
Yesterday I was sick immediately after having a shake. I think it's the thought of the shakes makes me gag!! I tried them with ice which helps a little.
I'm trying to do only shakes as my consultant said the weight should fall off sticking to the shakes.

Anyway onwards and upwards. It's day 3-5 people usually struggle most with from what I have read so fingers crossed I make it through these next few days.

Nai x
Thats what im doing too sticking to shakes mainly for as long as possible in the hope that inches and weight will fall off.

Ice is much nicer :) or u can also make it into a paste as well i sometimes add bit of warm water to the powder and turn it into a paste n have it with a teaspoon and have it like a dessert hun xx quite filling x


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Hi Nai,

Well done for day 3 of your journey. Am sorry you're feeling sickly, maybe it's the heat making you feel queasy or TOM?

Drink loads of water, I'm already into my sixth litre today am hardly going to the loo, so with this heat I clearly need it.

I hope you're feeling g better by now ..??



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Thanks Priyab and Summerchic. It's the shakes, the thought of them. I messaged my consultant and she said to have 2 if I can and then have another 200cals of protein if I can't stomach 3. Do you think this will slow the weight loss eating solids?
It wouldnt slow it down as u would stil be eating low cals hun :) i know quite a few ppl who r on that step and still have good losses :) i just prefer shakes coz i am personally lazy and cant count cals to save my life lol but give it a go hun ur better off doing what makes u feel comfortable hun :)

Al the steps r there for a purpose and each step pretty much guarantees weight loss tho there will be the odd weeks wherr u wont lose but thats the same for every one n on every diet :) body is a strange thing like me right now i am. Ot feeling the scales at all lol seen14.0 for two days straight now lol dying to see the 13s on the scales n weigh day is saturday x first one too haha good luck hun hugs xx


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Hi Priyab. I started reading your diary last night but need to see were your up to again. So you've started it again. My weigh in day is Saturday too.

Today is DAY 4.

I do find the shakes hard to stomach,l but would like to try do it for at least 1 week if I can. Saturday weigh in is only 3 days away really.

But I will probably alternate between 2-3 shakes and small protein top up. Like you said it's hard once you start eating to control it. I'm think maybe 2 eggs one day and some meat the next.

I've had my 2 shakes today, so just trying to keep them down. Roll on Saturday
Hi Nai

How are you? I know you were struggling keeping the shakes down, I had that problem when I tried the plan a few months back, kept making me sick... I'm ok with it now, not sure if you've kept it going ? Let us know how you are even if you're taking a break xxx


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Hi Chic.
My weigh in went well on Saturday, I lost nearly 6lbs, but then I caved yesterday and had a curry with my partner. I'm so disappointed and annoyed at myself. I've put a good 2-3lbs back on but I feel gutted that I gave in so easily after such a hard week..

I've got some bars from my consultant this week as it's hard doing the protion size with the protein, I end up eating more than I should.

Why is it so easy to put on weight and so hard to lose it. I hope me cheating hasn't halted my losses now

My partner is going to start today with me to support me.

How's things with you. I haven't been on as I've been working away the last few days?
Hi Nai,

Well done for the loss and getting through your first week xxx

The gain is most likely water retention, so Scratch that, its no biggy, you've got yourself back on track that's what counts. And you partners is now on board too. Now that's going to be true incentive and commitment.

Why do we gain weight so easily.. it's a cruel joke I think. I just look at food and I may as well buy a larger clothes size...

Just out of interest did your tummy feel bloated and super full after you ate? That horrid uncomfortable feeling as you know you've ate too much and now your in a little pain that you wonder why you did it. With our tummys being retrained I hope this happens to me :)

I remember how uncomfortable that feeling is, that's what gets me through. I hate that sickly feeling.

I've now have gotta get into a space when past maintenance faze that if I do want something I can have a spoonful enjoy the taste of that's what I wanted and just leave it. So it will have tonne from someone else's plate as I hate to waste food.

Ahh just cottoned that one of my cousin does that whenever we're meeting for lunch etc. Eat off everyone else's plate never her own. She's a size 6!!! Hmmphf

I'm on day 14 tomorrow. So second weigh in. My CC comes over only every two weeks at my request. I know it's weird but it makes me feel only a week has gone by and physiologically I feel my journey maybe half the time.

I hear from her not as much as I would
Like, but that's fine as For this plan to work for me, I have to ignore I'm doing it as if I think about it I will dwell and stress and anxiety kicks in .. freaking out low just with the last paragraph. :(

I'm on a strong dose of thyroid meds, anti depressants, ( which I hope to be off this year ) sleeping tabs, then age blah blah blah... but I'm trying to ignore all that and pretend they don't exist to stay in the "zone" have another hypnotherapy session tomorrow then will reduce these to once a month too. They help me stay on track with the plan and my mental wellbeing :)

So it's a challenging journey for everyone on plan. But we're all in the right head space as we are determined to not let food define who we are as people anymore and that's a journey I want to complete. I need to complete that one too otherwise for me I won't complete the weight journey.

Whoa, Soz that was a bit deep.. but heigh ho..

Anyway,I really have noticed a slim down of my face, arms, neck and my tummy looks way flatter.

I'm going to try mix a mouse today, I'll try it with one of my smoothies, will do it in the blender and put mixture in small moulds, then I get another treat with shakes as well as my using a shake for banana lollies xxx

The lollies are so lovely ... I use the required amount of water or a tetra shake ...

Will let you know the out come of a cherry and strawberry smoothie with mix a mouse.... sounds lovely already :):) xxx


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Thanks Chic. Sounds like you are doing amazingly and I like all the tweaking of products. I might get try the ice lollies.

The answer to your question if I was full and felt horrible after eating didn't happen till this morning. It has made me very hungry today but I'm determined to stay on track.

I got some water flavouring today and that's helped loads too.. you could do ice lollies with that too.

Do you happen to know if you can have plain soda water (it's like sparkling water but has bicarbonate sodium in it) might just get some sparkling water incase as it fills me up more than water.

I feel like my life is on hold at the minute with this diet. It's weird how we get ourselves into these positions. I am hoping to exercise more in the next few weeks as at the minute I just don't seem to have the time or energy to do much..

Thanks for your support. Hope I can be of help to you to x


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Day 10.

So I fell off track yesterday but got back on it this morning after feeling awful.

Today I've been very hungry (after I stuffed my face with Indian yesterday) and have already drank about 3 litres of water.

On a plus I have added water flavourings and bars to my life and oh boy they are lovely for a wee uplift. Problem with the bars are just having 1 and not eating my whole weeks worth in one day. Can't get over how nice this one is and having glass of water with it. Y consultant said they were more fulling than the shakes but I still feel hungry.

Fingers crossed for a weight loss this week. I'm trying to remain positive. Roll on day 11.
Wel done hun on getting back on the wagon and why do we put on the weight so quickly is a famn good question yet so hard to get rid of it one question asked all my life.

And aww thats so sweet your oh is doing it with u now thats total commitment :) well done will make the journey much easier :) i am wanting day 14 to hurry up already for me x


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Yeah it's nice but he's allowed more calories than me and he'll probably lose weight so much faster and easier.

Chic- I tried frozen banana and it's not for me but worth a try. I'm so hungry today. Trying so hard not to cave!!!

Wonder how much water flavouring I'm allowed each day.

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