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my lipotrim diary

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by bubbles8992, 4 September 2009 Social URL.

  1. bubbles8992

    bubbles8992 New Member

    hi there i have started lipotrim 3 weeks ago i have since lost 21lbs and its great i feel like i have more energy and want to walking most days i started this thread to hear others sucess storey so wolud love to hear from yas all
    start weight 13st 2lbs hight 5,2
    week 1 = 7lbs
    week 2 = 7lbs
    week 3 = 5lbs
    current weight 11st 11lbs
    goal weight 9st 12lbs
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  3. Hi, great first post and welcome to the forum! You seem to have got off to a flying start and you have a great positive attitude! Walking is definitely a good thing to do on LT. It gets you out and keeps you busy and the air just does you good. I think its the best exercise to do on LT really.

    How long do you walk for everyday???

    I am really glad that you have done soooo well! Congratulations on your amazing weight loss!!

  4. Determined Girl

    Determined Girl Here's hoping

    Hey there!

    Congratulations on a brilliant start to LT. It's great seeing how well people are doing- really spurs me on

  5. Han_Han

    Han_Han ...

    Well done! That's a wonderful loss! & welcome to the forum!!

    If you browse around you can check out peoples losses in their signatures; I find that very encouraging. Also, check out the 'inspirational slideshow' if you haven't already!


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