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my lovely new dress


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I have had a couple of rough weeks with my health and was feeling really down. However since the weekend things have got a lot better so I popped into town to do some messages.

I popped into fenwicks and was looking at a lovely maxi dress but the only size left was a 16 :( I thought I would risk buying it, to try and get into for a party I have at the end of June so I treated myself.

I got it home and IT FITS perfectly !!!!!! :D:D:D

I started sw in November weighing almost 20 1/2 stone and a size 26 and just 25 weeks later and 4 1/2 stone lighter I can pick a size 16 off the peg in Fenwicks :eek::eek: I havent been able to do that for 10 years :eek:

I cant tell you how excited I am, its definitely inspired me to lose the other 5 1/2- 6 stone :D:D

I cant thank all of you enough on here you have really inspired me through the hard times xxxxxxx thank you
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we need a like button lol:happy096::party0019:


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Well done...you are gonna look fab in that dress! Again proof that SW does work (despite all the ups and downs) :)
wow thats great :) .. I know how I feel .. I have just started SW after being on Cambridge diet and lost 6 stone so far .. was a 24 and now I can get into a 16 ( and even a 14 jenas in sainsburys :) ... it is so hard to believe :)
Well done you have done amazingly :)

Devon Dolce

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Well done hun, that's great going! Do you have a pic of the dress for us all to have a looky at? xxx


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Congratulations!!! You are becoming a skinny minny xxx
I think we need to see this dress!!!

You have done fantastic - massive massive congratulations to you honey, thats a brillient achievement !!


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Well done you! What a fabulous acheivement - it must feel so good!! :D xx
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Go girl!
Such a lovely and uplifting post - I could feel your excitement :)
Hope that it is a great 'pick-me-up' for you, especially as you were feeling low.


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Well done hun you've done brillant. Isn't it great getting into summer clothes, you wouldn't have thought of last year. What part of newcastle you from, were orginally from howdon, spend a lot of time in whitley bay. maclynn:cool:


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Sorry to hear you've been feeling rough, but what a fantastic pick-me-up that must be.

I bet you feel on top of the world, well done! :D
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Excellent news, don't you just love it when you get great surprises.


size 14 here I come
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Fab news :D love the maxi dresses ... really hope I can get into a size 16 one next summer. Well done you must be so happy x


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5 dress sizes?!?! That is truly amazing- I hope you are massively proud of yourself and are ready to strutt your skinny stuff before the party



Loves Norman Reedus
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Well done hun. Great achievement. You must be very proud of yourself.


ps three cheers to SW too.


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That must be a wonderful feeling for you. Brilliant work :)


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i can feel your happy vibes on this thread - and im so happy for you!

We do need a piccie of the dress please!!!

Congrats on getting into a 16 - i think it is one of those sizes that most stores go up to, so its a definate milestone....most shops now do a size 16!

Oh and remember Marilyn Monroe was a size 16 - gorgeous gorgeous woman that she was! xxx


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That's really exciting, I bet you look lovely in it. Enjoy wearing it :)

I'm so short maxi dresses are too long for me but I'd really love to wear one.

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