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my initial appointment at pharmacy



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Hi hun!! You should be able to start on the diet pretty quickly! I went to my chemist and she weighed me, took all my health details etc etc and gave me the shakes! She gave me the dvd lipotrim recommend watching at the same time but just said watch it when i got in and return it the following week. I know some other chemists insist on you watching this before they give you the shakes and then some others dont make you watch it at all! So that really just depends on who you go to.

Buying wise, you should only have to buy your shakes and a shaker to make them in if you need to. I know a lot of people on here use a blender to mix them but i've always used the shaker and i think they are about £5 each thats all!

I went as early as i possibly could to my chemist to get weighed so that i knew every week i would be able to go and have it done at the same time, without having drank any of the vast amount of water you have to try and drink lol. Every little bit of extra weight counts when you get on those scales. So maybe you could try and do the same. However, for your first weigh in i shouldn't think it matters too much! Just getting started is the main thing!

Hope that helps a little!xxx
Just do your normal things before you go to your first appt. When I went there it was a Tuesday morning around 11am and I got my blood pressure taken, measurements were logged, height recorded and then she just explained the lipotrim plan to me. I purchased my shakes and came home to enjoy my last day.

I had a lovely meal and went out for a few drinks and started the following morning.

6 days later I weighed and I lost 8lbs. Its a super diet, you will love it once you get into ketosis. Good luck.


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Some pahrmacies like you to watch the dvd before they give you your supplies. To get round that watch it on the Lipotrim website so you can tell them you've seen it.
Also ring the pharmacies near you that do it - you're in Liverpool I think there are a few (I'm in Wallasey) and ask them! Go to the one that'll do it the way you want to!
They don't all do blood pressure - I've never had mine done.

Good Luck - let's know how you get on! x


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as im starting to morphe into freewilly!:)

Aww hehe that made me giggle, you and me both! :)

I started a few days ago, and I've enjoyed it so far, well... not so much enjoyed it, I've stuck with it and it hasn't been as bad as I thought, hopefully it will stay this way :) I've had some temptations too and stuck through the worst of em! Yay go me haha :>

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