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My Hero .... OT


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What a trooper :D

I'd take my hat off to him if i was wearing one :giggle:
It's the people like him that well and truely deserve the title of HERO :) xxx


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Indeed!! I'm sooo proud to know him ..:):D xx


Life is not a Rehersal!
I salute him Jan! I really do.....what a hero and I bet he just gets on with life and doesnt feel sorry for himself! Not like these silly footballer, all downhearted, etc..and all they have lost is a game of footy!! Just all wrong in my opinion!

A TRUE HERO RIGHT ENOUGH!! And no wonder you are so proud to know him, I would be too!

irish molly

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God bless them all! Can only hope those who are wounded get enough support and help for the rest of their lives.


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Girls, get this. How shocking is this!

One of the wives of a fallen marine was speaking to my brothers gf a couple of weeks ago and the MOD have given her untill a certain date to get out of the married quarters they lived in together. Like its not enough she has just lost the love of her life fighting for our country she now has to leave the house they lived in.

Like COME ON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I was disgusted at that i really was.

Does Pete still get alot of help from the MOD Jan? I sure as hell hope so :) xxx


Here we go again!
True, true heroes Jan, all of them!

Tanya, I've heard other stories like this before. It really is a disgrace that these widows have to get out of their quarters like this! The forces think of them as no longer in the forces and are no longer entitled! Absolutely disgusting I think. They've lost enough let alone having to lose their homes. Totally agree with you and something really needs to be done to change the forces' attitudes on this one.


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Yeah - I've heard that before Tan - disgusting is the right word!

Pete DOES still get help - is back at work and recently got engaged :) xx


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Go Pete! :party0049: :giggle:

Its lovely that your still in contact with him too Jan, even though he isnt with DD anymore! :)


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Just facebook friends now :) x
I agree these boys do not get the recognition they so deserve. My fella is a Marine and he's just flying back from afghanistan on R&R as we speak :D!

A friend of mine had a husband who was in the SAS. He got asked to stay on in afghan an extra week and got killed during that week. They came to our work to tell her! She saw them arrive and just fainted cos she knew what they were gonna say.

My fella briefed me fully on what would happen in the event he was killed. They turn up now and give you £10k after they tell you that your loved one is dead as if it cushions the blow or something. We have our own house and don't live in married quarters but they do kind of expect you to just get on with it after the news is broken. There's quite a few of my fella's friends that have given their lives. After initial contact the military have made no further efforts for those that are left behind.

Good on him for having the strength of character to continue with a full life.


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My God - what an insult! Like 10k would make a blind bit of difference to anything!

Awful about your friend too. I don't know how I'd cope. It seems they're very good to the injured but lousy when it comes to those left behind after a fatality ... It's awful really :( xx

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