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My holiday experience lol lol

My very first holiday abroad...

had a lovely time in greece,

hu hum... flight over there was awfull, we went through a few storms, so the plane felt like we were on a bus going very fast over bumps, at one point we thought the pilot lost control of the plane!! (even the stewardesses had to leave trollys and seatbelt up), i was crying in fear, everyone (well most) were frightened. We got there was hot, for a few days then we experienced an earthquake, and 3 bad storms over there, where the thunder was the worst we ever seen!!

BUT atleast i got a tan, ate plenty (gained 11 pounds) stayed in the most lush hotel with private part of the beach (gregotel pella beach in halikidiki)..we would defo go back though, has not put me off..

wow greeks love kids dont they? in the restaraunt they abadoned other customers and came over to us with the baby... god i loved that place.. i miss it so much now..

that hotel was amazing the food was amazing, i am going to be writing the best review ever about it.. thompson planes though? wow hell no hubby is 6 3 and had baby on his lap he was so cramped bless him.. and the front seats were empty they would not let us sit there..

flight on the way home was perfect i loved it, was pitch black and was lush looking out the window..lol..

and now getting back into diet :(

my cdc is away so her hubby just rung me bless and i am picking up packs the weekend and will start monday (after wedding).. :D
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hi there glad u had a great time, was this your first time flying as well then?
Always fancies Halkidiki, but cant fly from scotland :(
yes first flight ever lol.. you must go it was brilliant!!

we flew from birmingham, a few people from scotland i think they flew from manchaster or edingburgh (sp)
I am a terrible flyer, I am so glad I havent had a bad flight like that, I cry most of the way when its a really smooth one!
well i suppose manchester not too bad, will need to look into this :D
Wow you really went through it for your first flight. I used to be a stewardess a long time ago and had to have travel pills every flight because I got air sick LOL. Still glad you had a wonderful time in Greece even if the earth moved for you. I'm off to Florida Saturday, I hope there are no tornados


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I've been to Rhodes a couple of times. I love it! If I thought for a moment i could stand the summer heat i'd live out there. Nothing is too much bother, everyone friendly and laidback, kids are welcome and catered for. We could learn a lot in this country. Maybe we could go on a fact finding mission for the govt?

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