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My Lipotrim Journey Day by Day

Day 1 -
feeling positive
by the end of the day had a stonking headache regardless of all the water i drank:(
Tried a flapjack- wont be doing that again!

Day 2 -
feeling ok but a little hungry and headache is still there.

Day 3 -
feel a bit lousy, still got headache but not as bad as yesterday. getting used to the shakes now but have discovered they taste MUCH better with icy water. Like the soup.
Made 60 kids easter cookies for church today, and didn't even lick my fingers!

Day 4 -
tough day. went to the seaside with the kids and they all had fish and chips and treats whilst i supped on a milkshake. then they had McD's on the way home as it was getting too late to cook and Mcd's gave us an extra double cheeseburger the kids couldnt eat...grrr at mcd's you are making it very hard for me!! lol but i stuch 100% and very proud of myself.

Day 5 -
Why did i start this just before easter?!?!
the eggs are VERY tempting! craving food now!! but took myself away from temptation and did it 100%.
finding the shakes are becoming less of a 'meal' for me to savor and rather something i just have to get in me, so have just been downing the 3 today!

Day 6 -
I'm still thinking about food 90% of the time but getting on with it is getting easier. Found it easy to drink all the water today.

Day 7 -
Had my weigh today and i'm SO happy i have lost a stone!
wow this afternoon is very difficult, i am craving food BIG time. feel like treating myself for such a great loss (oh wait it was the treating myself that got me needing to do this!) Keeping busy so i don't nibble anything!

Day 8 -
woke up with a funny metallic taste in my mouth this morning. brushed my teeth but it was back later?!?
found determination to do it for another week.
finding the shakes are becoming less of a 'meal' for me to savor and rather something i just have to get in me, so have just been downing the 3 today!

Day 9 -
Definately becoming second nature now. Made cupcakes for a garden party tomorrow and the temptation of eating a treat definately isnt as strong as it was.
Full of energy too went on the wii for a while at 7 this morning too! Confident i can stay 100% for a while longer now too.
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You are doing fab-u-lous! Well done on an amazing loss for first week and for the positive attitude! Hope I feel as good as you after 9 days xxx
Days 10-12

Thank You!!

Day 10 - feeling very thirsty today. had a busy day tho and so not had much time to think about food!

Day 11 - Went to a garden party this afternoon and the food there was LUSH i managed to stay away tho! I missed my evening shake because we were out until really late and i just wanted to go to bed.

Day 12 - Its been fine today. Just had to come on here whilst the rest of my family ate their sunday dinner!! still 100%!! ( i even baked my friend a choc cake for her b'day and resisted the finger lick!)


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Your determination is fantastic well done on the brilliant weight loss a stone in a week!
keep this up and you will soon **** the weight.
you are an inspiration

weigh in 13stone 2lbs

week 1 -10lbs
week 2 -5lbs
week 3 -4lbs
week 4 -7lbs weighed in on wed instead of Mon - bank hol
week 5 reach 2 stone loss
week 6
Day 13 - went for a family day out to the farm. Was a good day but was dying to join in with the picnic. They then ate out tonight but i made by excuses and went shopping instead!!

Day 14 - weigh in day!!! i was hoping for anything over 4lb and it was a juicy 5.5lb!!! YAY:) Tried hot choc milkshake today and it was lush. Also tried some sparkling water. I normally dont like it at all but after 2 full weeks on just water (i dont drink tea or coffee) it makes a nice change. Week 3 @ 100% here i come!!!


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You are going great! Good luck with week 3 xx
You're doing so amazingly, a real inspiration, thank you!! Keep it up...xx
Day 15 - Took my measurements today and in 2 weeks i have lost
2" off my bust
3" off my waist
3" off my hips
1" off each of my bingo wings!
1" off each of my thighs
I'm over the moon!!! Its dropping off me YAY!!!
Having no probs sticking 100% now even tho hubby's stir fry looked very yummy i didnt feel like i was about to snatch it out his hand lol
Day 16 - Don't think i drank enough water today:S been busy (kids off school for polling day) Was pleased that a top i bought in the new year sale fits me at last!!!!

