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My Fitness Coach:Cardio Workout

Hi all :)!

I've just ordered 'My Fitness Coach: Cardio Workout' for the Wii after much debating and looking at reviews to see which one would be most suitable for me and gives a good workout! I decided to go with this one although the 'My Fitness Coach:Dance Workout' looked fab too but money situation i went with the cardio workout i'm hoping i've made a good choice! Has any of you tried it? Just want to know I'm going to get a decent workout out of it :) really want to tone up n help boost the weight loss! Also any reviews on any other good workout games for wii would be appreciated :) thanks! :) x
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I'm on my iPhone too, ummm not sure how I found it haha, I've just seen your username & remembered earlier I read about your NSV/compliment from the guys from school, how brilliant!!!! U must have been soo chuffed! Well done! I want a compliment like that, hehe xxxx

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Laura. I just realised, scroll down to 'health, nutrition & recipes' section on your iPhone & then you'll see fitness & the threads about the wii, DVDs etc are all in there xxx

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I play this game from time to time. I like the boxing element to it - I'm fairly fit already but I still work up a sweat!
Hey thanks i found it! Im such an idiot haha i was lookin just under slimming world category no wonder i had no luck! I was so chuffed with my NSV :) just a shame im still having no luck with these damn dress sizes! I think cos im so tall its comes off me from everywhere :( 4 stone 9.5lb lighter n i can honestly say i dont feel ive confidently dropped a dress size yet it annoys me thats why im giving this exercise malarky a go! See i have much luck with that :/ xxx
Laura, if you don't mind me asking, how tall are you? And how much did u have to loose/how much have you got to go?
I'm 5'9, I have lost 19lb, got another 79lb to go to target....xxxx

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Im 5ft 11 (and a half- last time the doc measured me) Near enough a 6 footer! Lanky string bean that i am! Lol! By using SW's BMI guide it suggests that i need to lose 8 and a half stone to reach the top end of their recommended healthy range of their BMI so far ive lost 4 stone 9.5lbs, so just over halfway now... Xx


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Just remember when you start the weightloss isn't so noticeable, it's like a thin layer all over,as you get near to target every pound can really make a difference.

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