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My Journey to slimville...i hope!


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:wave_cry: Hi Everyone

Well i have been a member on here for a while, and regularly post on the teams section. Found myself struggling to keep motivated the last few days :cry:so have decided to start an online diary in the hope that you all knowing what im up to will keep me on the straight and narrow!:rolleyes:

Little bit about me - :D Im 27, married, no kiddies yet, and am a student nurse. Started with 10 stone to loose, have lost 2 stone, which im chuffed about, still have eight to go. Im aiming for about 2lbs a week, this will get me to ten stone next april ish! so fingers crossed. I havent always been overweight, was really slim when i was younger but stupidly thought i was fat, how wrong i was. Anyhoo, feel like ive been in a hamster run for the past 10 years, losing then gaining, plus some extra! so sw it is for me, slow and steady and hopefully ill get there once and for all. Any tips/advice gratefully received!

I do EE all of the time;

So i am planning on having-

HEXA - 1 Laughing Cow light
HEXB - 2 x Alpen light bar

Grilled bacon, scrambled egg, mushroom, toms, beans

Jacket Potatoe, Tuna
1 tbsp ex light mayo (0.5)
Cherries, Melon, Strawberries

Home made BBQ Chicken;
curry powder

Syn Free egg fried rice

Syns: Fromage Frais (1)
Pom Bears (5)

i always have my syns, but not sure what il spend em on today! so i will update later! :p

Have a great day, hope i havent bored you all to tears, or even worse, chocolate!!! xx
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Hello Losc2522.

Well done on loosing 2 stone already, thats brilliant :). I know what you mean about struggling and doing this diary will help you. You can look at your good loss weeks and see why you had them, and then the not so good losses and see where you went wrong. Feel free to pop in and out of my diary, I hope you get some tips. We also have a good support group -that was started up for newbies to begin with, but offers motivation, recipes, tips and defo kicks up the jacksey's when needed. We all need it once in a while, plus we share out ups and downs and giggles too.. "From here to Eternally Slim". pop over and say hi and read some of the posts. xxx


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You're doing a great thing by admitting the extent of your journey but this time next year you'll look back over this diary and think how amazing the journey has been. Expect ups and downs but remember with all the support you get here you'll pull through. 2 stone is an amazing loss, kudos :D


Will be thin god dammit!!
Well done you - I started with 8 stones to lose so know how daunting it can feel - your doing great though x x x


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Ah thanks girls for popping in to my diary! It terrifies me writing down how much i actually would like to lose, its like admitting how much of a battle i have got ahead of me. BUT i do feel really positive about it, and i am determined that i will get there. Whether it takes me a year or two, i will do it! Already had to alter my meal plan, just didnt fancy porridge for brekkie! so went for bacon instead! all syn free though.

My main aim this week is to lay off the bread, its a challenge for me, i love bread, but i think its bloating me.

You have all done so well too, so that keeps me inspired. I had a nosy at your piccies before, you all look fab as you are! its how you feel though isnt it! dont know if im brave enough to upload any yet!! xx


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I bloat with bread too. So now limit it to no more then 4 servings of bread each week. So a small w/meal roll, 2 slices of nimble and thats all. I like Alpen Bar Lights, as you can have 2 of them :). Brekkie, I hardly ever have cereal, its usually fruit or fruit and yogurt. Now and then, scrambled egg or a sw fry up, but then only once a week.

I think its just finding the plan that works and because there are 3 on SW (4 with the express), it takes some time to find the one that suits you and your losses. Tried a few diff mixes as well as EE, but find that Red suits me best, but I like EE, so combine it with 4 days Red and 2 of EE and always a Red before Weigh Day. We've the same left to loose, so it'll be an interesting journey hun. Will def keep in touch xx


Will be thin god dammit!!
Im a bread lover and never thought id manage without it but but oddly Im not missing it and there is bread in the house for the kids but i dont seem to even think about it!


Excited about the new me!
Im a bread lover and never thought id manage without it but but oddly Im not missing it and there is bread in the house for the kids but i dont seem to even think about it!

Snap Moomin, used to have tons of the stuff, but don't bother me now.. have about 1/8 of the amount I did before SW, funny isn't it?? x


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Hi Louise - how were Michael, Lincoln and Sucre?!!!

Good to see you've started a diary - I find it helps me to focus - and provides a great place to rant!!!

