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My diary. 55kg to lose.

Hi :sign0144:

I started Lipotrim on Monday, so this is day 4. I have a long journey ahead of me, as I am looking to lose 55kg / 8.5 stone.

I started working out in January, been eating pretty good (salads for lunch and dinner about 8 times/week) and going regular. Let down by going out drinking, the inevitable pizzas and kebabs, and completely letting my diet slide on weekends.

Monday was my first shake (male, so 2 per day). Chocolate, wasn't that bad, had it about 2pm. That evening I made a strawberry shake - vile, made me wretch and gag to drink it. I blended it by machine, used icecubes, it took me about 2 hours to force it down. I used about 1 litre of water in the end to completely water it down, but this was a mistake in hindsight as it just made more, weaker, powdery substance.

Tuesday I got up when the alarm went off (I've been struggling to get up in the mornings for a few months now, and always used to be an early person). Took a chocolate powder and my shaker to work, again had it about 2pm.

I went to the gym on Tuesday evening. A usual workout for me would be 10-15 minutes on the treadmill, a mix of sprinting and jogging (7-12km/hr), 30-40 minutes lifting weights, and 15-30 minutes shadow boxing / sparing.

This time I did 10 minutes on the treadmill, then about 40 minutes on weights, resistance and sit-ups. I felt the boxing was best avoided, it is by far my most enjoyable gym activity... but also by far the most brutal for me - I basically drip and sweat buckets during that, which I cannot achieve doing any other gym activity... so I figured I should not do something so intensive early on.

When I got back in I watched a bit of tv, drifted off to sleep and slept from about 7pm-9pm. As a consequence I did not have my second shake of the day on Tuesday. Not because of sleep, but because I wasn't hungry and didn't feel that I needed it.

I do recognise the importance of having both shakes each day, so have changed my habit now. I now have my first shake at 8am, and this makes it OK for me to have my second shake at 7pm.

Yesterday I had a metallic taste in my mouth at work, not strong but I did notice it. I'm not sure if I entered ketosis yet, mostly because I was expecting a big crash and to feel terrible - and that just hasn't happened.

I've had a headache since Tuesday, but nowhere near enough severity to require medication, so I haven't bothered with anything and just ignored it...

As I said, my diet for the past few weeks has been 99% salad (so low carb), but with the occasional potatoes and pizza. This weekend I had chips on both Saturday and Sunday.... not sure how long it will take to have been rid of all that!

I purposely don't have scales at home, and haven't been weighing myself. I did allow curiosity to get the better of me at the gym, and between my last 2 gym sessions (last Friday before LT, and this Tuesday second day of LT) I was down 3kg.

Tomorrow is my weigh-in. Two days short, but I'd still like to see a nice loss (even though I know it's just water!)

Tonight is another gym session. I intend to still go to the gym at least 3 times per week, but I expect to predominately work on only resistance, toning and weights for at least the rest of this month and until I figure out my energy levels going forward.

I hate cardio work, running, cycling etc. Only do it for the weight loss, so if (as I read on here, but I haven't seen a scientific reason/explanation for it) intense cardio is not going to speed up the weight loss.... then I will stick to what I enjoy, weights and boxing.

I am drinking about 4 litres of water per day, 5 on a gym day. Prior to LT I was hitting the gym 4 days a week, with water intake more like 2 litres per day, 3 on a gym day.

I am still drinking 1-2 coffees per day (very strong, lot's of caffeine). Again it isn't clear if caffeine is a help or hindrance... I drink it because I enjoy it, but I'd rather switch what I drink than prolong being on this diet a day longer.

I will keep a diary for the next 4-5 months or so (that's how long I expect it will take to lose the 55kg.

And thanks for reading me! I know this post was ridiculously long....
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Hi Maz.....sounds like ur a bit of gym bunny!!! Ive constantly got the metallic taste....cant do the gym....no energy...(and lazy) and well done on the 3kgs so far. Youll reach goal in no time, and this is the place to be for support! Keep going strong hun x

Take care

Sal x
Didn't go to the gym today in the end, had a stinking headache which at least has dissipated now. On the way home from work all I could think of was I'm sick of the shakes, the diet, I'm going to end it and get some real food!

I don't feel hunger pangs, but I do crave/obsess food like mad when I am out the house. I'm surprised and glad about not feeling hungry, I mean I remember the weekend working in the garden for a few hours - even though I'd had a cooked breakfast, my stomach was rumbling and aching for lunch!

I find myself unable to completely drink my shakes each day, but I only leave 1cm in the bottom of the mixer or so... I don't think that's a big deal. Even though the chocolate flavour doesn't taste bad, for some reason every mouthful of every shake hits the back of my throat with either a taste or a texture that I can't explain but makes it really uncomfortable to drink them.

Tomorrow is my first weigh-in, looking forward to it actually. Also going to hit the gym afterwards, at least that is one thing I am not lazy about.

I have had the metallic taste in my mouth all afternoon and night, but I don't feel tired and I don't lack energy at all - haven't felt any difference with tiredness since the start, which makes me think I still didn't get into Ketosis, or I don't know - something weird is going on.


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still on the diet?

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