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My Diary thread

This is day 11--Ill, have flu or something, can't be bothered to go snd make shakes or get water. Won't the nutriants in cd keep me going and get me well?

Yes, so I better go get shake. I am only doing this for me, not to impress people at work, or my boyfriend, just me. I want to fit into a LBD and look good rather than buying a tent and hiding all the lumps and bumps.

I started out weighing 15st 6lbs

today I git on the scales and I weighed 14st 6lbs

I am inspired by my own success. I am proud of me.I have done well.

I have made new friends on this forum and they have been a big help. Without this I might not have done so well. I thank everyone here.

I am beautiful inside and will be on the outside as the same as everyone here.

Ok, now to the real me, I am not up myself at all, but this is going to help me as I have no confidence at all. This has been hard some days but I will get through it. I am proud of what I have done but I will still be plain jane in the corner when I am done. I have never had the figure to wear a lBD but who knows! We go to Florida in 13 weeks, and I want to loose another 3 stone before we go, is this possible? And I want to get on my exercise bike, bur am I allowd? Now going back to bed. Had enough want to sleep.
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S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Hi Janice
Well done for starting a diary. And for losing a stone already!!
If you are not feeling well - keep having your shakes, drinking plenty of water - but don't do the exercise bike until you are feeling well.

I'm sure you will not be a plain jane in the corner ... as you lose the weight, your confidence will grow and you'll be like a butterfly emerging from a crysallis. And you have a great mini goal of going to Florida in 13 weeks ... and yes it is possible to lose 3 stone by then.

Hope you are soon feeling better.
Thank you, you always say nice things to people! I am really ready to loose this weight! How have you done yours? How long and how much?
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Thank you Janice. Well I'm not a good advert!! :cry: I lost 4stone back in 2005 on LL then CD, 15st to 11st - size 20/22 to 12/14 - trained to become a CDC - then had a s*** year last year and regained 2 stone :break_diet:

I am attempting to try and shift that 2 stone again .... but that said it is me that failed, not Cambridge! They say dieters fail diets not diets fail dieters ... and this is so true.

You have great reasons for wanting to lose the weight - Florida and a wedding .... so I'm sure you'll do really well. And this diary is a great start - you can look back and see how far you have progressed.


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Janice well done for the fantastic start youve had, in 13 weeks time you will look fab and you will have a great time in Florida, I would also keep off the exercise bike until you feel better, but good luck with it when you go on it, it will help tone you up
Day 12

Day 12, still feel like s**t and still sticking to this. The smell of anything makes me want to gag. Still drinking loads, but have no energy. Have no fight in this body of mine. p****d off I can't go to work. Oh well, weekend now and I hope a chance to heal from this bug. Found out I have a naming ceromony to go to in 4 weeks time. Great! Loads of food and me, drinking a tetrapack! Ohjoy! Well, will stay strong. I can do this. And, if I losse the average 3.5lbs per week, that will be another stone gone. OH NO! What will I wear? I don't want to spend out on clothes yet, but nothing will fit. Oh dear, will have to go shopping and treat myself. Thats a real shame! ;)

Other half says he can notice the difference now. Yeah right! I can't! I refuse to look at the pics taken of me in underwear before I started, as I will be sick! But I am sure in time I will see the difference.

Keep thinking naughty thoughts, chicken pasanda with a peshwari nann. I imagine every night that I am eating it, smelling it, tasting it, feeling the texture in my mouth. you see, if I really really fancy something to eat, I just use my imagination, and I can eat anything I like! This really helps me! Although it might not everyone.

And, I imagine being in Florida, on the beach, becomming a babe in a bikini! I wish! No, infact I will. I will not get out of breath walking around the parks, I will not be oulling my tshirt down to cover my tummy and butt, and I will not have my legs rubbing together chaffing. I will not be wondering if everyone is watching me eat as I am huge! I will eat things I want in moderation, I will have the energy to keep up with my O/H I will drink gallons of water out ther. I will NOT BE FAT! Ok, only a little bit as I don't expect miracles, but I spose they can happen. I wish this throbbing head would bugger off. And the dizzys. And the cough that makes me vomit. Sod it, going back to bed.:wave_cry:
Really sorry you're not feeling well. It's great that you're not letting it derail you. Do you have any of the water flavourings? In hot water with some soluble aspirin dissolved in it, they taste like a Lemsip and can make you feel a bit better? Hope you feel better soon.
Day 12 evening.

