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My Journey back into those skinny jeans

Well here I am again! :wave_cry: I'll give you all a little bit of background knowledge about my weird and wonderful weight loss life so far haha!

I have done pretty much every diet under the sun as have most people here - all i have left to do is have a gastric band (i've even had a gastric baloon!) I managed to loose 4 1/2 stone with LL 4 years ago (start date was May 06) and over the past 3 years have battled and struggled to maintain it. With lots of life changes along the way etc I have put on about 3 1/2 so here I am back again and ready to start. I have re started a million times and gone back to LL as a refresher about 3 times, tried CD on my own but now I'm going to start again and with the help of this fabulous site!

I've bene going to ww the past 2 weeks with a friend who doesnt know i have decided to start this so I am weighing up my options of what to do. I'm still dragging my bum to the gym so at least I am active and I really need to shift it as my beautiful wardrobe is gathering dust with all the gorgeous clothes I cant fit into!!

So sat here as a size 16 with 3 stone to loose I am on Day 2 and glugging my way through the 2nd L of water ready to beat the bulge (again haha)

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Hi Nathalie

Welcome :))
How are you getting on now , your story is so familiar, the beautiful wardrobe gathering dust, the many diets, the weight loss and regain, but this time i can feel something different for me and i know even if i fall of wagon one day, i wont let it slip for the week till i "start again" we cant rely on perfection, there will always be ups and downs, its not the sprint but the marathon and i just wanted to say perhaps if you keep that in mind and just say if i fall offf i will get back on, this way we always live in the moment and dont put things off to get that perfect start and perfect loss, its a journey.
Also i think this will help us both on maintenance then :))
This diary i find is a great support as well, so keep us updated on how your doing and ill be sure to check back :))

Aww Amber that message is lovely - thank you for taking the time to reply to me.

Thats defintiely the mindframe I am in though - if I fall off never mind, just get back on and dont dwel on it - not that I intend to fall off! But in the past if I had I was definitely an all or nothing person and would go right sod it for a good few days until i thought i was mentally ready to do it again, but i've realised that isnt the way to do. I am using CD as a tool to my weight loss not as a magic drink that will make me loose weight. I can loose weight by putting less in my mouth - however I am choosing to do it with some scrummy CD shakes!!
Well girlies Day 3 today - it's come round pretty quick if I do say so myself!

I have awful heartburn all at the back of my throat which is killing me but glugging the water back and hoping to knock it on it's head! 2 shakes, 1 bar and about 3L of water today. Not great on the water front but made it through!

Went to my friends for dinner tonight and didnt eat anything woop woop go me haha! This is about the time I would fall off it I was at work so I am really glad I started on Saturday as I feel 3 days in all ready means I can get through the rest of the week easily enough....she says! :)

I am defo feeling much more positive about the whole thing and have been doing lots of reading and reflecting and feel I am in a good place.

Will be struggling on Saturday as have to go to a leaving meal/drinks thing though so i am just working out my strategy of how to dodge it all. I am going on a hen party on 9 weeks and want to feel thinner by then and at least make a break into that beautiful wardrobe of mine....

Well girlies Day 3 today - it's come round pretty quick if I do say so myself!

Well done - the 3 day landmark :)) The storm before the clam should be over now and you will sail the rest of the week.

Your frame of mind is great and big congrats for sticking to it 100% and resisting the temptation put in your way.

Ohh hen party!! Sniffle im a 6 month newlywed on Valentines and i miss all that fun and organising, so much so, that this year ive planned and booked all my holidays all ready and im ebaying exercise DVDs lol... i dont know what to do with myself now my wedding is over.. oh wait.. weight loss! lol...
Im saying to myself i didnt lose it before the wedding so i knew he loved me how i was .. laughing, when in fact i just found it all too stressful and pressure, but now its all off, its only for me to be happier and healthier....

keep up the good work, enjoying your diary :)


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