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My last chance!


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Well I'm back here. After 15 years of dieting, I started off with low cal, and over the years have done every other diet imaginable in between, and now I'm back, having come to the conclusion that calorie counting WORKS!

Was inspired also by Nessa from Gavin and Stacey (can't remember her real name). She looks great having lost 4.5 stone by calorie counting, so if she can do it so can I.

Also, letting myself have whatever I want, when I want it, as long as I don't go over my 1200 calories set my my fitness pal.

Today I had chips! Usually I'd be giving up by this point and vowing to start the diet tomorrow but instead I've factored them into my calorie allowance.

Wish me luck!
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Best of luck! Lots of support here so come check here if you ever feel down or demotivated! It will all be worth it in the end! :) x

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Just google Ruth Jones (Nessa) she looks fab doesn't she :)

Anywho Louise I chose to do cal counting because I know If I fancy something I can have it. Like just now I've had a packet of mini choc digestives, 199 cals nothing in the grand scheme of things but would have been 10 syns or something like that on slimming world (and theres only do much pasta you can eat before you get very bored).

I find that although I'm not 100% all the time i find it far easier to recover from a blip than I would on anyother diet where i would think sod it and binge lol.

So good luck hun hope were both successful :)

Malibu xx


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Thanks ladies! So far so good, home made bread rolls for lunch mmmm!


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Hi there!

I noticed that we have the same target weight.

You seem to be very determined and I'm sure you can do it! I made sweet potato chips today. Just chopped the sweet potatoes, chucked them in the oven tossed with a tsp of olive oils and cajun spice mix. They were delicious!

Good luck.


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mmm they sound lovely!


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Welcome back Louise! Ruth Jones did look amazing, didn't she? Good on her. I love cc'ing. I'm not into gimmicky diets. I just don't know how people can sustain them for a long period of time.