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  1. simonsafdar

    simonsafdar New Member

    HI people I have been reading all the different lipotrim post and seen only a few from amass point of view so I wish to share my experience whilst I'm on. Lipotrim
    I'm very nervous about the next few months

    But here I go

    I STARTED. Lipotrim on Monday 10th MARCH
    I STARTED MY WEIGHT AT 17stones and 1lb


    I'm fed up of fighting against my weight and I wanted to get back in control


    This week was torture I had no energy starving and just wanted to eat but inverse cheated one bit

    Im really happy with this result but can people tell me what I should expect next week & can I go to the gym?
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  3. BIGTsmallt

    BIGTsmallt Full Member

    you're doing great. keep it up. be 100%
    start gym in your 3rd week. but it may slow down your losses. hopefully you'll lose another 7-5lb this week. energy will come back but its not the kind that can power your through a heavy gym session imo.
    keep it up, and youll be at your goal in no time.
    what i find helps is that setting smaller goals is easier than one large one thats far away. the smaller goals are like battles, keeping winning and youll win the war. lol
  4. stevefish69

    stevefish69 Full Member

    Well done so far. It does get easier after the first week and you'll end up just getting used to it. I really found that sparkling water helped me to stay fuller. I'll only use tap water to make the shakes and even then it's chilled and mixed with crushed ice in a smoothie maker.

    I started at the Gym around the 3rd week or so and ramped up slowly so that now I do about 1hr 15mins 5 times a week. At the moment I'm only doing Cardio but will start hitting the weights when I start refeeding. A heart rate monitor will assist in letting you know exactly what you are burning.

    Initially it did slow down my weight loss a bit but I find that the weeks I lose less, I drop more the week after.

    Good luck and stay 100% - I can't understand people who pay a fortune for Lipo and then cheat, IMO it's a massive waste of money :)
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  5. simonsafdar

    simonsafdar New Member

    thanks guys for the advice I'm going to keep u updated, at least I know people are out there that take this diet seriously, I will definitely stay in this forum and keep updating my progress everywhere, I dont feel hungry as I did last week but am very tempted by the though of food is this normal. Or do I need to up my water intake??????
  6. stevefish69

    stevefish69 Full Member

    Simon - if in doubt, have some more water. So long as you are not drinking gallons you'll be fine.

    I probably go through about 8 bottles of mineral water a day without even trying. If I go to the Gym I can get through 1.5 litres in a 75 min session. Any less and I feel like crap after
  7. simonsafdar

    simonsafdar New Member

    Hi my week 2 weigh in
    101kg roughly 15st 12lb my first stone lost
    Bob on :)
  8. simonsafdar

    simonsafdar New Member

    Hi people just updating my status didn't quit diet history been really busy with stuff week 5. Weigh 14st 10lb bring it on
  9. T1506

    T1506 Full Member

    Wow well done Simon! That's great.

    I'm hoping to lose at least 7lbs by my next weigh in which is this Friday, wish me luck!!! Xx

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