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my first girlie night out on the town while 100% on SS

I have been out to BBQ's, friends partys, away for the weekend and out for a meal but not out on the town normally I am the big drinker and soul of the party but as I am not drinking I am not sure who its going to go. I know I can still have a laugh but I know it won't be the same.
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TBH, I don't tell anyone there's no vodka in my tonic..... and people think I'm p!ssed anyway!!! :party0036:

I really really don't need a drink to have a good time, and if you go out and concentrate on having fun instead of getting drunk, you'll find that you don't miss the drink after all!

Good luck with your night out, I'm sure that it'll be enlightening, esp, if you usually the one who's most drunk... it'll give a a chance to see what everyone else really does when they've a skin full!!!
lol well its got to be better than staying in and keep thinking of all the money i will be saving
I'm with Ali on this. I went out last week and just drank water. I still had a great time and was able to watch everyone else making fools of themselves. I was in control and it felt good. Just as good as if I'd had a glass of Rose in my hand to be honest. I also then watched my friend eat chips afterwards and it didn't even bother me. It made me feel strong.

Hope you have a great time!
Enjoy your night out, I was always hesitant first time round but I get to act the eejit in a controlled way rather than a drunken one and since then I enjoy a sober night out!
well its was a great night i loved the fact I went out with a fiver and came back with it as everyone else bought me my sparkling water for driving. we got in about 1am and a good time was had by all being able to jump in my car instead of waiting in taxi que for hours was excellent. And as reject doll said I felt so strong by not drinking or having subway woohoo me!!!!
So glad you had a good time. It's quite liberating isn't it knowing you are in control and having the willpower not to be tempted when all around you are drinking or eating?
and that I am more confident sober than i thought i used to think that drink made me for confident but i was wrong it does relax me but I was fine without it i can party/dance like the best of them lol

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Ah well done hun. I have the same coming up next weekend but I'm driving so that's my excuse. Good work staying in control. You're doing so fab xxx
Well done Kerry, so proud of you !

I have a BBQ next month and I am planning to drink sparkling water and take my summer berries with me ! It will be my last SS week so no food but I am going to try and stay focused and take a bar with me !
aahh cheers charlie I am proud of me too lol
I find that its being prepared is half the battle I have ended up eating nothing all day at BBQs before as I have forgotten bars or shakes
I am nearing my 12th week and kind of looking forward to a meal in the eve


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well done hun for sticking to your guns!
I'm hyper enough when i'm on the water, let alone adding booze into the equation!
Glad you had a good night!!!!
cheers Lizz I do feel great when i get through stuff like that lol
and i am very chatty and hyper too without booze
well done you for getting through it.. its a great feeling when you get home at the end of the night and realise you've 'done it' ! You can still have fun on water ..its hard but if you have good company its great!
well done on your willpower chick but to be honest ya don't really need to drink to have fun, ya can have a laugh at others making a fool of themselves...lol
I learnt alot about myself that night and it was all good.
I am ready for the next one now so bring it on

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