my hair is falling out!

mrs bee

doesn't like the rain!
Sine re-starting after an Xmas break my hair has started falling out :(, it didn't happen before! Even my hairdresser commented on how much was in the sink yesterday, luckily it's not obvious as I have loads but still I'd prefer it stayed where it is!!
Anyone else had this?
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I read a thread on this last week, have a look back at the older threads.
I am dreading the hair falling out part as my hair is quite thin.


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Apparently it will grow back, and be healthier! My understanding is that it is temporary so hang in there!

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I have (had) hugely thick hair but since coming off LT in Sept it has been falling out by the bucket load. It had me worried but it is just a side-effect of the weight loss. In ketosis the body clings to everything it can, including hair apparently, but a few weeks off the diet and it should start growing back in again. Mine did... but then I went on TFR again lol


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Me too, I was in the shower (ours is over the bath) and the bath was filling up, coz there was so much hair in the plughole.
Everyone says it sorts itself out, so try not to worry. xxxx


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I have had this too wasn't sure if it was the total weight loss, the CD or eating again. It freaks me out and then I have to gain control again and remember it is a known side effect and will apparently be ok in the long run.........I keep thinking thin hair for a while thin body for life.

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Mine started falling out in December after coming off lipotrim, I'm hoping now that I'm in ketasis it will stop! XX


Here we go again!
Haven't had any excess hair loss yet and don't want it! As the more experienced LTers say it is a side effect but should right itself in a little while. Good luck and I hope you are back to luscious locks very soon!


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A certain Mr Telly Savalas did LT!!

"Who loves ya baby"


Loads of mine has fallen out. Spoke to the pharmices and he said it was unfortunetly normal and gave me a long explaination why. I find mine normal falls out about 3 weeks after I have stopped LL and it depends on how long I was on it in the first place on how much falls out. (it's the same theory as losing hair after pregnancy, so i've been told)

I almost got a balled patch on my top right hair line, I have loads of hair and no one has noticed. But the good news i've been told it all grows back perfectly normal.

It's worth it for me as I so needed to lose weight, probably one of the many good reasons you shouldn't go on and off this type of diet too much. :rolleyes:

Good luck


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Don't worry. I lost loads after coming off LT and it stopped after 3 months. But I don't look any different and my hair is in great condition.
This time I am prepared for the loss. Don't worry about it or you'll make it worse!


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Luckily or unlukily depending how you look at it I won't have that problem as I lost all my hair about 15 months ago due to alopecia. I have just started to feel comfortable wearing a wig and what I am hoping is after LT my body is in better condition my hair grows back. :)


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Funny you should say this Mrs B, but since I have been off the diet over Christmas, I have noticed that an awful lot of hair is in my hairbrush and in the shower.

It happened to me once before a few years ago when I had been dieting but it stopped after a few weeks and didn't make any difference to my hair as I have a lot of it. Just par for the course I suppose.


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Unfortunately for me my hair started falling out within a month of starting LT and continued the whole time I was on the diet. Fortunately I started with a lot but it is a lot thinner now. I noticed in the brief time I refed that I didn't lose any but now I'm back on LT it has started again! My hair brush and the plug in the shower need cleaning out everytime I use them!!!!



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Hi Mrs bee Exactly the same has happened to me since my xmas break loads of it is coming out. Even before that though I was forever removing hairs from my clothing all the time. Luckily my hair is not too thin but if it keeps coming out at this rate I will not be happy.

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I've just finished hacking at my hair to stop it looking thinner lol *puts the scissors down*