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My Lipotrim Experience 100% TFR

Hello all, I am new to this site and am still trying to get used to how it all works. I started Lipotrim on 18th May 2009 weighing 16st 1lb. At 5ft 5 that made me morbidly obese and a size 20/22. 5.5 months later I reached my goal of 9st 4lbs losing a total of 6st 11lbs and making me a size 12 :0) I completed the diet 100% and lived on the choc & strawberry shakes. Never cheated once which helped me to learn the way I think about food. I re-introduced food according to the plan. However, since coming off the diet in Nov 2009 I have slowly gained some weight and am now 1.5 stone over what I'd like to be. I have joined slimming world to lose this small amount of weight and to learn how to eat healthily and keep the weight off. When I get a chance I will post some before and afters to help to inspire you all as it certainly changed my life for the better! Good luck to all who is on or just starting the diet. I picked up alot of tips along the way to help me to get by with the problems of constipation and how to make the shakes enjoyable so if anyone wants any tips or advice please let me know. In ways I feel like an expert after having been on it for 5.5 months non stop until i reached my goal.
Good luck all xxx
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Almost seven stone in 5.5 months - that's amazing. Well done you. As someone who has just started and has 5.5 stone to lose it's so encouraging to hear how quickly you managed it. Day two for me and I've had no problems. I only like the strawberry shakes but think I can manage. You managed on just two flavours. I would love to lose the weight in five months or preferably less! As well as sticking to the diet rigidly did you exercise to accelerate your weight loss? Good luck with Slimming World. I've done SW before and actually like the plan and lots of the recipes but weight loss was just too slow for me with 5.5 stone to lose and because you are dealing with food there was just too much temptation to cheat. However, when I get to goal I will be digging out my SW books and buying the magazines to help me maintain my weight. Thanks for your story. It has inspired me.
Heya, if I can do this anyone can do it as I loved my food! My advice would be don't ever cheat and it will work to the end! That is the key to this diet. I also don't think it will be good to confuse your body by doing it off and on. I saw food as an addiciton like drugs, and thought best not to have it all rather than tease myself in between. I mainly drank the choc shake, but also sometimes had strawberry. Best way to make the shakes taste nice was in a blender with Ice. The colder they were the better they tasted (my opinion) I also added a sweetener and a teaspoon of coffee which are all allowed. Helped to give them more flavour. I had also done all diets under the sun before and would always get to the initial stone but never lasted long enough as I had so much to lose. Lipotrim was great for getting the initial bulk of my weight and letting me get to my goal for once and feel what it is like to be slim. I think if you then have probs keeping weight off and have gained more than half stone SW is then a fantastic diet to help to maintain your loss and learn how to eat better to keep it off. Especially on the extra easy plan. I personally don't agree with coming off and on this diet as that can't be good to confuse your body. As an initial way of getting the bulk off and getting away from morbidly obese most def......but if you then only have a little to lose a slimming club is better and will help to teach you to eat correctly. With a much smaller goal it is more achievable. :0)

I didn't really to any excercise other than walked alot more and pushing a double buggy was enough exercise for me! :0) It's not good to exercise alot on low calories either and it is advised against.

If you want any more tips let me know and good luck xxx
Thanks for that. I love my food too and sometimes the thought of this for five months seems impossible. But I just think back five months and think about what I was doing then and realise how quickly the time has gone and then think forward five months and think about being in nice, summery clothes rather than trying to disguise my size in cover-ups and that's motivating me. Had a bit of a wobble today because the weather is cold, rainy and windy, just the kind of night to indulge, but I've stayed strong, had my shake and I'm over it now. So glad.

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