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my damage limitation healthy eating plan!!!


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i just got on the scales, then promptly got off them again .. but yes its true for the first time in my life ive gone over 14st:cry:
ok, so im 18 weeks pregnant but it was still a shock to see those figures flashing up at me
im 14st05lbs to be exact .. so I have put on around 10lbs since i first became pregnant - i havent exactly been eating for two, then again i havent denied myself extra cake, sweets, and the odd take away when ive felt like it - perhaps thats a healthy gain, i dont know - perhaps im having a text book pregnancy?
its been 10 yrs since my last pregnancy, and i already weigh over a stone more than i did when i was about to deliver my daughter and im only half way through - shocking!
anyway, enough feeling sorry for myself - today i have to take the bull by the horns and try and start eating in a much more healthy way, for myself and for baby.
i have dug out my slimming world books and plan to try and stick to food optimising as much as i can .. my goal is to just try and maintain my weight, ie lose a little each week to cancel out any extra baby weight gain and hopefully stay under 14st7lbs by the end of the pregnancy - then hopefully, by the time i deliver i will be back to or just under my pre pregnancy weight
dont know if this is possible, really dont know how much to expect to lose every week as baby is growing inside but i have to set some sort of goal, and this is it so here goes :

20/4 : week 1 : 14st.05lbs:cry:
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Hello there!

I'm also 18 weeks pregnant, and I have gained 8lbs so far, which I think by itself is really good for 18 weeks. I think around 14lbs is around normal for this stage.....but like you I already weight the same as when I was full term with my daughter! NOT GOOD!
I'm just trying to eat more fruit, and less potion size at meal times because I can eat a lot!!! I'm not denying myself anything but not gorging either! I don't really want to go over 14st 9 which gives me another 8lbs to play with over the coming weeks.
Good luck with slimming world, I might be joining you soon! : )


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Hi lebody. I would say if you're eating relatively healthily (the occasional treat is needed by everyone I think!) and doing some exercise, even a walk a day, then I wouldn't worry about the weight gain unless it becomes really excessive.

I gained 4lb over the last week alone, but I'm putting that down to fluid retention and my BBs feel like they already weigh an extra pound each!


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i am just over 18 weeks too (19 tomorrow) and have also gained 10lbs
this time in my last pregnancy i had gained over 21lbs though so while im quite proud of myself, its still way more than i'd like. as im already 3st overweight i only wanted to gain a maximum of 14lb this time so im hoping a might loose just a few pounds now to give me more room for gain in the later weeks! if that makes sense!

im going to dig out my slimming world books too and going to go by the basics, not too bothered about joining class tbh but the option is there i suppose.

it is so hard to resist takeaways!! i am a single mum so by the time DD is in bed im exhausted and its so easy to justify!! im lucky i havent gained more really:eek:


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I tried to follow SW but found it a bit too restrictive with family life and also I ended up eating a lot of 'junk' that I would not normally eat, like Muller lights (normally steer clear of sweetners) and processed light cheese. So now I am just trying to eat healthily and make sure I get all my food groups and healthy stuff, but also with some treats in the mix. :) I had put on about 8-9 lbs, and I think this is fairly average. I have put on some more since though, but I am still happy to gain a bit more. It normally comes off fairly easily afterwards. I am hoping to limit the damage to 2 1/2 stone, so need to keep of those snacks in the evening!


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thanks girls for your encouraging comments .. perhaps havent put on too much after all, just that i have never been 14 and something was a shock to see ont he scales! ..
i have now decided not to stick to sw now, lol .. think i was probably eating more than i usually do .. will try and eat healthily with lots of fruit, veg etc ..
waiting to hear if i have gestational diabetes which will take around 2 weeks so best cut down on all the pasta, rice and pots i was filling with on green days!
im interested to know approx how many cals i should be sticking to so as to either lose a litte every week or maintain, dont plan to calorie count as i know that can get obsessive but just want to keep a check on things does anyone know?
does anyone know how to make a permanent sticky - like amy, where she has her weight loss and little smily face etc so that it comes up each time i post?
good luck girls with the pregnancy damage limitation! think we're all around the same gestation - amy and i are only 2 days appart!


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Hi, I was searching on the internet and found a site that asked you your pre-pregnancy weight and then gave a range of weights for average weight gain at your stage in pregnancy. If you're worried it might be worth a look (sorry can't remember website so don't know how helpfull!). I found it quite reassuring that the high end of average gain was quite high. (I think it was 11lbs for 16 weeks for im sure 18 will be more). However if you're the competative kind probably not a good site as I thought... low end? 3lbs? When I though I'd been doing well lol


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thanks for the link, will have a nosey x


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S: 85kg C: 84kg G: 70kg BMI: 28.7 Loss: 1kg(1.17%)
It is such a shock every time you move up to another stone, isn't it? But just remember that once the baby is born you get the pleasure of moving back down the stone-milestones again :)

I love gurgle as it is quite generous! :) I use another one too, but that one is not quite so generous with the high end weight gain so I steer away from it if I have been indulging, lol.

Re. how many calories to take in, it all depends on how active you are and your basic metabolic rate. I am currently using an online tool to track all my calorie intake, then I am going to work out my average intake for a week and compare it to my weight change. This week I am aiming for about 2000 calories on average and then when I weigh in after a week of doing that I will adjust it accordingly. There are many websites where you can do this, I use foodfocus.com. I think Tesco has something similar as well.

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