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Total Solution My diary - stick to the plan

So, what's the plan.. Well..

1. Stick to Exante TS for April, draw a line after a month. If not happy (i.e.: at least 17 pounds lost), go for another 2 weeks.

2. Stick to Kinect - Your Shape program, minimum 5 hours/week

1st deadline is 17th May - visiting family and friends, and would like to make a good impression, at least to look as they used to know me if not better :rolleyes:

2nd deadline is 21st July - Jamaica holiday (see picture below, only shark not included, hopefully) and must look simply stunning for this one. :gen157:
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ok, now about putting the plan into action..

I started Wednesday, the 30th of March. Have been 100% ever since (5th day today)

It hasn't been that hard so far, I do crave occasionally for food, but I can't say I am so hungry that I need to climb walls or anything. I don't know if it's ketosis though, because I don't feel any different from day one, and my feeling is that what keeps me on track is the will you usually have when you begin something (a diet, a fitness program, a diary :) ), but I do hope is a combination of both. From my previous experiences my strong will tends to diminish after about 2 weeks, hoping :innocent0001:that this time will be different

Today I am in a particular difficult spot, because I (stupidly) ran out of packs.. Nearly out, I have two soups, a banana shake and a vanilla shake. So unfortunately today will be banana shake for me, which I hope I will be able to drink, and I had half a bar left from yesterday.. Like I said, tight spot..


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Welcome and good luck

Realistically you could lose 3.5 stone by your hol (based on 14lbs a month) - so yay!!

Glad you're finding this relatively straight forward - long may it continue

Hi Toots, thanks!

I had about 1/3 of the banana shake, the rest will go down the sink. I absolutely prefer not to eat anything than continuing with the shake. Yuk!

Can't wait for the delivery of packs (soups!) on Tuesday..


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Good luck fortunecookie:)
Thanks :)

It's been quite a difficult day, I will really appreciate going back to 3 packs a day after this experience..... Just a bit of the vanilla shake :9529: and a tomato soup for me. And it came after yesterday, when I had half a bar and 1/3 of a shake...

But tommorow back to normal! I will be able to even have a thai chicken soup at lunch and than when I come home packs should wait for me.. Lots and lots of soups.. :drool:

I can't believe I am actually rambling about a delivery of powder-soups.. :crazy:
Oh and almost forgot, did a lot of shopping for this.. A more powerful milk frother.. A shaker.. The Bouillon everyone is talking about.. More flavored water supplies..

Well, if I'm not buying food at least.. :D

And another point I'm proud of, today after having my tomato soup I cooked for my starving husband and daughter, and felt no cravings towards their food.
I got soups I got soups I got soups I got soups I got soups I got soups I got soups I got soups I got soups I got soups I got soups I got soups I got soups

Back to normal now.. I think I will appreciate more having 3 of them a day after I found out what is like to survive with one per day :D
Like your plan!!! That kinect shape game is it any good?? May invest in it fir my lose a stone treat lol xx keep it up you're doing fab !! Xxxxx
I like it a lot, feels like a good investment. I also have Dance Central and Adventures, and I can also variate the game.

Unfortunately over the past two days I felt way too exhausted from eating nearly nothing to even consider sports. Tonight I'm back on track and recovering the time lost ;)
Tam tam tam tam tam :talk017:

Today is one week since I started, so weighing day.. :scale:

and is.....

11 lbs lost!!!!! :party0011:

Bear with me, I will probably go around all topics in this forum and announce it :p


Likes to change diets...
Tam tam tam tam tam :talk017:

Today is one week since I started, so weighing day.. :scale:

and is.....

11 lbs lost!!!!! :party0011:

Bear with me, I will probably go around all topics in this forum and announce it :p
Well done!!!! Thats a great loss for your first week:)
Ooh I got dance central and adventures also the sports adventures is my fav as I can dance to save my life!!! It's so funny when the wee video clip of me looking like I'm having some kind of fit comes on screen! Definately a tena moment!!!!!!
Found my biggest loser game for wii so gonna give that a go !
Have a fab day xxx
Wow well done 11lbs is amazing! Xxx

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I stopped writing around here since it felt easier to just leave day pass by unnoticed. And they did, is been 3 weeks and 3 days which at times felt a little harder, but I managed to save any rough spot with a soup and a can of coke zero.

Two days ago I felt that long-gone feeling of being gorgeous. I was shopping (well, more like looking) on Oxford street, I was getting a glimpse of me in mirrors and I felt great, proud, confident.. I felt a beautiful woman and I was wondering why the hell did I let 20lbs stay with me and make me feel less attractive for so long. I was telling myself never again, never again..

Yesterday I went hiking as I always do in the weekends, 25 km through woods, hills, wonderful weather..

Today though I am absolutely incapable to continue.. :confused: For the next 4 days I will need to drink water next to my husband and daughter in the restaurants, or sip my soups while I am cooking Easter stuff.. I don't feel any strength in me for this. So I'll be taking a break now and will return on Tuesday back on the horse for perhaps a week - 10 days, depending on the disaster this break will inflict on me :sigh:

I was reading your posts of having a break as "planned" is after all human, and returning to the path is what matters.. I hear you, I understand, but I still feel like a loser. I still feel like I am already breaking the promise I made only 2 days ago...

Kind of down..
Heya :)

Whatever you decide to do re break or no break, be kind to yourself. If you're going to eat food with your husband and daughter, try and enjoy it. You've done really well so far, and you're really close to your goal. You could always consider changing to WS.
Anyway, whatever you decide to do, I hope you enjoy your weekend.
Feel like rambling, so I guess that's the best place to do so.

So, I'll start with a little update and than follow-up with other specific stories..

After my March-April Exante I stayed for about 3 months on the same weight, without special efforts to do so. I know 3 months does not sound like a lot, but for me all my previous diets (Atkins, South Beach etc) took exactly the same time as the diet to put back what I lost - so in 2-3 weeks I used to rapidly get back to square 1. So for me, this is a definite success.

Than in July I got my Jamaica holiday, and plus a week before and one after I managed to add 10 lbs to my weight.. Well, when you can't stop from trying a little bit of everything in an all inclusive resort.. I guess that's what you get.

So, after a bit of the standard stuff like "well, not now cause it's my husband's birthday", "not now cause it's my cousin's wedding" (isn't always a birthday or a wedding..) I managed to get myself together and start again, on 8th September.

10 days later.. 10 pounds lighter.. happy again. Planning now to stick around for another 5 days, because I want to make sure I am on a stable weight and because working days I find easiest to go through while on this diet.
Now with other things I feel like posting in this chilly Sunday afternoon..

One is about me and my weight losses. I know that to many people I must sound quite annoying because in essence I am struggling between a size 10-12 down to a size 8-10 which is what I want to keep. I do realize that many people are rolling their eyes right now, but you'll have to believe that those 20 pounds make all the difference to me, and they are not in my imagination, they tend to stay in all the wrong places, mostly in my double chin..

I have all the respect and admiration for people who lose amazing amounts of weight, and I realize that I can't even imagine the determination and effort that takes. What I am saying is that in my world this is quite important, and to me these 20 pounds can mean just the first 20 if I'm not keeping a close eye..