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My first day - wish me luck!

Welcome and good luck! Yes the first few ads definitely seem the hardest but you cab pull through!!


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My first day also, just remember baby steps
Yes, very true, I'm so keen and can be a bit impatient!
Hi Supersalmon. Im on Day 4 now, & have just got into ketosis & lost 7lb already! I found it tough for the 1st few days, but now Im feeling great. Good luck xxxx
Hi Supersalmon,

Stick with it for the first few days. It is so worth it :)

I'm on day 3 of my restart and feeling much better!
Gemma, well done, it seems to be working for you !
Hi! Good luck!! I'm on day 3 and am finding it really HONESTLY ok!!! If I can give you any advice its just make sure you drink about 4 litres of water a day. I know it seems a lot but it's what I've been doing and I haven't had headaches or anything. (apart from today where I didn't have water for a couple of hours). Best of luck and make sure you come on here if you struggle, the support is fantastic. :D xx
Aiming for the holiday

Thanks for your support. I'm guessing you've got a wedding to aim for? I'm aiming to get into a bikini for my holidays, it helps to have something to work towards doesn't it. I managed to drink loads yesterday because I was at home all day, but we'll see how it goes when I'm busy at work!
Hi Salmon :)

Yep, wedding, honeymoon lol the usual!!! I'm day 4 now and had a sneaky peek this morning at the scales and I'm 9lbs down!! :D can't believe it! The thing is, because the weight loss is so quick it really keeps you motivated so it's good. Aside from the wedding I need to lose at least 5st as I developed gestational diabetes with my first baby and was told if I don't lose weight in the next 5 years I'll get type 2 diabetes also, next time I'm pregnant if I've not lost weight I'll develop diabetes again and it can harm the child (if I'd have known that the first time round I would have lost weight). I've found exante to be my saviour I think, I was really dreading it and worrying that I would spend all that money and not stick to it but I promise, if you drink as much water as you possibly can, you'll be fine!! How are you finding it so far??? And when is your holiday??! How much do you want to lose??? xxx
Hi BouncyBride
I'm going away at the beginning of August and hope to lose 2 stone before then. If I lose weight at the same rate as you, I'll be ok won't I? You've done so well so far. It's so hard to lose weight once you've had children don't you find? It's almost as if your body wants to stay that big, and had changed shape completely. Oh well, I'm trying not to weigh myself every day now, but I think at last count I'd lost 6 pounds so I'm really chuffed!
There's no greater incentive than losing weight for your wedding is there? (except perhaps for another baby!! )You've certainly got lots to keep you motivated there. Keep going and I'll be keeping an eye out for how you're doing. x


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good luck

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