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my diary of my weight loss with 3 little blue pills ALLi

new me 20009

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well im at the very start of my journey and im hoping to see this weigh go down, im starting at 16 stone 2lbs.

Ive got my first goal of losing 14lbs this month not sure if that is a realistic goal or not as i have never tried these tablets but im going to give it my best shot.

so day 2 and im feeling good been having a slight achy stomach and wind but nothing more so thats good. im sure its going to take a few days for these tablets to get into my system and start working.

was going to start jogging but it was minus 6 today and too slippery so gonna tidy the house instead, its all exercise.

any helpful hints and tips would be appreciated as i ve never done it before
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new me 20009

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well yesterday day 2 went really well this is what i had to eat

special k 40g and milk 236 calories fat 3.3

ww wrap, with tikka chicken and salad 238 calories fat 4.7

ww meal calories 323 fat 9.6
apple and jelly calories 69 fat 0.1

tuna and apple salad calories 211 fat 1.2g

total of 1074 18.9g fat

i felt so stuffed up with food as i filled up on loads of salad to bulk the meals up.

feeling great and feeling like i can do this for life, it really makes me look at the fat in foods and these tablets really stop that voice in my head saying go on have one have one start the diet tomorrow. these tablets have shut that voice up in my head completely which is the first time ever on a diet thats happened. normally its a battle with that naughty voice in my head which normally wins and i fail but not this time lol.


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Sounds like you're doing really well and so very motivated.

Don't blame you for not going out jogging, I've got to take my daughter swimming this afternoon, I'll do 1/2 hour while she has a lesson, but i'm dreading coming out into the cold afterwards.

I hope today is just as good for you as yesterday :)

new me 20009

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hiya becca

yes today has been great so far what have you eaten today?

so far for breakfast i had special k 40g 236cal
dinner i had a ww wrap with bbq chicken and salad 180 and a apple 59 cal and salad

just having a ww desert like angel delight for 88 calories.

so im feeling great and on these little blue pills i wouldnt dare cheat, lol no time for days in the loo lol

how are you doing?


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I've just updated my diary too! Am having a good day, like you say I don't dare cheat as too scared! This is exactly what I need.

Am off swimming now, have a great afternoon and might catch you later. :character00148:


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How's the rest of your day been? :wavey:

Have you been ok this evening? I normally struggle early evening so it has helped keeping busy.

new me 20009

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Evenings and weekends are normally hard for me on a diet buy I always have plenty of calories to have a tuna salad for my snack fills me up so much.

I played lips on xbox with kids and that helps get rid of time lol.

So another successful day yesterday on to day 4 now for me. It's a snow day and all schools are shut so me running around the field playing snowball fights will help with the weight.

How was ur day becca??

new me 20009

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Well day 4 another successful one even with toasted tea cakes being eaten around me didn't put me off.

Spent a good few hours exercising today, walked in snow to shops and back and ran around the field like a crazy loony playing snow ball fights then walked the dogs too. But the stomach aches stopped now so I could do this. I did have rather soft poo this am but I think that's my body getting used to the changes to my diet.

I'm really finding this healthy eating fun, easy and very tasty a new way of life. No more yoyoing for me anymore.


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Hiya, :wavey:

sounds like you're doing so well, and sounding so positive! :clap: The exercise that you're doing sounds really good, if its part of normal life its so much easier isn't it!!

What is lips? what have a ps3 but not an xbox so have no idea!

How's your day been today? Have you still got lots of snow where you live? Btw - how old are you kids? am very nosy!

Hope you've had just as good a day today - well done

new me 20009

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I've had another good day stuck to diet, walked to the shops as there's lots of snow. Feeling really happy and positive, I'm due on next week so wondering how that will affect my weight.

My kids are 15,14,11,6
well I'm ready for another good day tomorrow fridge stacked up with loads of salad and healthy food yum yum.

Friday tomorrow and my weighing day of Sunday is getting closer yay! Need to lose this 6 stone asap and the most important part is keeping it off.


starting again!
Well done yesterday on being good and the walking too, you're having such a good week, bet you can't wait to see how you're doing on Sunday. Have you sneaked on the scales? I have to admit I had a little peak today....

I know that when you're due on it does affect your weight but don't quite know how, so would be interested if anyone lets you know.

how do you do it with four kids?! I've only got one and its hard work!

Hope you've had a good day again today. :)


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you sound so positive!!
keep it up and im sure you will be very happy with sundays results....
only one more day...


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Aren't these pills just amazing for shutting up that silly voice in your head willing you to fail!! You sounds just like me with that blooming voice but I'm loving the fact its totally gone and been replaced with a voice telling me NOT to eat the bad stuff! Fab!

Good luck for tomorrow xx


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Good luck for tomorrow kiddo.

new me 20009

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Well I have just completed my first week on alli tablets following the diet and I'm pleased to announce I lost a massive 12lbs for my first week. I'm so pleased with the diet and tablets just another 9lbs to go and Xmas will be off and I can start going down further wooohoooo.

This week I'm gonna try and go on wii fit and exercise some more as not done that much as unable to get to the pool due to snow.

I'm due on my period this week so I doubt it will be a big loss but as long as it's a loss I don't mind


Likes to cook
Fan-freakin'-tastic result!!!!!! What a brilliant start, you must be jumping through hoops with joy. I've had a lie-in this morning and the first thing I did when I got up was log on to see if you'd posted your weight loss. You've made my day girl, it's news like that that keeps the rest of us on track. Well done you!

new me 20009

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Awwww thanks so much

well I'm over the moon I really am I was so upset to see I had gone up into the 16's. I can't stay that it was a hard week either as I've found it very very easy.

My typical day is

40g special k with skimmed milk 236 cal

whole can of tuna, tbsp natural yoghurt, apple, lettuce, celery salad
221 cal
a hartleys jelly 10 calories


Weight watchers meal normally 200-400 calories

special k 30g with milk on evening 177 calories

not many calories but I'm stuffed up with loads of salads with this diet. Sometimes I have a weight watchers wrap with tikka chicken and side salad for lunch.

So I'm eating low fat low calories and very healthy.

Ok I'm loving the alli tablets they have shut the voice up in my head that normally makes me fall off the wagon.

Next goal to get into the 14's again woohooo I can't wait


starting again!
Well done!!!!

You have done so great in your first week, you must be so proud of yourself!!! :0clapper:

You have lost so much, its great, I am so pleased for you.

Great that the tablets are helping with the little voice in your head, and it sounds like you are doing great at sticking to such a low calorie diet.

Well done again :party0019: