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My Fitness Pal - Daily Logs


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omg mine is loads more - blame the cheeseburger pie :D


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Well i cant do it. Ive just put in doner kebab and it came up as a large one only (id never get through a lge one) and sad its 25g carbs! I know it probably includeds the pitta which obviously i dont have.


Loves this site!
Oooo Ladies what is this? x
Rach, a few of us keep stalling on our losses so have decided to look at all the nutritional valuse to see if we are having too much or not enough. I would say, to keep it simple for you just carry on with the atkins, ie count carbs and daily amount of dairy so if you stall you can do this to try and work out why. You can join in the thread of course but i would think it is better to start off properly.


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type in doner and choose the bottom one - turkish food doner kebab x
cals 1278
carbs 4
fat 94
protein 51
havnt managed to get enough carbs today!
i have had to stop eating again as my tooth has started hurting again. got the dreaded dentist on thursday :cry:


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Does this look ok?

calories 468
carbs 9
fat 28
protein 46

Not been hungry today
Not been hungry today

Woof Woof x
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well i dont normally do this (i have joined before) so heres mine for the day, and i am SHOCKED at the amount of carbs i am NOT eating!!!!

i had greens, lettuce, cucumber, spring onion and spring greens for dinner......

Calories - 853
carbs - 9
fat -34
protein -78

blimey.....need to get MORE greens in i think!
I forgot to measure my cream so I can't work it out! I need to get a grip :mad:
I forgot to measure my cream so I can't work it out! I need to get a grip :mad:

im sure you can guess, half a pot? quater...go on, give it a go xx
LOL! If I were to hazard a guess, Id say about 100ml :rolleyes:

Need to start measuring everything but it reminds me of being on WW :(


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cals - 2246!!
carbs - 12
fat - 190
protein - 119

exercise so far 74 - should get to 245 again like yesterday :D

am drinking wine tonight havent counted that in yet :D


Alway see the love x

Lamb, Cubed, 100 grams1340520
Onions, raw, 3 slice, thin10200
Mushrooms, fresh, 2 medium8101
Tomatoes, red, ripe, raw, year round average, 2 slice, medium (1/4" thick)8200
Elmlea Double Light Cream Alternative (UK), 50 g1242121
Walnuts, 10 grams67172
Cucumber (with peel), 20 grams3100
Cheddar Cheese, 1 slice (1 oz)114097
Lunch TOTALS:468103432

This is it!! woofy x

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