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Green Days My First day so far. . . is this looking okay?

Hi all! I decided to start slimming world, and i was eager to start so my books havnt arrived yet, but i was just wondering if someone could have a look at todays food for me and see if it looks okay? Im still getting to grips with HE & Syns, but Im seriously stuffed and this seriously cant be right, i was on a calorie counting diet so this seems to be A LOT? :mad: . . .



1 apple
1 orange
1 fat free black cherry activia pot


1 Can heinz macaroni cheese
1 warburtons wholemeal bap
1 laughing cow light triangle

1 banana
1 toffee muller light

1 curly wurly (6 sins)
2 cups of tea & milk
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I hate to tell you this but the Heinz mac cheese in a tin is 1.5syns per 100g on a green or EE day, and 4syns per 100g on a red day. Also the wholemeal bap can't weigh more than 57g for it to be a Healthy extra. Other than that it looks fine, and it doesn't look to me like you've eaten alot I think you're going to be surprised how much you can eat. Good luck and welcome to the board. x
ohhh wooops :)

so the mac cheese (the whole can i ate) is about 6 sins? and the bap probably a couple? Im on a green day - does this help at all?

ahh well - ill have to be really good tonight for tea. I am really full right now though, it feels strange that this could work?

Also, if you havent measured your milk as your HeA, then it would be 2 syns a splash.
Can I suggest you have a look at the Food Disry section on here. I have a diary on there and it could give you an idea of the things that you may like.

Your roll will be at least 6 syns if you are not using it for a B choice, and a 57g roll is quite small!

The macaroni cheese used to be free years ago but not now.

Other than that I don't think you've eaten too much at all.
if we could have 157g of bread rather that 57 it would make life so much easier! lol
haha :)

ohh well - serves me right for starting without the books.

i read somewhere that the mac cheese was free and wholemeal baps were free too.? I Must have misread it.

So. . . . Let me clear this up. . .

Muller Lights

All free on a gree day? - No limit whatsoever?

What about the laughing cow cheese. . . ?

(thankyou for all your help by the way everyone)

laughing cow cheese is a healthy extra A - the number you can have depends on whether you have the standard, light or extra light variety

bread baps are not free...they are a HEB -57g or bread from 400g loaf (2 slices) not white bread though!

all fruit and veg are free on green
all fruit and veg, except the 3 P's (potatoes, parsnips and peas) are free on red days

mullerlights are free (apart from the fruit layer ones)

be careful that you don't overeat becuase ''its free'' try to stop once you are satisfied

good luck and hope this helps
all fruit and veg are free on green
all fruit and veg, except the 3 P's (potatoes, parsnips and peas) are free on red days

Re the above, I thought sweetcorn was not a free food on green too, has this changed? Better check my books!!
i think your right on that one i missed that sorry

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