my daughter and i -pics


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this is myself and my daughter Libby in my size 32 trousers

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Amazing. Bet she is so proud of you now.
You look lovely.


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Fantastic picture and a fantastic achievement, well done!!



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That's a brilliant weight loss and illustration - you've lost a person! Congratulations.


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Just look at you!!!! That is fabulous, what a great Christmas you are all going to have xxx
Lynne x


now got pictures in album
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amazing picture Tracey, you look so slim and look at your collar bones!!! you should show everyone a comparison picture!!! it really is completely amazing


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:wow: Trace that is fabulous, that is a picture to be kept - what an achievement - well done :clap:


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WOW thats amazing!! congratulations

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Congratulations you look amazing!:D


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Everyone has said all i thought upon seeing your pic Trace, you look lovely and you have a very pretty daughter, very well done!!!

Mrs Wobbly

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:wow:Congratulations you have done so well x