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my journey to losing 50lb....*starts now*

Currently standing at

Body fat estimation
Fat Index.................27.2%
Fat Mass..................4st3.3lb/26.9kg
Free F.Mass.....11st5.1lb/72.2kg
Current Body Mass Index is 30.2 kg/m2.

This is where I will come to log my journey...hopefully I will become one of the success stories :rolleyes:

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Been a good start to the day, sweat suit on jogged the mrs (Naomi) to work - while she rode my bike. 30/40 minutes.... suffering from really bad stitches :confused: guessing I'm just really unfit :( Breakfast - bowl of Cornflakes :crazy:
best of luck, you shall be a success story indeed :D

Second day over.

Jogged Naomi to work, rode bike back...
the sweat-suit as got to be my bestest investment ever, my t-shirt underneath is usually soaking with sweat :eek: when I get back.

Breakfast consisted of a bowl of cornflakes... I then got kinda hungry mid morning so had a banana & two kiwi fruits :p

this afternoon after getting back from the jobcentre I polished off a pack of ginger biscuits with a glass of milk! :confused: It was like I was craving em. oh well... Rode up to meet Naomi outta work... gave her the bike and started to jog back but couldn't go for long lengths as I had this excruciating pain in my right calf... guess my body ain't used to all this exercise. lol :D so coming back I took my time.

for tea I had baby leaf salad, tuna and mediterranean couscous.

Now am going to bed to hopefully wake up to a better leg



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I've got 50lbs to lose too :) It's good that you're going to get yourself back on track after those biscuits; I'm very all or nothing and it would probably take me a day or two to get back to normal! Good luck and keep up that exercise...you've done more in two days than what I've probably done in a month!


So it's been a week, guna pop to Tesco's now and use there scales find out how much I've actually lost.

I'm hoping its a minimum of 2lb :innocent0001:
well done on 1lb gone :D

1lb of fat :)
well done on 1lb gone :D

1lb of fat :)

Update: Lost a further 5lb - Started a job now at a local hotel and have free access to a massive gym with lots of weights... so will be pushing myself a little bit more now.

I now have a goal - going on a lads holiday in August so I want to look good :flirt2:

Well done you! Where you going on holiday? I'm off to Magaluf Aug 6th verrrrry excited

Thank you.
We went to Magaluf in 2009 was a good holiday, amazing nightlife! :party0023:
We're not to sure where we're going this year yet, stuck between Greece and Ibiza.
How many of you are going Maga & where you staying?x
I haven't been keeping track of my loss week by week, but as of Monday 20th June I Now weigh 15st.1lb so since starting I've lost 9lb :) only another 41 to go :D yey!
well done :D

Back on it again now, but unlike last time am more determined. I have a better plan and goal now!

Me and the missus are going back to Antigua in Sept.
I was kinda big when we last went and I hated it beach & Photo's ect - So I've got just over 6 months to change things..

So far for past 2 weeks we've been getting up everyday at 5:30am having breakfast, leaving the house at 6am walking just over 2 miles to the gym at the hotel I work at.. Doing roughly an hour every other day weekends off.

I've started the Strenghtlifting 5x5 program - building muscle which I prefer to cardio! I find myself now looking forward to the next gym session, unlike last time were it never really took off at all lol

Diet in the past I was eating everything, nothing nutritious at all but I've spent many weeks google(ing) and now am eating lean protein with mixed vegetables everyday.

I'm no longer eating anythin' with 'empty calories'. Food is fuel!

Going to start taking protein shakes once I feel myself progressing.. I will upload some pictures as things change, they do say you start to notice a difference in 12 weeks so watch this space.


I have officially lost 1.2 stone (16lb)

Start weight was 15st5lb on 22/02/12

Middle weight 15st0lb on 03/03/12

Weight today 14st3lb 24/03/12

I do have some pic's to put on.. Will upload soon.

16lb gone :winner:
Hi Ande, Well done on the loss so far.
Great that you have the gym at work to use now...hope you continue to get the weight off so you will look your best for the hols.
As well as putting pics on how about updating your details (on the left)...just a thought... :D

Onwards and Downwards!! YAY!!