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My fitness pal

Thanks for the recommendation! I've just downloaded the app and it seems quite good so far, apart from a bit of weirdness with adding honey!

I'm a new Rosemary Conley girl---just started today---so this will be really useful I think. Plus I have made the happy discovery that I have 103kcal left for today so I'll have a yogurt with dinner. Hooray!


Can I be added too please? I'm soon2Byummymummy and I love this app! Is Rosemary Conley working for you? Ive been calorie counting/healthy eating for 4 week I've lost 11lb and although I'm happy with that this last week and a half I've been stuck on 15st and it's driving me nuts! Am exercising more and am generally eating 1200 calories per day (this weekend went a bit crazy food wise including takeaways and alcohol :( ) dont know if I'm eating enough etc ?!?! Advice please??? I'm also starting 30 day shred tomorrow and I really want to a decent result weight/measurement wise :( x
Ps sorry for gatecrashing - hope you didn't mind :)
I've added you!

You are doing really well, at least you've stayed the same and not put on. I had a couple of weeks after the initial weeks losses so keep going, it will be worth it in the end!
Hey I've been on there for a while, I find it invaluable. I am Neonshock if anyone wants to add me.
Madmads. think I just accepted you! It says I burnt over 800 calories doing 170 minutes on the Wii yesterday, that's not true!!!! I wish! Lol! I did 1hr on the wii fit. Anyway, from a nosey aspect I wish we could see 'friends' food intake & calories consumed! Lol, it might give ideas too.
Are you doing the wii fit Feb challenge too? X
Yup that's me!! You can manually change the amount of calories you've burnt on the app when you input via cardio.

No I'm not, I have a tendency to be quite unreliable with it!! lol


@ madmads - hi just a quick question coz you following Rosemary Conley - I've joined online today and it says I should have 2000 calories per day to lose 2lb where myfitnesspal telling me 1200? (I'm 15st) is 2000 about right? Just seems a lot but have stopped losing when eating 1200 a day? Thoughts? Thanks is advance for any advice :) x
i joined it,its great i have kept to my calories today wohooo

only one problem, Oven chips 1 g and 100 g is approx how many as i dont have a weighin scales.

my name on it is lilmisssunshine :)
Hey monkey

I think the amount of calories you should have depends on you current weight and height. When I started I weighed just over 15 stone and I'm 5ft6 and my RC class lady said that I needed to stick to 1500. Now that I've lost a bit I need to go down to 1450.

When I started on my fitness pal it said stick to 1200 so I'm not sure if that's just a standard figure they throw up! I stick to what RC says personally.

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