I'm with you on bread, it really affects my losses :mad: What I wouldn't give for a thick wedge of tiger bread with butter though!!!
Hi Losc -great to see you have a diary running...somewhere else for me to lurk :p
As you know-Im another one with bread issues, especially as I always made my own :rolleyes:-I haven't had any since I started SW-partly because I know it hold my weight -but also because I could live on the bloomin stuff :sigh: -I haven't missed it at all.
We all know you will get to target.... Im with you -every ounce off is a step in the right direction:D.
look forward to seeing your meal plans -I find knowing what Im having to eat in a day a life saver.
Right I will stop waffling...
Good luck Hun -not that you need it ;)
Evening ladies,

i have to be honest, its been a challenge not to have bread, its not that im desperate for it, im just sooo used to having it!But im enjoying getting used to other alternatives, only day 2 though so il see how i go! Yes, do keep in touch eternal, hopefully we can get to goal together!

Oh spanx, i think i have overdosed! i have got a headache! gosh theyre yummy though arent they! so rugged!!! i have started from the very beginning so am on episode 9 of series one! so much to go!

well, change of plan for my evening meal. Im having syn free hunters chicken with basmati instead! i just plan and buy ingredients for my 7 sw meals each week, but tend to see what i feel like each day, but i do have all the ingredients as and when if you know what i mean! thanks for popping in girls, your all lovely xx
aww, only just seen your post capricorn, thank you hun. always go to call you caps, i dont know why!!! You have all been such a great help so far, i dont know what id do without you all. I believe in planning too, i would fall flat on my face if i didnt! im just usually quite flexible with evening meals as i am always changing my mind! but i have my seven meals planned, just pick and choose! thanks for your support hun, will post some piccies later of my meals if i can organise myself! xx
:DOkey dokey then. I have finished today on 7 syns. HEXA&B both used, well nearly all of an A, i just cant tolerate much dairy!

Tomorrow should go something like this!:

HEXA - 42g Half Fat cheese
HEXB - 2 x Alpen Light Bar

Baked Beans

Tuna with Pasta!
Peach/Cherries if can fit them in!

SW syn free Chilli (passata, onion, garlic, mushroom, herbs, ex lean mince beef, fresh tomatoes, Chilli)
Side Salad
Basmati Rice
HEX B Cheese sprinkled on top

Syn Free Pancakes - Strawbs, Bananna

Egg (0.5)
Mayo (0.5)
Yogurt (0.5)
Syrup (1)
Chilli Sauce (1.5)

Gonna try my best not to make any changes to tomorrows menu! but as long as i steer clear of the bread il be happy!!!
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Thanks eternal, i have enjoyed my meals today actually, in fact i always do!

Think i will finish on 5 syns today, might have something else later though so well see!

Well, just made the syn free pancakes, omg, they are lush! absolutely lovely, ever so slightly eggy, but absolutely lovely and perfect consistency! topped with strawbs and bananna, and a tiny drizzle of syrup! Mmm. So, will update my menu and syn count above.

Tomorrows Menu will be:

HEXA - 2 x Laughing Cow light
HEXB - 28g Porridge, Made with water


Left Over Chilli in Jacky Spud with Laughing cow

Sizzling Steak
Sautee Potatoes

Curly Wurly (6)
Special K Bar (4)
Kit Kat (5.5) Ooops!
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Hi Losc
ooooh tomorrows meals look yummy :drool:
I don't know what is in the pancakes -but if there isn't any in -next time add a bit of vanilla extract (not essence) -I use to find that when I did a lot of baking that would take away some of that eggy taste you get with things cooked quickly ;)...
Keep up the great work Mrs :clap:
ooh thanks capricorn, i knew id missed something off the recipe! i have some extract in too, so will definitely be trying it next time! xx
They were lush eternal. I mashed up half a bananna and mixed that in with the batter, made it really thick! I know were supposed to count syns when we mush fruit, but i didnt. hope you enjoy them! xx
Okay, Wow, WI is only two days away, it really comes around quick lately!!!

Went slightly over on my syns yesterday, did feel naughty but really felt like some choccy, am well within syns for the week and still have plenty left so thats good! I have had 15 syns a day since i started sw, and intend to still have as many as i feel i need (within syn limit) but this week have tried to cut down, to see how it affects my weight loss! so i guess we will find out on saturday!

Okey dokey, my meal plan for today is as follows:

HEXA - 42g Low Fat Cheese
HEXB - Alpen Light Bar

Alpen Light Bar


Cottage Pie;
Ex lean minced beef
Mashed Potato with Onion, little milk and sprinkled with cheese
Served with;
Carrot and Turnip
Mushy Peas

Syns: 15

Not too sure what syns will have today. Will have some though thats for sure!

Well i have made tonights tea, off to uni shortly, practical session on airway management and CPR, Basic Life Support, ECG, Joy of Joy, cant wait! Not! On the plus side, im off for a month after today, so wooooooo to that!

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