I am up at last. Helped other half cook his tea tonight, no problem. He even eats in front of me and again, no problem. He gave me a hug tonight and said he can feel the difference. I think that is good. I hope I can look back at this if I am having a bad day and be inspired. now 8.30 and not had last shake. Not sure what to have. Muffins are nice now I now how to make them! Thankyou to fallenangel, kind words. Good advice! Now going to binge eat on a shake!:)
S: 15st3lb C: 13st11lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 33.1 Loss: 1st6lb(9.39%)
Hope you are feeling much better today Janice and have a lovely weekend.

Take some measurements - then when the scales are not being kind you can see the inches coming off and that will inspire you.

Take care.
Day 14

Didn't come on here yeaterday, had a lot to do and didn't get a chance. Thanks to Bev for her thoughts and words! Appreciated! I weighed myself today and according to my scales (which seem dead on to my CDC) I have lost 15lbs in 14 days. I have lost ilb in the last 3 but I am putting that down to being in bed and not doing anything. I have another officail WI next Sunday as I will be going every other week. I have been telling my friends and family to do this as it is so bloody good! I find that when I am bored I feel like going to get something to eat. Another problem identified. I feel good today. Although not drunk much. Need to sink another 3 litres. Went into a supermarket yesterday for the first time in a few weeks, smell and sights to die for, but found it ok. Picked out a pizza for Steve. Looking at holiday brouchures for honeymoon. Don't want food! Want to lok like the women on miami beach in a skimpy bikini! This time in 13 weeks I will be in Disney World, and I hope to be 3 stone lighter. You never know! I could not expect this on WW, SW or SF diets! But on this it's a possibility! I have loads of energy! ?????:confused: If I am putting verry few calories in, how come I get much more out?????:confused:

I know, burning the fat and all but it seems silly! I have got to say I do love the summer fruits water flavouring! Although I am only doing the 1 teaspoon a day as I don't want to mess this up!At least January is almost over! I hat the January blues! But feb blues I find the worst! But have a lot to look forwards to this year, so maybe I won't get them. Not doing anything for Valentines, although will be on AAM week, so could do chicken and salad out? How boring. Much rather have that at home! We can do Valentines in Floida maybe! I tried and old pair of shorts on today that I could not wear last year out there as too tight, I can get in them! With a little bit of room but still need to loose to make them look and feel more comfortable! I have not got to paint them on this time!LOL;)

Bras are getting loose, Ad jeans. All good all good.

Must go, other half shouting at me to drink & shrink!!! Still on my phone at work thanks to him! For anyone new thinking about doing this diet, a little advice;

You have to stick to this 110%, you can't think you will do it a few days then go out for a meal and start again. This is pointless. It is an all or nothing diet. I know it's a big commitment and may seem scary but, it is worth it I promise. After 2 weeks and I can see and feel the difference! If you do it six months, it is only six months out of your life to change your life forever! Food for thought??? :)
Day 15

Ok, well back at work this morning, been hectic, not even given food or diet a second thought. Can have my fisrt cd bar tonight! I can't wait! Is it sad to have the highlight of your day being a cambridge diet chocolate bar? I mean, really? :)

Not sure which flavour yet. I have them in the fridge, I might put it in the freezer for 10 mins, and make it really chewy! Going to the loo is begining to be a problem, I am now going 3 times and day and it is basically water. And, they are the most terrible gut pains too. I guess this will pass with time, but just annoying. And TOTM is a week late! So am I holding onto water? The scales said 14 4 % 3/4 this morning so in theory that is 16 lbs off. Am ok with this, just want to get this over and done with now. I am on the right road, I know that in a few monthes I will be slimm(er) and that is good. Not hungry, and other half has just eaten his sandwichs right next to me! I picked one up and put it to my mouth as a joke! His face was a picture! Although they smell lovley, I don't want them. Thinking of the chocolate velvet tetra brick....YUMMY!
Day 17, last night a toughie

Day 17 and still going, no cheating, no coming off and starting again, drinking plenty and going to tha ladies alot...still!

Last night was really hard. I had a very stressful day at work, deadlines and budgets and OMG sorting out bloody problems that I could do without. I got home and I felt really hungry. AND I MEAN really hungry. I drank 2 litres of water to get rid of the feeling.

I sat with my tongue hanging out for Steve's Chicken burger. I found it soooooooooo bloody harsh. But......I did not cave. I done other things to take my mind off, watched telly played on the nintendo, thought about food (please JUST GET OUT OF MY HEAD!)

But I did get through it, and I feel proud today, I lost another hald pound. I have found that since having to water flavourings the weight loss is slowing right down. Not sure if I should stop it? Any advice please???