Day 17 - had a good day. bought zumba on the wii today as i find it difficult to get out to the classes. can't wait for it to arrive!! Don't want to be left with saggy skin when i still have another 5 stones to loose:S
Hi Hun how r u?? I've got zumba for the xbox it's fantastic and worth every penny u will tone and sweat good luck xxx


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Ooooh Tantan and I were looking at that for the Wii too - you will have to let us know if its any good :)

You are making great progress, well done! xx
Hi Girls,
Thanks for your support. The zumba game arrived yesterday and i went on it as soon as it arrived. Its lots of fun and really works up a sweat quickly (i was puffed after 10 mins) i then thought i'd give it a try again last night and really got stuck into it. And think i managed 20 mins. I really enjoyed it!!

Day 18 - Feeling good. Played on my new game see above! I went to do the food shop today and really enjoyed it. I'm still crave the naughty foods tho and hope i can find a way to not go back to them like the way i did before i started this. Any tips for this would be much appreciated.

Day 19 - Need to drink more water!! lol Been to church this morning and was pleased to get on a dress i havent worn in a while. Am looking forward to people start noticing the weight loss. Sure it wont be long ;)
have enjoyed reading your posts im having my second weigh in on tuesday ive been having good days n bad days moods going up n down but i just think to myself it will be worth it in the end xx
The side effects of your body adjusting to this diet definatley wear off. so keep at it and keep your water intake up. I found it hard to drink a lot as before i could go a whole day with 3 glasses. Now i'm drinking 4-5L a day!! It definately helps me feel better. Wishing you every success x
Day 20 - Well it got to 10am before i realized i didnt have my breakfast shake!! I have tried really hard to drink a bit extra today and done ok. I find it so much easier to do when its iced water. munching the ice also just adds another texture. I'm excited about weigh in number 3 tomorrow, and would like anything over 4lb. Fingers crossed!!
Oooops bit of catching up to do!

Day 20 - 26 Had a good week. Have no probs having the shakes (even though i have gone off the strawberry and am a bit fed up of the soup so just choc all the way for me!) Had a lot more energy this week and even had 2 20 min sessions of zumba on the wii. Think i may have over done it tho because by the end of the week feeling shattered!! Also needed to get some fibre clear as things were becoming less regular ...worked a treat ;) (sorry if thats tmi!)

Day 27 feeling rough today but my son has a sickness bug so wondering if i have caught something off him. Having a very early night.

Day 28 Yay, feeling lots better. Think it must have been a 24 hour thing. Energy back up too and its weigh in day. I lost 3.5lb which i am ok with but was hoping for 4 or more as i really want to be under 16st before wedding #1.
Day 29 - Can't believe i have made it this far. And you know what? its so easy now. I could do it for weeks and weeks longer and it wouldn't bother me. I urge anyone in those horrible first couple of weeks to find some diarys of people who have been on it for a while now and look at the chance in attitude towards it. Just stick with it, it gets MUCH better. Its an amazing programme, i am so happy with the results!!
Day 30 - Wow glad i'm on LT today. Its my hubby's birthday and i could have happily tucked into his choc birthday cake, drunk fizzy pop, and eaten a ton of chips when we went bowling with his friends. but instead i kept my focus on my new silouette and stayed 100%!!
Day 31 - Made and decorated 30 cupcakes for an activity with the kids from church tomorrow. I was a good girl (no finger lickin'!) Feeling very tired tho today, even took a sneeky nap whist the little ones slept!

Day 32 - Had a lovely day out with the kids. The activity was fab, the weather was perfect and they really enjoyed themselves. Felt like everyone was looking at me tho drinking my bottle of water whilst they tucked into the picnic. Still tired tho so took another nap! :O Dying to have a nibble of the piece of choc cake thats left from hubby's birthday. Keep telling him to eat it but he's eating healthy too and has lost a lot of weight recently so doesn't want to overindulge! AAHH!! Will have to throw it away if its still sat there tomorrow or it will end up in my tum!!

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