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My friends BIG FAT English wedding...

Hi guys...

Well, I'm back from Suffolk and had a brilliant time at my friends wedding.

Yesterdays menu...

* poached egg on toast (at hotel, thought I'd be good...)


Roast dinner, chocolate brownie and clotted cream, buffet, endless champagne / vodka / malibu, bit more buffet.... followed by a full English this morning!!! Eeek.

I'm back on track now, but not expecting a loss this week :-(

Oh well, I guess it's not every day one of your best friends gets married (thank goodness).

Hope everyone has had a better food weekend than me!!

Lou xx
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Hey - glad you had a good time. I've fallen off the wagon a bit recently ( and up to now have got away with it) was my bro's birthday last weekend so went out for that, then this weekend it was our friends 30th - so the diet kinda went outta the window when I had a chinese and a slab of birthday cake. Oh well we can be in it together this week and get back on track!! xxx


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When I went away for my wedding I put on 6.5lb in 2 weeks! What was a lot of food and alcohol!
Seriously though... I think I need a straight jacket at this rate!!

Right, deep breaths... MUST.... BE.... GOOD...

Hope you're ok hun and the little school people aren't too annoying, hehe. x
Good work Taz, hehe, only problem is.. it wasn't even my wedding, lol.

I was so full of dinner, but then they bought the buffet out, so we went for a "look" and came back with sandwiches / crisps etc.... and then it was cake time.

To be fair though, we did all dance quite frantically for most of the evening, and it was quite a long walk to the bar, so the must be a few kcals burnt off??.... :-s


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S: 17st12lb C: 12st4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.3 Loss: 5st8lb(31.2%)
It's a special occasion. If you can't let your hair down at your friends wedding when can you?


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he he - little school people, I like that! They're gorgeously fine bless their hearts!! And dont worry Lou I bet you bust some great moves and therefore burnt off loadsa calories!! xxx
wedding and 30th bday parties, there's always something going on i find, its so hard to find things to eat that stick with the plan. we had a work do buffet the other evening and the only thing i could eat knowing the syn value was an egg! i managed to resist temptation then but not sure i'll be able to do that very often... it took a lot of will power! i;ve only been on the plan for coming up two weeks so if i can;t manage it then when can i.

louise - i think we all need to be able to treat ourselves its just planning to do so so we are in control and then getting right back on it afterwards - which you have so be proud of yourself!!!

Kat x
Hehe, the were some serious moves.. to the extent that mothers started removing their Children from the dance floor because of us.

It was all going so well until "New York, New York", I got slightly too competitve seeing who could get their leg highest (!!), so gave it a massive kick, at which point my shoe went flying.... taxi for Lou!

Thanks for your support everyone, I'm back on plan now so that is what matters xxx
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Louise don't sweat it honey, we are learning to eat right for life so to speak and we have to live in the real world so the occasional slip up has to be done and sometimes it gives our metabolism a little boost as well (as long as you don't go to a wedding every weekend LOL)


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