I feel very depressed today. I have noticed I am giving off a very pungant smell. Almost in tears. I feel low and don't know why. I am positive about the diet, but I still feel down. I think I will get the bottle of whiskey out later............................................................:( :cry:


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S: 15st13lb G: 10st7lb
Hey Janice,

You are going so fabulously well on this diet, 18lbs is fantastic:D it would be such a shame to turn to the whisky bottle. You should be so proud of yourself;)

Personally, I'm not sure how I would cope with watching my other half eat food. my H2B has been on CD with me and has been so supportive, but he also fancied a "wee dram" last Sat nite and he endulged -only to spend Sun with a terrible hangover:D I didn't have much sympathy for him. he he he

He has also noticed a slow down in loss after drinking the water flavourings - maybe you need to give them a break for a while??

Let us know how you get on.

Good Luck

Day 18, and I have not lost anything. I think you may be right Lenny regarding the water flavourings. I think I may be out of ketosis. I am no longer cold, I am now begining to get hungry and I am not loosing weight. I am 11 days late for totm, and I feel as though I am dragging. The water flavourings are gone for now, I am staying off them and see what happens.:sigh:

I AM VERY GRUMPY TODAY! I have no energy, I feel really tired, and not sure why? I have a low ebb, Not wanting to talk much (not like me) and I just want to eat. ANYTHING! Even battered chicken feet seems..................WHAT! NO WAY! NO way would I do that! LOL! Well, I ain't laughing actually. I need cheering up. I try and leave my shakes/choc bars as late as I can now for something to look forwards to. I had my bar at 9pm last night, is that too late?

Better today!

Day 19

Ok, better today, I realised what was up with me last night, TOTM! It happened last night, and that explains everything I was feeling yesterday! And I have lost 1lb this morning! Or was it not having the flavourings? anyway, I am really pleased. I can now see the difference inmy body, I feel better. Last night I really felt like eating, it took all my strength not to crack. I felt like it, it went through my head that if I just had a tin of green beans, that would be ok. But I didn't and boy am I pleased that I didn't! Anyway, will catch up at lunchtime, busy now x
A bad day

Thank goodness it's the weekend! I can sigh with releif! It's been a hard week at work but back on my feet. People are starting to say I have lost weight. I spoke to Seve tonight and said I didn't want to do this anymore, I need real food. I am hungry (due to totm) and fancy carbs. Any carbs at all. I am finding it tough going. Only just over a week and I can have AAM as I start week 4 on Monday. Chocolate bar every night! WaHoo! My head has been splitting for a couple of days and I am fed up. :sigh:

I just want a satisfing meal, a nice curry and rice. Trouble is if I have it I am back at square one and will come out of ketosis. I am dying for a cup of tea but can't stand it black! Just one with a tiny splash would do, but I don't want to put this good work to waste. Oh,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,what am I going to do, my tummy is rumbleing! Does everyone feel like this at TTOTM? Or is it just me?

To make it worse, steve is now eating a Khorma, and I can smell it! I am going mad!:mad:

I am screaming out loud!
Well, day 21

and I have gone to hell but have come back! I don't want to go theree again, but I know I will next month. I feel so much better today, and thank you to everyone who posted comments that did help me get through. My advice to anyone new out there staring is this;

We all get TOTM (except SOME men! I know men that get that too!LOL) and we face hell when we are not on a diet, we crave things like chocolate and carbs, and we stuff ourselves saying it's ok, because it is TOTM! Well, that is another demon we must face. We all do it. I am now on the tail end of my first on this diet, and what a ride! I have never been on so many ups and downs even on the loop to loop coasters in Florida! But........with help and support, I have got through it. I made a mint chocolate muffin/cake type thing which was lush! And that took that took the craving for chocolate away! And loads of water! And, I have lost 1.5lbs this morning, but I go for WI tonight, so weight will be different. But I don't care, do you know why? Well, I didn't cheat, I am burning off fat, I am smaller than I was 21 days ago (infact alot smaller). I got into a pair of trousers yesterday that I have not been able to get into for 3 years!!!! WOW. And , I looked at our holiday video in Seaworld yesterday, my god I look massive! I am bolging over and out of my shorts! I looked disgusting. Yesterday I put the same shorts on and they look fantastic! With room to spare! I have lost 4" off my waist!

And I hate my Mum! (No I don't really)

She weighed 10 stone 9 (I will be in heaven when I get down to this!) and started CD on Tuesday, sha had already lost OVER 1 STONE! How can this be? She is only a little squirt to start off with! What annoys me is the doctor told my Dad NOT TO GO ON CD! It is too harsh! Is he mad? If you have to loose weight, I think this is the most controlled way of doing it? And is it not harsh to your body to be loads overweight anyway??????

Oh well, I have a shake with my name on it! Just to finish then, day 21 and although been to hell and back, am sill 100% no cheating, and had a bad TOTM but still here and smaller! See ya all soon!!!

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