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My gig dress is too big!!!

Aargh! It is a strapless chiffon thingy and I love it, but it keeps falling down. I keep flashing my strapless bra...or hitching the dress up in a very un-glam fashion.

I am not complaining that it's now too big...this is a fabulous thing really...it's just that this is the first time I've had it on for ages and it's the only one I've got to wear for tonight's gig. I will just have to be careful and not give the old fellers in the band an eyeful! LOL! And then...I might have to raid ebay and charity shops to see if I can find another gig dress (cheap).

Just a waffle from me! LOL!

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A moaning old boot!!!!
Thats great in a way that it is too big, not so great on the other hand!! hehe. Have you tried sewing the sides slightly so that it will hold better around your chest??
Any pics..... ooooh that sound a bit pervy didn't it. I meant so we can actually see this dress.,,,,,, OMG!! now I'm digging a big hole for myself...

Ok.. I'll shut up I think ,........ LOL!

Phil x

Ps. Well done for having a baggy dress, the plan is working yeah!!!...
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This is agood thing really Heli - and the excuse to do more shopping too - what girl would not like that?
Awww Hellie....I feel, and know your pain!! I too had a gig dress....it's more like a festival tent now!! lol

I need a new gig dress *nodding lots*

Hope you have a good time at the gig :D

K xx
Lol you lot make me laugh! Phil, I'm not posting a pic of my falling down dress!!!!

I'm not a good enough sewer to take it in myself but might get it professionally altered. Til then, tit tape it is! ;)


I will succeed!!!
Yay for loose clothes...great feeling isn't it??? Makes it all worth the while (in contrast to tighter close not being worth it).


Have dress fixed and/or use as excuse for shopping spree ;) xxx


Finding inspiration
Well done you! I had a pair of jeans altered that were gapping at the back and it didn't cost that much and was done really quickly. It might be worth getting it done if you really like the dress. It will give it another little lease of life and buy you a bit more time to find another one that suits your needs. :)

Mrs V

Loves Life!
Well done on changing shape Huni.....bummer that you cant alter it yourself. Im not much of a sewer myself, but was really proud that I managed to alter one of my favourite gypsy skirts recently and a dress that I had bought from a charity shop - the top part was too big as I only have little boobs!!!
Definitely a chance to save some money and buy another one though!!


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Woop woop! Fab news that it's too big for you. Charity shops rule when it comes to evening dresses, I've got some lovely Monsoon dresses for under a tenner from our local shops. Great for our works do's and most have hardly been worn! :)
"Tit tape ...... I love it" this must be the greatest invention of the decade. I would just laugh my bits off if I was at the Tesco counter and some said " excuse me love! where's the tit tape " ...... fantastic

Phil x

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