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My lovely Grandad has passed away....


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....and i will miss him loads.:cry:
I am lucky to have got to 40 and still have a grandparent but it also means that i've had lots more years than most to become close to him.
I've got to get through the funeral on Thursday and from then on its just happy memories.
It was his birthday at the end of August so we (thankfully) had a bit of a family do for him at which he had too much wine and a fantastic day to himself. He was top of the family tree with his daughters, some of his grandchildren and 3 of his greatgrandchildren.
I've bought new trousers but they are a wee bit tight so i'm back to try to lose a few pounds in a few days.
I'm also going on holiday so this is the final push. I've been mucking about with it for weeks and weeks, still visiting my CDC but its the same 2lbs going on and off. I'm buying products having one at lunch then when coming in from work at 4, I just graze til teatime, have a shake, then crisps and wine in the evening.
Completely pointless way to do it, waste of money (which like most is in short supply in our house!) and enough is enough.
I think coming back to returners may give me the push i need as everyone in here is in the same boat.
Looking forward to your support and i will be happy to help anyone else.
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So sorry to hear about your grandad - he seems to have been much blessed in his life, which is something worth holding on to.

If you want to get the last few pounds off, you have to give up the wine. Believe me, I love my wine but I can't lose weight if I give in to it. I spent quite a few months doing just what you have been doing - losing a few pounds, putting them back on again - but the excess is coming off this time. Strangely, I am losing more this first week of my restart than I did first time round....and I'm not missing the wine at all!

Good luck!



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S: 14st11lb C: 13st13.5lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 33.6 Loss: 0st11.5lb(5.56%)
Thanks for your sympathy, i'm shedding a wee tear but i'm coping okay. He was an old man with a good life.
I have no problem through day its just the evenings when OH goes out to work. I've got my DDs on kitchen police duties but give them a row when they get on at me!!
I've started a keep fit class on monday evenings, i'm making some felt vegetables for topic work in school (i'm support assistant) so next couple of nights i can be busy.
We all know there is nothing anyone can say or do to get us through it, i really really want to be in the 10s and when i get to within in a couple of lbs i seem to lose it again. I'm 11.6 this morning and if i get my brain into SS i can do 10s by WI next week.
I'll be here loads in next few days!
Best wishes
How sad for you. My thoughts are with you.


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So very sorry to hear of your loss, my thoughts and prayers are with you.:hug99:

Love Mini xxx
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i send my sympathies to you

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