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My confession. :-( 1 Week holiday ended up...


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... a disaster for me food wise. Although i did enjoy the crisps coated peanuts fajitas extra mayo, ice creams, chocolate, biscuits, butter ect ect ect I COULDNT stop feeling guilty but my excuse was 'im on holiday'
Therefore each night i had nightmares about weigh in, people laughing at me, the conultand so dissapointed horrible nightmares but i still did it. WHY i dont know.

Anyway today im back on it. And dont have another holiday until september.

Sorry just really needed to confess :-/
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It was a holiday and you chose to have a break Hun. Dont panic!
Well done for getting back on track and apart from the guilt, I hope that you really did have a lovely holiday.



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I've just had a week like that too :-( Actually, two weeks, as I went into 'holiday mode' the week before I actually went anywhere...

No idea of my inevitable gain, but the up side for me is that I was about to drop below target zone, so a gain could be a good thing...

I did feel so rubbish though. I ate loads of white toast, chips, ice cream, butter, mayo, coleslaw, crunchy nut cornflakes(!) and all sorts of alcohol. Hardly a piece of fruit passed my lips all week :(

Back on it as of yesterday though! Don't worry Heaven, we're all allowed a little holiday now and again ;)


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thank you just wish i could have to stuck to it. My weight loss is slow enough as it is and i am DREADING weigh in tomorrow what if ive put the 4lb ive lost HOW embarrassing is this going to be.
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Even if you do put it on, just draw a line under it and start again, from scratch... you can do it!! You've already proven you can lose 4lbs... no reason why you can't do it again.

So what if it's a slow 1lb per week loss... it's still a loss!

Good Luck :)


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You may be dreading weigh in tomorrow but there are steps you can take today. Get lots of superspeed foods down you, get some body magic done, maybe eat some Scan Bran to get a bit of the junk out of you. Wear the lightest possible clothes you can tomorrow to weigh in and then stick to wearing these for every following weigh in. It may be a bit of a cheat but you need to feel better, and with lighter clothes you will know roughly your true weight, not the weight of your jeans!

I go on holiday to Jersey each year with my friends. The food there is amazing! As far as we are concerned, eating out at good restaurants is a major part of our holiday, so we eat what we like.

I definitely never feel guilty about it. I do start off with fruit salad and yogurt and wholemeal toast for breakfast, we don't usually bother with much for lunch, and we go somewhere really special for dinner, and have three courses with wine.

Last year I put on six pounds - went back to class, the consultant said "I see you had a good holiday", we all had a good laugh, and I got back on plan as quickly as possible.

I will be off on holiday again in two months' time, I expect the same thing to happen, and I definitely won't feel a twinge of guilt!


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Sometimes it is just nice to go on holiday and let your hair down. :party0011: You enjoyed the holiday and that is the main thing. You will remember that time for the rest of your life.
Even if you do gain it is not the end of the world. You have proved you can lose weight and you can again. I am sure everyone will be supportive at your class, we have all been there at one time or another. The most important thing you can do is get back on plan and go to get WI. It is when you are too embarrassed to go and start missing class that it starts the slippery slope xxx
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Definately do not beat yourself up over it!

My holiday trick is to plan the treats I really want before I go away (in a general sense) because otherwise I would just be lying to myself to say I would be happy going away and not having them! So before I went for a week in Cornwall I said to myself I can have 1 fruit scone with jam and clotted cream, 1 ice cream and 1 portion of chips while I'm down there but I can't have them all on one day! So I felt like I was having all the treats I wanted and I still felt in control. And I even lost weight that holiday (from all the walking I think).

But a holiday gain is to be expected because you eat out literally for a whole week! No one will laugh at you because everyone gains- and usually without the excuse of a holiday! Your group are there to support you and help you reach your goals!

You don't have to lose weight EVERY week to reach your goal!


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I'm sure your class and consultant won't laugh. We've all had a little gain every now and again. You've done so well and you've got to target so you just need to stick with the plan if you do have a small gain and it will be off again in no time.



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Don't worrrrry! :) It was a holiday and the 'i'm on holiday' excuse is a good enough one!! Life's too short to worry about SW all the time and a holiday is a time to forget and relax.
Just get back on it now and in a few weeks you will have forgot all about it! As long as you enjoyed yourself, that's all that matters!

I haven't had a holiday yet but planning a last minute one in september, I'm going to try and be good but alcohol will be more of a problem for me!
My mum went away for a weekend and put on 6lb but she soon lost it again and after losing nearly 2 stone, she's forgotten about it!


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